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Hummingbird Productions Inc

Country United States
State Illinois
City Nashville
Address 1521 Graybar Ln
Phone 615-385-3729

Hummingbird Productions Inc Reviews

  • Jun 23, 2016

This person, is one of the biggest scammers in the flea market and bridal vendor market here in the Vancouver Tri City area.

She promises a lot, and fails to deliver, she may even try her famous crocodile tears on you to play into your compassion. Her game is that she promises an event, then cancels it befoe the date and keeps everyones money..

She is currently being sued by dozens of vedors, The host site didnt even have a contract in place with her yet she kept taking money and markting her event on facebook and linked-in. DO not be sucked in my this women, she is a professional con artist. Even in the midst of being sued she is blaming everyone else for the misfortunes of the cancelled events. Fact is she is the only one who took money and made empty promises , no one else did.

PLEASE help spread the word on this person, as she is absolute poison...

Here is one message in particular that was sent to me from a vedor she had screwed over...

We are sorry to hear that your event will be moving to a different vendor. However i do want to stress that as we have a signed contract from you already for the April dates, you are still contractually obligated to pay us the non-defundable deposit of $7000.00 ... HardRock Casino,

There are many other smaller flea market vendors that she has screwed over as well....

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