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Humana Inc.

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 500 West Main Street
Phone 1-800-486-2620

Humana Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 5, 2021

I am a disabled veteran and have Humana Dental Preferred Insurance. The insurance is obtained via the local federal union and is authorized by Benefits Architects Inc.

On July 7, 2021 at approximately 09:39 a.m. I called Humana Dental Services at (800) 233-4013 in reference to obtaining information about dental costs. The conversation was for eleven minutes before being placed on hold for an extended period of time after requesting to speak to a supervisor.

The representative kept stalling on the line and refused the request before hunging-up the phone. Therefore, I called back and spoke with another representative. The representative identified herself as Agent Log In AEC3673. From the onset of the phone conversation I provided her the requested information.

Once again, the same tacts was used as I explained on a fifth-grade level for her to comperhend. However, due to her language she still could not understand ENGLISH fully. It seems as if Humana has employed over seas cheap labor but bill the HELL OUT OF AMERICANS!

The individual refused to route me to a supervisor after I requested several times. She continued to put me on hold and insisted that I provide her additional information although she had been given the data. As expected when gatekeepers for the spin doctors do not know an answer they will either hang-up or pretend they do not understand first grade ENGLISH.

This has been an ongoing issue that Humana first line contact individuals refuse requests to speak with a supervisor directly. Humana has no problem debiting my account bimonthly for insurance costs but refuses to route calls for dental questions.

  • Nov 7, 2019

When I turned 65 Humana waived a $12.60 Medicare Part D Dental plan in my face. Basically Bait and switch for all purpose. I signed up for the plan at the $12.60 price to secure the required Medicare coverage. I didn't expect much, nor did I get much. I don't use a lot of Perscriptions.

In a very short time they increased the premium to $29.20. Almost 250% increase. Now , Less than 5 years later they are increasing that to over $56 per month. The best I can put it is that Humana puts out the hook with a low price as bait and very quickly increases it almost 500%.

Perhaps some of the reason for the unjustified increases in Premiums are the leaches in the Corporate Office Such as :

It's not hard to understand with 12 Executive Officers and 10 board of Directors which I assume are at least 6 digit and up income.

My wife had a policy for her health through the Marketplace. The amount they billed her and the taxpayer for one months premium when we signed up was $595 per month. When they went to over $1000 for that same policy we changed Companies. They are Crooks in my Opinion. Creedy Crooks at that.

  • Jan 22, 2018

I have been on humana(doesn't deserve a capital letter) for several years. I was paralyzed from a shot and had Guillian Beret. I was forced to go on medicare. I chose humana from their reputation. Boy was I ever wrong. After about 5 years I was able to go back to work part time. I took a secondary policy with a $6000 deductable to help with major problems. humana's was much to high so went with another company. Well, out of their infamate wisdom humana decided to make my secondary my primary. They still charged me for my primary coverage at the same rate but refused to pay before the other deductable was met. I was never notified and the rep they had calling me every few weeks did not know they had ripped me off. I now have a $5900 medical bill and am paying two companies for the coverage that isn't any good at all. I did my yearly medicare update and humana refused to pay for it and the lab also.

If you are looking for a quality company don't let humana cross your lips. On top of all that my wife had BCBS and they went to humana this year. They have now had an increase of over 200% in premiums and 300% in deductables. If you know anyone looking for quality insurance have them read all the complaints humana has. It is commonplace for them to cheat their customers, especially seniors.

  • Sep 14, 2016

I orginally was on the red white and blue care medicare health insurance, A Humana representative called me and schuduled appoointment and told me that everyone with the red white and blue card must pick a provide. So she came she act like she looked up my present doctor and medicine that I was taking. Everytime i go to docotor it's a co pay and I can't get a primary physical I haven't had a physcal and I cann't get my inhaler it cost me 300.00 symbicort 160/4.5 She do not tell me the truth about anything and I'm without my inhaler and can't found a doctor for my health, I do not want to be on this plan i would love to go back to my orgainal plan. please help me

  • Jul 4, 2016

Every year I have to sign up for a prescription policy only. I have medicare . The sales agent Toshia said I could take out educate medical with them. I said things like don't think I needed too. Just rx. Asked things like does it process with same benefits i qualify for . She said yes. I ran off what I knew I qualified for. Part b premium paid by medicaid. No copay except small ones on my rx and possibly on medical procedures but never had to sign up for medical policy with medicare. She said medicare had changed. So she listed things like premiums and Co pays and premiums, deductibles. Said I was 100 percent on those things. Again she said medicare has changed. After awhile she said I would only have to pay couple months . Then she said I would be refunded after that for premiums on rx and medical. Then no more would be taken out of my ssid check. Called humana in march about refund? Said no refund coming.

Went round and round with them, who. Said to call medicare, medicaid and ssa. Then in April I filed a greivnce with humana, because that was when they said that's what I should do. Never said before to do this. Kept telling them to pull recorded call with toshia The Received letter in may around the 2oth or so that I would be refunded in 3o working days . But only one month of April would be refuned. No response to Feb and march. Called back again. Won't let me talk to greivnce dept. Went round and round again and they couldn't or didnt know why only 1 month. Will be refunded. Finally around 6-27 2016 was recommended to file another letter of greivnce for Feb and march premiums. As of yet no monies received from mays letter of refund. This has been a real problem with my low income finances, meds, Co pays food and rent. Emotionally stressed and was not given any respect with my position. I was scammed by humana do to their sales agent and some guy named Joe who sent the policy thru.

  • Sep 19, 2015

My husband is suffering from a couple medical conditions for which he desperately needs proper treatment.

I have been making phone calls for the last 2 weeks trying to find facilities in and outside of our area that can treat his problems effectively. In the process, I have come to find out that the quality medical facilities will not accept Humana medical insurance. This just blows my mind because we are supposed to have some of the best medical insurance that money can buy.

When I call Humana they promise up and down that our insurance will cover him in various facilities. But when I call the facilities they say that, 'Yes, Humana SAYS they will pay, but when it comes time to pay they won't and then we have to bill the patient.' Another facility said, 'They promise to pay, but when we asked for payment the door hits us in the rear-end.'

I don't know what to do. This seems like it would be grounds for a class action lawsuit. I am just hoping there is some way to make these people honest. We live in the State of Texas, so I filed a complaint with the TX Department of Insurance---who knows if they will even address the issue? I am going to write my congressman and my senator. Meanwhile, we will have to go private pay--which I feel is totally unfair.

I can provide the names and numbers of a few of the people I have spoken to and I am also willing to re-call a bunch of them if more documentation is needed. This is so terribly wrong to do to people.

After reading on the Medicare website (the program is Humana Medicare Advantage) I found out that if we buy in to a Medicare supplement, we will never be able to get back on to Medicare Advantage. In addition, I thought that maybe we could just pay for another Medicare Advantage program for a year so he could get his necessary treatment, but found out that we are not even allowed to switch from one Medicare Advantage program to another.

Bottom Line: The Employee Retirement System of Texas has saddled us up with a bunch of scoundrels at Humana. What can we do?????

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