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Hydrogen Appliances

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 661-609-7902

Hydrogen Appliances Reviews

  • Oct 4, 2020

Purchased a 2200 Watt tilting wind turbine from Thermodyne after several telephone conversations with Bob Greene, Owner/Manager. Paid $943.00 for the system. The number of blades (7) and generator core (48V Max Core PMA) were recommeded by Bob Greene at Thermodyne based upon local winds and our high elevation. It was installed correctly acccording to printed and online video instructions provided. A circuit breaker was also installed for this turbine, as recomended. Moreover I used 8 gauge, 3 wire SO Cable for added safety against twisting and voltage drop (only 10 gauge was recommended).

Within two days the mast-mounted roller-skate-wheel support for the turbine slid down, preventing the turbine from turning on it's mast. I called Bob Greene, who suggested I did not tighten it enough and to add some RTV silicone to the mounting so that it would stick better. I did this according to his instructions. While re-tightening the bracket, a grade 3 carriage bolt supplied with it snapped. Replaced this with a grade 8 bolt, nut, washer. While tightening, the bracket metal distorted, but this was necessary in order to hold the 60 lb turbine up off the top of the mast. So much for that.

Three days later we had a early winter storm blow through with 50 mph straight-line winds. The turbine was turning violently on its mast in all directions. As designed, the turbine did tilt in the high winds. However, it also lifted up completely off the top of the mast and sat atop the mast at an angle, unable to turn in the wind. It also would no longer tilt. This resulted in overspinning of the blades, arching and melting of the 8-gauge wiring at the turbine. The sheet-metal fuselage was bent by the wind at nearly a 45 degree angle. Upon further inspection, the steel nut for the threaded cable clamp that mounts to the turbine body sheared completely off.

I spoke with Bob Greene at Thermodyne. The conversation was calm, kind and cordial. Mr. Greene suggested that a tornado caused the damage. We don't get tornadoes in our alpine valley in Colorado at 8000 feet and no tornadoes were recorded for this event. Then he suggested that a microburst caused the damage. I replied that microbursts are downdraft features, not updraft weather occurrences. I asked as to warranty for the damage and he indicated that a warranty would not apply for wind damage, only for defects in materials. Before we could go further into conversation, the phone disconnected. Mr. Greene did not call me back and has not answered the phone since in the several times I have attempted to call him back.

I was initially impressed with the quality of the turbine materials. However, there now appear to be some design flaws that make it a substantial financial risk to anyone purchasing this turbine. A turbine should NEVER be able to lift itself off of the top of a mast, no matter how high the winds get. A wheeled support system should have a bracket that is strong enough to hold the turbine up without modification. But more than this, this turbine should be able to withstand a 50 mph sustained wind. Even if Thermodyne does not warrant damage caused by wind (which does not follow for a product that OPERATES in the wind), then surely it will respond to a suit or claim against it for loss due to defects in design/workmanship; which is where I am headed next if Thermodyne does not answer my call very soon. I am a repeat customer who paid nearly $1000 for this system; and which failed within one month of installation. Not at all happy Thermodyne at the moment, but hope I can post a posistive resolution to this issue soon.

  • Jul 1, 2017

Below is summary of the events leading up to this point:

1) I contacted the seller (emailed, I have copies of everything) and confirmed that the components he was sending was complete and all I needed and that it would work with my system that I shared the details of.

2) I then purchased these components on the 20 April 2017, over 2 months ago

3) Since then (30 June 2017) I have been trying to get a wiring diagram out of the seller that should have come complete with the components

4) His responses to questions were less than satisfactory, every request I made for a wiring diagram was met with a sarcastic comment and/or I was sent a photo or video link which had nothing to do with the wiring diagram that we needed.

5) A profession installer was contracted locally and they too said they could not start work until they had a wiring diagram, this is a standard thing.

6) I even drew up a diagram for the seller to simply annotate on (as the customer i should not have to do that) but he refused to do it.

7) Eventually the seller gave me the details of the one component (battery controller) manufacturer (Bob) and told me I was "wearing him out" and to contact him directly.

8) Bob then annotated on my diagram and I passed this onto the seller to check that its correct but instead he told me he has difference of opinion with the manufacturer. Stuck.

9) I then asked the seller to please annotate (once again) on the same diagram the manufacturer I annotated on and show us how it should be connected but instead he send us a photo that was meaningless to both him and I.

10) When I informed the seller that both Bob and I don't understand the photo and that its meaningless to us and asked once AGAIN to annotate on the diagram, he refused.

Subsequently the diagram that the so-called manufacturer (Bob Greene) sent (from an email address on the same domain as the seller Steve Hobby) was checked by the installer and found to be completely wrong.

Seems these two work together scamming people and selling equipment they have no idea how to install or make work themselves, all they do is send videos of other people without proper or necessary wiring diagrams.

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