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HUB International Limited

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 55 East Jackson Boulevard, Floor 14A
Phone 877-402-6601

HUB International Limited Reviews

  • Sep 25, 2015

I have been dealing with Hub Insurance in Nanimo for many years with my auto and home insurance. I had a claim a while back with my home insurance. It was something the policy should have covered, or at least I thought they were. I thought wrong. My fun began when the company Hub wrote the policy for declined my claim. I spoke to the adjuster and their supervisor. THey said if Hub led me to believe i had coverage for the policy that I need to take it up with Hub not them.

I even tried to speak to Ray Leitch the manager of hub. What a joke! Ray deserves an award in being the best bull crap artist a company could have. First Ray said to leave it with him. Every time I phoned Ray Leitch he would play the stall game, call me next Monday, call me Friday. Call me two weeks from now. After 6 months I gave up on Ray Leitch and his lies. I feel that all Ray did was pacify me and try to get me to go away.

What protection is there for the public when companies like Hub pull these games? If you are thinking of getting home insurance through Hub in Nanaimo, maybe consider looking at other companies. When I cancelled my policy with Hub after all the lies and dishonesty from Ray, I actually found a place right in town that did my home insurance cheaper and provided me with a copy of my policy, unlike Hub. I have spoken to my lawyer about it and I can sue Hub, but the claim will cost me about $14,000 to fix myself, and to go to court will cost me about $20,000 or more. Hub and Ray know all the games and tricks to play to deny someone coverage under the policy.

Ray if you read this report. You are an F##king Liar, rip-off-artist and time waster! Why the games Ray? Why the call you back and call you back? Deal with it, but don't give me lies and stalls. It's my opinion that Hub is a scam, fraud and wonder how many other customers they have done this to? Karma will come back to Ray. You may have scammed me out of my claim, but karma will bite you in the arse you piece of filth.

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