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HSN, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Clearwater
Address P.O. Box 9090
Phone 1.800.284.5757

HSN, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2019

I was making payments on my bill but I noticed that the bill was not decreasing. I call Sychrony Bank to get a final bill and they switched me over to hsn.

hsn told me my final payment and I paid the bill. About a week later I get a email saying I am late on my payment . I called Synchrony bank and all I got was a big run around how they are a third party company, they called hsn confirmed my payment but still said I owed them the original balance. I have confirmation number and dates.

  • Jun 5, 2018

Contact with this supposed seller by alibaba page, make the purchase of two units of play station 4, pay via western union (serious error) $ 300 dollars on behalf of ANA BERTHA HILL, city: EL PASO, state: TEXAS, country: USA, I do the supposed delivery, then said that there was an error and I did not send the two units but 50 (by mistake) the alleged shipment stopped in Puerto Rico and made me pay for overweight, pay $ 410 more in the name of TANJANIKA FORD, city: NEW BERN, state: NORTH CAROLINA, country: USA, then I supposedly arrived in Colombia and he made me pay $ 613 dollars more to TANJANIKA FORD, then I went to Ecuador and had to pay to be released, I paid $ 1850 dollars to ADESONYA OLUMIDE AMUSA, city: London, State: London, country: UK. In the end he wanted me to pay $ 3350 dollars more for the delay in the shipment that the courier charged him ( Do not make the payment and to this day I am still waiting for the return of the money that I am sure will not do.

  • Mar 7, 2018

When I first recieved the computer it was very slow,frezes and the screen was dirty on the inside of the computer like it was replaced.

  • Dec 30, 2017

I had a Jay King 5-Strand Amber and Turquoise 18" Necklace recently stolen from my porch. I contacted HSN immediately to advise the necklace had been stolen. The customer service rep was sympathetic & immediately asked if I wished to have the necklace replaced. Of course I said "Yes." Thinking this matter had been settled, I never gave this matter another thought. However, approximately 2 months later I received a letter from HSN advising I would be responsible for the stolen necklace & that I had 10 days to return the second necklace that had been sent to me.

To say I was shocked & dismayed would be an understatement!!! I've had a few items stolen before & NOT once have I been charged for the stolen item. I immediately contacted HSN's customer service dept. & spoke to a customer service rep and explained the situation. I was assured the stolen necklace would NOT be re-billed to my account,etc. However, a few days later I received an email advising I would be billed for the stolen necklace. (See Below)

"I am truly sorry that someone came on your property and stole the package that was delivered to you. The moment you state your order was stolen, HSN is no longer liable for the order. It is now a police matter just as if someone broke into your home or stole your car. HSN can not take responsibility for the person that took your merchandise. > > Perhaps your homeowners or renters insurance will be able to assist you in seeking possible reimbursement. HSN can not refund you for an order that has been delivered to you, but was stolen from you by someone else."

  • Dec 2, 2017

Two years ago I bought an HP coumpter from the HSN from their tv show. The only reason I bought from them was it came with a lifetime service support thru a company called VTEC. VTEC phone and website are shut down.

There is a law sute filed in federal court in Ft Myers Fl. for fraud. And the Fl. AG. is also looking at them. HSN has known about it has not called, emailed, mailed in any form a notice to customers. If you tried to use it then you found out. I bought a program that was 24/7. What HSN wants to do is transfer you to a new company. Put they are not 24/7 you have to call HSN when they are open to get transfered.

HSN will not give you anything in writing as to who they are, What they will do. Where they are out of. NO credit for the fact that this is no longer 24/7 service which is why I bought this in the first place. It took 30 min. and 3 differnt pople to get this much. HSN does not have anyone at customer service who can give you any information. ANd know I wonder what info this VTEC was able to get from my coumputer, than to HSN not keeping up or giving an type of warning to customers.

  • Nov 10, 2017

I bought a hp computer from hsn with lifetime repair when i called hsn about repair they sent me to hp and they would only fix if i bought more insurance and hsn no longer had the co and they said they hired another co. but they were not otherized to repair anything as stated by hsn all i got from hsn and hp computer was if i bought more and better insuranse then they would repair it but even though iallready had there insurance it wasnt any good because they didnt work for hsn anylonger when i asked if the knew insurance would be good if that co.was fired they refused to answer and both hsn and hp would only repair it if i bought other insurance even though ialready paid for it

  • Oct 4, 2017

I returned an item that I did not ordered from HSN via UPS using the return label. A few days after I noticed the charge and reversal refund in my bank account. Later on and few weeks the company debited my accunt again without notification. After reviewing and reconciling my bank statements I noticed the debit. I called HSN and the bounced me from one department to another until after few hours on phone I was told that something went wrong and that my bank account was to be issued a refund (again) in a few days. Have I not been checking my charges in my account this would have been gone unnoticed.

Nobody in the HSAN departments I talked to was able to specifically explain why went wrong. I feel that the HSN is playing the odds of having people not noticed the debits and make millions with this fraudelnt practice.

I will change my credit card number from time to time and get a different card to avoid this inconvenience and the risk of being robbed this way again.

I will never deal or purchase from HSN again.

