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Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 10440 N. Central Expressway
Phone 1860 500 4141
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  • Aug 2, 2022

Hi - I wanted to share my story because I’m absolutely gobsmacked. has the most horrible reviews across every social platform available, from Facebook to the Better Business Bureau to Tripadvisor. I wanted to share my story in case it resonates or can help with a complaint. messed up a trip I took last May and it just tried to mess up another that I had booked for September. Last trip, they arbitrarily cancelled my booking, and didn’t tell be that the hotel I had booked had become a HOMELESS SHELTER.

They did this day-of arrival. In the instance of the first trip, and trying to fix that - I was on the phone with them for 2 hours. On my upcoming trip, they arbitrarily ADDED an additional booking (so now I had TWO different bookings for the same date)… and also additional rooms to the actual booking I had MADE...

So I had TWO rooms at the property I was going to stay at, for a total of FOUR beds… AND, I would have been on the hook for an extra $400 on check-in day, PLUS the payment for the OTHER BOOKING, which was about $250… Over $650 what I was going to pay for the one room I had actually booked.

If I hadn’t called the hotel I was going to stay at directly, I would have been in hot water… Multiple calls to customer service resulted in them literally gaslighting me to believe that I had made these changes when I absolutely hadn’t.

When I emailed corporate HQ to complain and still got the same stock answers that I was getting everywhere else, I asked for an escalation. They said "this is the escalation" and told me goodbye with a canned response. So I have literally no way to complain further up, so I am trying every single avenue I can to inform that their service is atrocious. This is absolutely unfair to consumers.

Therefore I will make no more bookings with I’m just going to book at the hotel, as honestly the rate is likely to be the same, or LOWER than what they advertise.

Their muffled, cutting-in-and-out foreign call center, with people who literally spoke in broken English, and the automated email responses are the absolute WORST customer service I've ever experienced, and nobody has said one single word to try to make any of this right or acknowledge that it even happened.

  • Mar 31, 2021

I rented a room through for the hilton. I paid for 03/27/21 - 03/28/21 would not cancel the dates of 03/28/21 - 03/29/21. is a scam site. does not answer the phone after a long 2hr wait time. Hotels does not answer emails at all owes me $156.00 of which I filed a claim with my bank against My bank called me and told me that they can not refund me my money because will not release my money.

I did not stay in the hilton from 03/28/21 -03/29/21 I checked out. Do not ever use these scam cockroaches they will screw you out of your money severely.

I hate

  • Jan 29, 2021 listed the Hotel Akapana in Tiwanaku, Bolivia. We booked a room for $50.

We arrived two days later in Tiwanaku. The place was shuttered. Locked. Seemingly abandoned. We knocked repeatedly. Finally, a dissheveled man covered in paint splatters came down. He kept asking (in Spanish, of course, but we speak Spanish) if we wanted to "rest" and then told us it would cost "$10". The lobby was dark and otherwise abandoned. The painter gave us a phone number, which did not work.

Instead of hudding in the doorway with my family hoping that someone from the "hotel" might turn up, we decided to leave. We contacted immediately. Never heard back from them.

Later, we saw that we were charged $50. After numerous exchanges (emails and live chats), reported that they could't reach the hotel (big surprise). Finally, the did...the "hotel" didn't want to refund the money. (Again, big surprise).

In the end..."Well, it's not our responsibility to make sure that the hotel that we collected money for is open or functioning. It's your problem. Thank you for using"

As an FYI, has a HORRIFIC rep. One site featured 273 reviews with just over *one* star average. This is an online scam and it should be avoided.

  • Jun 11, 2019

For three days they used every excus they could find not to cancel a reservation....but when you have to pay there is no delay, they take your money as fast as you hit the button, good luck trying to get your money back....

  • Jul 16, 2018

Went to the website and selected an offer for lodging in the Grand NYC hotel for one night at $129. This price was CLEARLY MARKED and HIGHLY emphasized. The reservation was non-refundable. I paid using Paypal and received a confirmation receipt for over $270, more than twice the agreed upon price. I IMMEDIATELY called and was told that the price had more than doubled because of TAXES AND FEES. When I requested to rescind my booking based on his misleading advertising I was given a runaround. I was on the phone for several hours. The phone areas for reservation changes and cancellations would have long holds and after finally getting a rep and explaining my request, the calls would mysteriously drop. If I tried selecting "new reservation," the call would always be picked up promptly, but of course they could help either. In the end I had to accept this bait and switch pricing because it was too much trouble to persist in a remedy, but I will NEVER use again.

  • Jun 19, 2018

Hotels .com refuses to refund money even if they are or there technology is at fault. Their website malfunctioned and did not cancel my reservation. I talked to three peopl in customer service and all that happened was a repetitive statement of theirs comapny no refund policy.

