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Hyphy Mud, LLC

Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson

Hyphy Mud, LLC Reviews

  • Jun 3, 2017

I ordered the water melon flavor of Hyphy Mud after watching Kali Muscle's YouTube videos and wanting to support him. I ordered online straight though Kail's website to ensure that Kali would get maximum amount from my purchase.

When I got the notification that my order had arrived I was so excited, couldn't wait to try it. I was planning on working out legs later, so it was perfect timing. I took one scoop as directed about 25 mins before the gym and off I went. The flavor wasn't great, it the smell was pungent but I had high hopes regardless.

As I stepped in the gym I knew something wasn't right. I started to warm up with a slow jog and could feel my stomach grumble and I was greeted again with awful taste of Hyphy Mud as started to come up. I managed to keep it down but immediately went to the bathroom. I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up or go #2. I had a feeling Hyphy Mud was going to exit my body soon, but wasn't quite sure of the delivery method yet.

I waited for a few minutes in a cold a sweat and it seemed to pass. So, I decided to go back out there and try the leg press. The gym was rather crowded in the leg press area but the leg press was open so I hopped on. At this point, I wasn't feeling any kind of buzz or caffeine from the Hyphy Mud what so ever. I just wanted to finish my workout and leave.

Things to a turn a for the worst when I started my heavy set. As I was pushing the sled up, I once again felt my stomach turn. I was pushing as hard as I could with my legs and bracing my core when it happened. My case of determined diarrhea was back, I felt something cold run down my legs and I knew that it had happened. I completely s*** myself in front of everyone, and the stench was immediate. I tried to play it off and walk to the bathroom but it was too late. I had no spare clothes so I grabbed a towel and took a shower in the gym. My clothes reeked like a dead animal.

At this point, all I could do was throw my boxers away and put on my smelly soiled pants and curse Kali Muscle. I now understand what the mud in Hyphy Mud is.

I contacted Hyphy Mud through email, as they have no phone number, asking for a refund and all I got was "sorry, No refund". I ruined boxers, workout pants and my self respect becuase of Kali Muscle.

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