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Hubble Construction and Restoration

Country United States
State Michigan
City DeWitt
Address 3330 W Lehman Rd
Phone 517.204.2552

Hubble Construction and Restoration Reviews

  • Jul 17, 2017

I took up Hubble's offer of 2 weeks free trial of daily wear contact lenses. Charged $3 for shipping and received in a timely fashion. All sounds good right? Wrong.....I put in a brand new pair and could barely see. One eye is stronger than the other so I removed them and reversed. No improvement. I immediately removed the pair and tried a second. No better. Contact lenses are very personal and subjective as far as comfort and fit. There have been brands that were very uncomfortable for me but I've never experienced an inability to see clearly. I literally could not read anything on the computer I am wrting this review on now. I went back on to the Hubble website to cancel my order as they instantly enroll you in their program and automatically ship charge you for a 30 day supply every month after the trial.. No way to cancel without a call during mon - fri. during 9 -5 business hours. No way to delete my credit card info. I went back online as I have seen nothing but glowing reviews for this company. At this point I'm looking to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. Not one bad review exists for this company. This seems impossible. Barely being able to see seems like a fairly big issue for a vision correction product. User reviews are all personal blogs that nobody has ever heard of and of course on Hubble's own website by a bunch of Hubble wearers with only a first name and last initial.. Recognizable website reviews such as Forbes, GQ & Mashable are strictly about the company and how wonderful it's business model is. I also can not find a physical address for this company. The only place I can find what appears to be real review / experience is on Reddit and that experience seems to be more in line with mine and there are lots of complaints about being on hold for 30 - 30 minutes when trying to cancel. I can't prove it but I think all of the blogs giving great reviews are fake. Quote from thier website " You're in control. You can easily cancel or modify you Hubble subscription to meet your needs." UNTRUE! If it seems to be good to be true it probably is.

  • Oct 4, 2016

The man that owns this biz is a con artist. He will use the cheapest materials on the job, cut corners, and since its under insurance, he charges them in full for things he doesnt even do. A section of a roof wasnt even done, he brings in some sham to say it is good work, and then goes ahead and bills insurance for 10 grand even though he didnt hardly do anything. He doesnt care about anything but the money, and pays guys who work for him like crap. He nickels and dimes on everything. I mean everybody wants to make money, but at the customer's expense???

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