After going to the BBB website, I found that Hotels .com had 1139 reports from consumers that were unhappy unough to file a report.

All of the responses start off with the same first sentence which means they EXPECT complaints about their customer service and policies and most likely use mistake as a line item revenue stream. is a huge ripoff and scam. DO NOT USE THEM TO BOOK YOUR RESERVATIONS!!!!!!! They are a subsidiary of EXPEDIA.COM

  • Jan 30, 2018

I got a $100.00 gift card with my credit cards points from Citibank for Triied to use it in booking a room and did not work, tried 20 time over a few days, gave up. Tried to speak to the customer care service and they just kept sending me from one office to the other office saying it was not their job or department.

They sent me to the gift card department 20 times and they said that the gift card was valid and I told them it did not work and they sent my to another office that answered and sent me back to them again. Nobody seemed to care and kept saying it was not their job to deal with it.

On the website you can exchange the gift card for another store and thats not even working with the gift card and I have tried multiple times. I have been on email contact with two people and they are just give me the run around again.

Its $100.00 and they dont even care because its not their job.

  • Jul 18, 2017

This should be a class-action lawsuit against

I was given a refund credit for a booking on a hotel in Davis, California of $200 for a cancellation I had to make. I received a confirmation code and a list of conditions for the use of that refund in an email from The conditions clearly stated that the credit could be used on one booking to be used in one year.

I booked another hotel in Davis two months later for three nights and prepaid with my credit award and an additional charge because the total fee was larger than the $200 credit. I cancelled the last night within the cancellation window with the hotel.

When I asked for a refund from, I was told I would get a $67 refund on a total bill of $497.00 (which included my refund credit). I complained and got transfered to a "manager" whose name was Basti V. in Manilla. He told me that their policy was to apply my $200 credit to the first night only. I read the policy to him that I had received as part of my email which explictly stated that my refund award could be used in any one booking.

The "manager" repeatedly told me that policy was that the award could only be used on the first night. I insisted he find the policy he was quoting and send it to me. He put me on hold for 5 minutes and came back with a refund offer of $119.00 up from the original $67. I asked him again if he was clear that policy was to only apply awards such as this to the first night. He always said yes, which is absolutely not what the policy stated.

Last, he told me it was policy not to refund fees and taxes on a cancelled night of the reservation. Thus, since the fees and tax were prepaid, he could not refund any of that part of the total fee.

It must surely be illegal to charge for tax and not refund tax on cancellations that are within the cancellation window.

I am sure I am not the only customer who has been ripped off in this manner. It is plain and simple fraud and should be stopped.

I called back and asked for the Customer Dispute center. I was told by two diferent representatives that there is no dispute center.

  • Jun 7, 2017

We had filed a case which took place on April 30 to May 1, 2017. It took a very long time to solve the problem, and the problem still has not been solved. We booked a regular room of hotel Okura Macau through online, and the location server was set to Hong Kong. The website indicated the price as HKD$2152.17 per night which was an acceptable and reasonable price for hot season. However, once I returned back to my city, I received a text message from the bank saying that I had spent USD$2152.17 on I had called customer service five times already, three were to Hong Kong and two were to the United States. Some of the specialists replied that the amount of charge was unusual, there might be something wrong with the system, and they kept telling me that the related department would contact me.

This case has been frustrating me so much, and I do not think I would be able to trust this company anymore, both on the customer service and the system. Customers’ problems are being slighted that the case spent over a month to solve and it has not been solved still.

We had received an email two days ago informing that they had contacted the IT department about the charged amount and also contacted the hotel reserve department Mr. Miren, she claimed that the period we booked the hotel was during hot season and there was very small amount of hotel rooms left, that was why the hotel adjusted the price higher than usual. Therefore, the price, USD$2152.17 of a regular hotel room for a night, we paid is correct and they did not make any mistake. I truly understand that the period we booked the hotel was during hot season, but it would not be over $2000 USD just for a regular hotel room and just for one night. I had been to Las Vegas for so many times, and even during as they said so-called hot season, I had never seen and never spent over $2000 USD on a regular room just for a single night. It is ridiculous.

I had had a consultation with a lawyer in Hong Kong, he claimed that since is a company from the U.S., the lawyers from outside of America basically can not do anything about it. The office of obudsman in Hong Kong would not accept this case also.

Moreover, after I made the hotel reservation, I received an email for booking confirmation. It indicated the deposit in MOP in the payment details part. It does not make any sense that the price for hotel room is in USD and the price for deposit is in MOP.

Last but not least, can you explain that why the website did not indicated the price as HKD or MOP when I booked the hotel and it shows now?

