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HSA Home Warranty

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Cross Plains
Address 1861 Ludden Dr
Phone 800-367-1448

HSA Home Warranty Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2018

I purchased a new home in Springfield, MO. The home was sold with an HSA Home Warranty.

Not long after I moved in, I noticed a leak in the basement ceiling underneath the master bathroom. I contacted HSA and they sent a plumbing contractor out to inspect the claim. The contractor cut a hole in my ceiling to investigate where the water was coming from and fixed the leak. He let me know that he would contact the warranty company to provide another contractor to fix the ceiling.

I didnt hear anything for 3 weeks and finally called the plumber back to check on the status. He said that he forwarded photos to HSA and called them back again about the celing repair. After another 3 weeks I began trying to get in touch with HSA.

Over the last 3 weeks I have been unable to get in touch with the company. There is no email contact provided, only toll free numbers for billing, claims and customer service. The average hold time to speak to an operator is 48 minutes! I have contacted all three numbers and they are all call centers based in Afghanistan, according to the operators. Each time I reach one of them, they refer me to another department, where I am again on hold for 40 plus minutes. None of the 3 departments has been able to tell me how to get a drywall contractor out to fix the hole in my ceiling.

To date, I have received 3 collection notices for the claim deductible, and a notice threatening to cancel my warranty if I don't pay the deductible. However, the claim is not in any way resolved.

I have no idea how to contact a company representative, an they appear to be unable to get a contractor out to fix the hole in my ceiling and the water damage. I 'm beginning to wonder if this company is a complete con? I have never experienced a service situation where it was so impossible to reach a company representative or make any progress on a claim.

I finally fixed the ceiling, and paid for the repairs myself. I asked one of the call center answers if I could just submit the bill for reimbursement, and he let me know that they would need to schedule their own contractor. I finally asked if they could just waive the deductible ($75) and call it even if I forwarded the bill for the repair ($850). They were unwilling to do that as well.

I would have loved to use their contractor, but I'm wondering if they ever had any intention of sending one out. I will not pay the deductible until someone from the company contacts me --- not a call center employee. I think this company may be a complete scam.

  • Jul 5, 2017

I recently purchased a new home and part of the sale was that the seller provide a warrranty. HSA was the company used and I have the 7 star upgrade. Unfortunately I had to call them and file a claim for service on my air conditioner when the outside temp is over 90 degrees. The service tech arrived and diagnosed the problem and said a part needed to be ordered. The part being a Zone Control Board. This board controls the opening or closing of the damper in the ductwork to allow cool air to the second story of the house. Right now there is no air making it to the second story. He went on his way and the office contacted HSA to let them know. The 7 star upgrade does cover ductwork.

Hours later I was called by an HSA employee who said my repair would not be covered. I was not at home at the time and could not read my contract to understand why it would not be covered. Later that evening I read the contract and could not find anything in the A/C sections as to why it would not be covered. I called the 24 hr customer service line and spoke with an "HVAC trained" employee. I explained the reason for my call and he put me on hold to go talk to a Lead. When he returned he proceeded to tell me that it was not covered because it was electronic or computerized piece and not the A/C unit. When I asked where that was stated he had me scroll to the very bottom of the contract under a section that talks about remote control transmitters and stated it was not covered because of the clause discussing "Electronic or computerized" components would not be covered. The agent specifically said his Lead instructed him that, "the Zone control board was electronic so they were not covering the repair."

The clause states: "Any remote control transmitting/receiving items. If the 7 Star Upgrade package is purchased by/for the buyer, the remote transmitter for the garage door opener will be covered for the buyer only. Electronic, computerized, or energy management systems or devices, or lighting and appliance management systems are not covered; home computers, computer systems, leased or rental equipment and/or components." This clause is not in any section related to the A/C unit, it is at the very bottom in a Limitations of Liability section.

This general statement allows them to deny any claim they want to based off of the fact that the item is electronic or computerized. Everything is computerized or electronic now days. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, there was a pause and I was told there was not one available. I asked about the Lead that the customer service agent just spoke with and was told he was not from this department and could not help me. I insisted on speaking with someone in a supervisory role and was told there was no one there to speak with me. A customer service agent is not left on their own to make decisions, they were unwilling to put someone else on the phone. This clause at the very bottom of the contract, stuck in with garage door opener remote controls, gives them the power to deny any type of repair that has an electronic aspect to the function.

All of the high dollar items that would be the reason for purchasing a warranty have some form of electronics controlling them. Because of this clause, HSA can deny any claim and fall back on this statement. Their unwillingness to put a supervisor on the phone to discuss further with me only demonstrates how little they really care about helping. Even though I have 11 more months of coverage, I dont plan to call HSA for any repair that may be needed.

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