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Hydro Flasks

Country United States
State Alabama

Hydro Flasks Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2018

The website looks very convincingly like the Hydro Flask brand store online. It was late, I was internet shoping on my phone, and I sent them $36 for a 32 oz Hydroflask, the very trendy steel thermal bottle my teenager wanted. Should've bought through Amazon.

Ordered June 4, my bank was charged the amount plus an international fee of about $1.20, and on June 20, I receive in the mail a small jewelry box containing a very cheap little charm plus three receipts for the same purchase of 899.00 HKD, which is $114 USD. The good news is they only charged me the amount I agreed to, but the little charm arrived in an envelope saying it contained Hydro flask. Cue the red face, and phone call to Chase Bank fraud protection (which is very good BTW).

So... now I've cancelled my debit card, and I'm logging onto sites like this.

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