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HubSpot, Inc.

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Cambridge
Address 25 First Street, 2nd Floor
Phone 1-888-482-7768

HubSpot, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 23, 2018

I signed up for hubspot's email marketing professional services. It is a saas service where you sign up as an affiliate with hubspot to sell their email marketing ervices.

Initially, hubspot connected me to some affiliate they have, to give me testimony of how great and lucrative the product was, and how easy to sell it was. This "ringer" that they had call me even agreed to collaborate with me to provide leads to me and help me get things going. Before I signed up, it was super easy to get in touch with this ringer, after I signed, he disappeared! And I discussed with hubspot and asked for someone else to support me / work with me on leads and never had another assigned to me.

Separately and additionally, hubspot themselves promised they would not leave me out in the dark and would help me bring in qualified leads to sell the product to, and / or link me up with other partners that would help me with leads. Nothing at all!

For sales "support" calls, every single call was discussing what I had done to sell the package; with no support as originally promised from hubspot. Basically, did you go through the training videos, are you reaching out to existing customers, etc. etc. etc. Basically, you get zero real sales support; it is 100% on you to get qualified leads, even though they paint it as it will be super easy to pick and choose leads they will feed you or one of the partners already selling hubspot will feed you. It's all a lie!

The training videos are extremely long and time-consuming, and add zero value to your ability to sell.

The product overall is unnecessarily complicated, just to get a site up and running with the correct funnels, you have to jump through 20 hoops. There are thousands of ways to do this all without paying this ripoff of a company a monthly fee, that is very costly by the way.

Before you sign up, the sales team promises the world to you, after you sign up, everyone disappears and takes long to reply. Once you get a hold of the sales people, they basically tell you you are on your own, and aren't doing enough to sell.

To get your commission payout, you have to chase down billing and wait months! But, to pay the monthly bill, you can't be late one minute or they will be banging down your door.

At the end, I was rippped of, but, wanted to pay off my remaining balance, I wanted to set up an arrangement to pay everything off, and sent them an email to discuss...without discussing with me, they sent it to collections! No notice, no discussion, they just sent the balance to collections! Lucky for me, I was able to get in contact with collections, and pay everything off through them, otherwise, they may have even screwed up my credit, to add insult to injury. And that was the last straw, I had to write this report.

I am a very technical person, and have strong experience selling, and am educated beyond college level. I highly recommend everyone steer clear of hubspot's reseller program! It is a clear ripoff and pyramid scheme, which unfortunately, I fell into. Don't let them take advantage of bad economy and poor job availability; you can do hubspot-like email marketing, without hubspot ripping you off.

Anyone is able to contact me through here and further discuss, I have email records, sales receipts, etc. Just to help people not get ripped off, I am even willing to take from my time and point people in the right direction on how to resell email marketing services without hubspot and do so for free, and without paying me either! That's how angry and disappointed I am with hubspot!

If you hadn't already gotten it from the above, steer clear from hubspot, it's a ripoff!

  • Apr 20, 2016

On January 13, 2015, I entered into contract with Hubspot Inc. for one year subscription. Before the expiration of the one year period, I notified Hubspot that I will be cancelling the subscription and that I will not be renewing it after the expiration of the period. However, despite such notice, I wasstill charged $12,000 by Hubspot for a year subscription even though we wanted to cancel it. I contacted Hubspot regarding the unreasonable charge and they refunded me $6,000 but kept me locked into another one year subscription with them. I want full refund of the amount they charged against my account and I feel that they are keen on refusing/denying me claim.

I am really disappointed on how Hubspot handled my claim of refund. I think I deserve better services from them as a customer. Hubspot has to do a better job in providing excellent customer service if they want their customers to stick with them.

At this point, I am still waiting for Hubspot to contact on whether or not they will be returning the $6,000.00.

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