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Hud Huddleston

Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Phone 425-508-7235

Hud Huddleston Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2016

I am here to write about a fake martial artist. This man is scamming people to join his fake martial arts federation. He calls himself a grand master but he is no grand master. He says he is a 10th degree black belt but he has no proof of ever being in Korea. He calls himself a living legend and says he is the founder of United States National Grand Master Federation. He is no living legend. He is a fake. This federation is fake and his martial arts rank is fake.

He has scammed many people. There is a big list of people who have left his federation and will have nothing to do with him. Many martial arts masters I know of consider him a fake and his federation a scam. He has told many lies. He said he is many things.

A - A living knight who can make others a knight

B - A living legend in the martial arts but no one knows him

C - A author of 9 books but he is not author no one has ever seen his books

D - He say he trained in Korea, but he has no master in Korea

E - He say that he is supported by many grand masters and masters but he is not support by another legitimate martial arts masters

F - He say he is a former law enforcement agent but there is no evidence

G - He carries a fake badge not real

H - He say he is a bodyguard but he not

I - He lie about many good martial artists and he lie about being friend with these martial artist he not

J - No one can find his true background he makes everything up with no proof of anything

K - He make up his own martial art hall of fame which is fake

L - He attacks many good real martial artists who expose his fakery

M - He lie about his military background and claim exploits he did not do

This man needs to be exposed to all the public so they know what he is. He is a con man. He give out many fake hall of fame awards but then revoke them if he get angry. When he gets angry at one he writes untrue statements of the person. This is not the behavior of a grand master.

He post many offensive writings on his Facebook page. His post have many profanity on them. This man is no grand master in Korean martial art. He is no legend. He is no knight. He is not sanctioned in Hwarang Mul Sul by anyone besides himself. No one can find any real certificates from any Korean master on him.

This man makes many claims he cannot back up with any proof. He like to have other real martial artists in his photos to make him look legitimate.

I caution everyone to beware of his claims. Do not get membership in his federation and do not trust him!

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