  • Aug 2, 2017

I purchased a HP Touch on July 25 from HSN. Was having trouble loading some software so I called HP. They asked me for model and serial number which I couldn't find a tag anywhere. She told me to turn computer on and press F1 and it would give me info. She then told me that it is out of warranty and a refurbished computer. I called HSN and they said shouldn't happen but now read it is happening. Anyone who buys a computer from them call HP and have it checked

  • Jun 29, 2017

I was watching HSN Coin Collector show the night of 11 Jun 2017. A set of 3 PF69UC Silver Eagles coins of three different mints on sell, we're two of the mints normally not making the coin for the year. Hot items this year, due to what the US Mint has been doing this year with coins. I placed my order, and started waiting for my coins. I received a call from HSN, saying that there is a delay in shipping my order. Today I received my order, and did a double take. The three coins were mint state, not proof coins. Plus, the special one day only label was just the regular label, like normal coin gets. What a Rip! So, I stuffed them back in the package. I taped up the box w/label sending it back to HSN, and a note of how much I appreciate the job done. I am now waiting for a reply from them, which I figure will say I ordered the wrong thing. I am betting they oversold the original item. They are trying to cover their a*s, and figure people wouldn't catch the swap. Wrong!

  • Jun 26, 2017

I purchased a brand new Hp Laptop for $799+ in October 2016. it failed after just 8 months. It came with a lifetime Tech Support valued at $299.00 SRP. the company VtechSupport apparently went out of business. I contacted Customer Service at HSN and got a run around saying that theComputer is no longer under warranty. A computer that new is covered under an implied user warranty that is pretty much the same in most Satates.It is in Pennsylvania and > philadelphia also.

.i was laughed at and told they would not exchange it for a working modegg and call microsoft to fix te he software > MSTF said it should be covereby Hewlett Packer Hp. Hp said it could repair it at my expense quotting abou $1200.00 way more than the Computer cost. I took it to a local Repair Shop where the Owner whom I have known for about 20 years is going to fix it by cleaning the HD and installing a Fresch copy of Windows10.

No one wants to accept responsibility to at least pay for the expense involved by myself. As a Senior Citizen i am protected in PA by stricter laws. I don't know where I can contact an Attorney who woud take it on a contingency basis. If one reads this please callme or email me as I am somewhat Handicapped and would not be abble to appear in court because of it.

  • Apr 22, 2017

I ordered a LG Phone that I did not like and returned it back to HSN home shopping network, the cost was $100.00, I did get a return shipping label, sent back the phone but never got a refund, this is about a month ago, I hope that you can help me get my refund back.

  • Feb 14, 2017

I returned items to HSN and have not been crdited, I've paid them off twice and they are still sending me bills - I-ve called and been put on hold m,any time and at one time a person said ok we've made a mistake I'll take care of it the next month I get another bill.

  • Feb 11, 2017

HSN sells tons of electronics, including computers. About a year ago, we purchased a HP All In One with Mini Processor. It was never disclosed that the computer was used.

When we receive the computer it had no manual or directions of any kind. I did get it up and running. Then I noticed saved data on the computer from 2009 and then realized I had no sound. Called and emailed HSN and got no help, read the review of the other customers and found lots of people were having the same problem.

I Found a site where a lot of customer were trying to help each other. I contacted HP support, no help. I tried debugging myself for many hours at a time. To this day I have no sound!!! the computer does have some issues, but works ok, but if they sold me a computer as new and it is not, that is in voilation of the FTC regulations.

Is anyone interested in joining me in the filing of a complaint with the FTC?. I am so tired of trying to read lips. This is so not right. Now I know why they can sell them so cheap.

  • Nov 28, 2016

Whoever took my calls to Customer Service early Saturday night November 26,2016 just after Thanksgiving, were vicious and insulting to me for absolutely no reason whatsoever...just a pack of Idiots at No one should shop on TV anyway!

  • Nov 15, 2016

I placed an order online for a laptop and chose the flexpay payment option. I entered my credit card number. At no time did I give permission for a credit check, and I did not enter my social security number. HSN placed a hold on my checking account and then cancelled the order. I received a letter from HSN that said that they had run a credit check on me and were declining the order. No one could explain how they received my credit report without my social security number and without my permission.

  • May 2, 2016

I purchased a Vizio television from HSN.I hadn't yet had it a month.

I went to Vizio's website to fill out the registration information.

After I finished, I decided to look up the television I bought on HSN website. I wanted to see how much I saved buying it from HSN. I found the exact same one I bought,except, to my astonishment, it was $100.00 cheaper!! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I cried.

Well, I thought, this billion dollar company, that I have purchased things from for years. need to know this.They will be happy for the information so they aren't ripping off anyone else.

Boy was I wrong.They didn't care.Imagine that.The woman in charge, whose name I forgot because she was so rude, wouldn't even offer an apoplogy.

Have you ever watched their show?They claim to have the lowest prices. They claim to really care about thier customers. Lies. If that were true, I thought maybe they would offer some sort of credit or refund.But I could'nt even get a 'I'm sorry'.

I am never shopping with them again.Sure I could have returned it. But have you ever returned something to HSN?You don't get your shipping and handling back.And have you ever tried to repack a flat screen tv and all the other junk?

I am physically disabled so it would have been unrealistic for me to even try.

What I will never understand is what would have happened if she had decided to give me some kind of credit. Would they have gone out of business?

I bought my first flat screen tv and was happy to finally have one bigger than 19 inches.I trusted them to give me a good deal and I trusted them to help me get a good tv for a good price. Maybe not the lowest but not $100 more than the company that makes them.And they weren't on sale either.

It might not seem like much to you, but thats alot to me.So if you trusted HSN like I did, I would do some price comparison shopping.

The first thing you learn in any business-THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

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