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Hyatt Residence Club San Antonio, Wild Oak Ranch

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 9700 Military Dr W
Phone 1 210-647-9300

Hyatt Residence Club San Antonio, Wild Oak Ranch Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2019

I stayed November 2-5, 2019. I was invited because I am a World of Hyatt member and I had reservations at the Waikiki resort. I got a promo rate with a requirement of attendance at a Sales Presentation. I paid for my trip in August and looked forward to it for 3 months. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!

The Hotel:


Activities for children are excellent. The slides, river tubing, heated pool, are great.

Great hiking trails but you will cover all of them in one day.

Outside premises are beautiful.

Live wildlife, deer, rabbits, birds, lizards, chameleons, geese, are beautiful.

Room was basic, but clean.

Food in restaurant was excellent. Bartender Corey was great.

Happy hour from 3-5. $5.00 Margaritas.


No Internet Saturday and most of Sunday.

If you are driving from North Texas STAY OFF of HWY 35. It was bumper to bumper stopped traffic from Austin all the way to San Antonio. Find another way to drive there.

Check in time is 4:00 and check out time is 10:00. This is a ripoff. You don't have a chance to enjoy the outdoor amenities on those days.

Only ONE coffee pod in room for a three night stay. Had to ask for more.

No paper or pen in room with hotel address and logo on it.

NO Hand Lotion bottles. You have to ask for it.

No tea bags. You have to go to store and buy them.

No bottled water in room. You have to buy it.

No breakfast.

No tableware in room. No coffee stirrers.

No room maintenance or fresh towels or toiletry replenishment.

Somemores cost $1.00.

No outside campfires at night from Sunday night on. I guess they don't care about guests during the week.

No poolside waiters even though there were THREE millennial men at the pool with nothing to do but hand out towels and play with their personal cellphones. You can't bring your own food/drink to the pool so YOU the guest have to walk to the restaurant, dripping wet, and go in and order your drink/cocktail/food and carry it back to the pool yourself.

Staff doesn't understand simple instructions. I asked for more Coffeemate and sugar and I got about 200 packs of Equal, which I don't use. When I called back the front desk didn't know what Coffeemate was and I finally said CREAMER and then they understood. They don't even know what is in the rooms.

They have signs up everywhere saying you can't bring pool towels to your room but the staff told me to disregard them.

No security on property. Anyone can drive in and walk around and use the facilities.

Now for the horrible part. THE SALES PRESENTATION AND EMPLOYEES in the building across from the hotel. THIS PROGRAM IS A RIPOFF. I didn't read comments on the internet before and boy how I regret it.

I am a single woman, 62, attorney, with a government job so I am VERY careful of who/what gets my personally identifiable information (PII) as ALL OF YOU should be.

I was actually looking forward to finding out more travel options since I love to travel. I HAVE NEVER BEFORE EXPERIENCED SUCH RUDENESS, INCOMPETANCE, AND LACK OF PRESENTATION SKILLS. I spent 15 years in corporate jobs before I took my government position and these people were pathetic.

When I checked in the hotel staff reminded me of the presentation the next day. The morning of my presentation I got a call reminding me. I got there 15 minutes early (11:45 a.m.) and was the only one in the waiting area. When I registered and paid online in August, they had my credit card, name and address, and I affirmed that I was over 35 and owned my own home. HYATT RESIDENCE CLUB HAD ALL OF THIS INFORMATION BEFORE THE SALES PRESENTATION. The sales presentation is advertised as not lasting more than 120 minutes (A LIE).

A male and female millennial were at the front desk. The wanted to see my driver's license (which has my address and Date of Birth on it) so I gave it to them. They gave the DL back. Then they gave me a clipboard and a form to fill out with, you guessed it, my name, address, date of birth, AND they wanted to know my salary, whether or not I was married, AND A CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND THEY WANTED ME TO GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD.

I put down my name, and address and gave the form and clipboard back to them. This is when the interrogation began. The male millennial told me I HAD to write down my date of birth, marital status, credit card number, and salary.

I told him I did not have to, I was a guest at the hotel, which had that information, and I was not going to give it. I told them I was an attorney and a government officer and I was not going to give them any PII and it was illegal for them to demand it. The man then told me just to show him the credit card with my name on it, he did not need the number. I showed him my AMEX.

For the 30 minutes I experienced the used car salesman treatment. The two millennials went in the back to speak to a supervisor, and came out to argue with me and threaten me. They demanded my credit card and I asked them why. “So we will have it in case you buy something”. I told them if and when I bought something I would decide how to pay for it and it might not be by that credit card.

They came back again and said they would cancel the sales presentation and charge me full price for the hotel. I told them I was invited as a World of Hyatt member and I could afford to pay for the one night and LEAVE IMMEDIATELY because they were so rude and unprofessional. They left and came back and told me they would do the presentation BUT I WOULD NOT GET THE GIFT.

I told them I didn't know anything about a gift, didn't need their gift, and I was going to call corporate HYATT and tell them how horrible this experience was. Finally a man came out, gave me a bottle of water, and took me to a room. When I told him I do not make snap decisions without research, and would not buy anything that day, he wasted my time by talking about personal stuff.

His female supervisor say on a sofa nearby watching and listening. I learned about his car dealerships, all the luxury cars he owned-Rolls Royce, Mercedes, etc, where he was from, his two wives, his children, etc. He showed me a few pictures of resorts around the world. Finally it was 3:00 p.m. I told him this had gone on long enough and I hadn't had breakfast or lunch.

I told him to cut to the chase. Instead of letting me go, he left for 15 minutes and came back with two proposals, $26,910 and $18,990 for HYATT Residence Club POINTS not an actual timeshare ownership of guaranteed days or weeks every year. I told him I would think about it and needed to leave. Then the female supervisor came up and detained me with an offer for me to pay Hyatt RC $1,500 to get to stay for 4 nights a a HRC resort in the USA.

I told her I would think about it and left. It was 3:30 (3 and ½ hours of this). I did not get the “gift” which I learned was $100 resort points to I ended up paying for the food I ate in the restaurant. Since it was November and late in the day, it was too late to do much of anything.

I was very upset so I went to the “Concierge” at the hotel and told her what happened. She interrupted our discussion because her personal cellphone rang and it was her daughter whom “I have been trying to track down for days”. I asked where the daughter was and she said “Austin”. Finally she told me she just started working there, there was nothing she could do, and the manager was off for two days.

Later that night I called the front desk. I spoke with a lady named Margaret and asked for a meeting with the manager. She said the District Sales Manager, Rob would be there on Monday, and she would speak to him. I told her how insulted I was and explained the whole thing. She apologized.

Monday morning I called World of Hyatt and spoke to Jill, a supervisor, and told her everything. She was appalled and opened up a case file. Hyatt Hotels are separate from Hyatt Residence Clubs but she informed HRC how unprofessionally I was treated. She also gave me some World of Hyatt points which I appreciated.

My positive attitude was ruined and I kept worrying about what games they were going to play with my credit card. I had one full day to explore and enjoy the property. I met some HRC owners while there and they told me they had heard many stories about the horrible sales people. The owners were not please that during their stay the regular amenities were not available, like pool food/drink service, etc .

Bottom line:

If you buy into HRC you will get points, but not a guaranteed yearly stay like a regular time share. There is no guaranty that you will ever get to stay anywhere, as they can tell you the resort is already booked. You will have to pay yearly maintenance fees which rise. Many of the owners at the Wild Oak Ranch and other resorts have their ownership up for sale. You can read about all of this on the internet.

I have stayed at resort hotels, and this is not one of them. I don't think I would pay full price to stay here (see CONS, above). If you are a solo adult or couple, after one day at the pool and river and hiking, you have done all of the activities. On weekends and the summer it is filled with screaming children.

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