We have been trying to get in touch with the customer service representatives and spending times on waiting for their responses. In the meanwhile, I found out on the Internet that there are many people from the whole wide world had experienced exactly what I am experiencing. I think this is a very serious problem in the society and we need to take actions and speak out. We need our voices to be heard.

  • May 2, 2017 is allowing non-hotels to pretend to be hotels on the their website.

I made a reservation on that was actually a real estate company. The real estate company mislead consumers as to the options of the property. is competing with air BNB, and is letting non-hotels operate on their website. It tiurns out that the real owners of the property have contacted to compain and request changes and refused. cancelled my reservation and refunded money, but will not provide any compensatation for problems on vacation.

  • Dec 8, 2016

Please be carefull when booking a hotel with this company. Normally, hotels don't charge you until you arrive or check out. charges you up front (even if your booking is for a month). There was no where on their site where it said you have to pay now. My credit card was charged full amount, and my stay won't be for another month.

I have booked many hotel rooms, and, you don't pay until you arrive, or check out. Be careful when you book, you might even want to call the hotel directly to make reservations. Stay away from this company, as the customer service agents barely speak english.

  • Jul 21, 2016

Lack of access to water (despite saying there is access on each floor) (I have a medical condition requiring hydration), filtly bathroom (I am on immunosuppressants) and told them this every day. I informed the front desk in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening of the umberous issues. The parking lot was not working and I had to park far away and was unable to have access immediate access to my car to get nneded items. I was in a 13hour course as a physician and since daily I was promised that everythg woudl be fixed, I stayed. I felt too weak, dehydrated, sick to pack and leave. If I had known the numberous promises would not be kept I'd have left. I called the 3rd day there and gave them the list of complaints. They promised to address. Nothing happened. I was placed in smoking room at first by acident. I was then given a key to a room where people were inside having sex. I was then placed in a room where the fridge did not keep my medications cold. I requesed and was promised a change several times to no avail. I had no access to water after the gift shop closed and all the soda machiens on all floors were broken. I asked them to fix the heat. It never got fixed. I slept in 3-4 jackets as well as a sleeping bag. WHen I finally checked out and came home, i was ill for several days and required hospital admission for hydration. I spoke to hotels .com and they only spoke about hte smoking/nonsmoking issue. I was told if it was an issue I shoudl have checked out. I DO understand this but the class was 12-13 hours, I was exhausted and every day I kept hoping htat the hotel (Where the class was) would follow through on their promises as I asked them several times a day.

As stated in prior page, I am a physician. I came to this hotel for a course that was about 12 hours long and intense. I chose this hotel as the course was IN the same hotel.

The website advertised parking (which I ened in order to drive to/from pharmacies etc for medications). The parking lot was not available and under renovation

-PLaced in smoking room. THen changed to non-smokinh.

-GIven card and walked into room with people having s**. Then changed to empty room

-Needed refrigerator for medications. This was given to me but did not work. I informed the front desk at least 3-4x/day and was promised immedate change. Never happened

-BAthroom tub was filthy and clogged. I am on immunosuppressants and this was dangerous. I told front desk 3-4x/day. Again to change

-I shivered all night. Thermostat not working. I slept in several jackets/pants AND MY SLEEPING bag. I told them. Promised a change. Nrohing happened

-Called on 3rd day there. Was promised refund and change - nothing happened

-No access to water ( I need hydration secondary to medical condition). All floors with vending machines did not work

-Finally i was told sinec I remained at the hotel, no refund would be given. I was unable to move a I woke up at 4am daily, went ot a 12-13h course and was so exhausted at end of day I collapsed. Hoping each day that the numerous promises made by the front desk staff, manager, etc would be followed through on. They were not

I have dealth with several times. With no result.

I am used to staying in hostels and am NOT a high maintenance traveler. I sleep in huts and hammocks. This was completely unacceptable. I do still expect a full refund

  • May 26, 2016

Whatever you do DON'T use Let me save you from the nightmare and the loss of your money! Worst experience ever! I booked our 5 star hotel on website. website said that the room was $696 per night. But after I checked out it was $931 per night AND I did not get the 4th night free like website said I would if I booked through them. I immediately called and how convenient that every single person has the exact same voice (not even joking)! I was told that a manager would look into it and fix it and call me in 72 hours. Of course, I never heard a word and they went ahead and charged my credit card $1,197.00!!! I called again and was told that there is nothing they can do. I told them to cancel my reservation and refund my money! I had to call Chase and dispute the charge for fraud! If you do one thing stay AWAY from this website and company. WHY has the DA office not shut down this company? There are over 230 fraudulent reports against them. Their office is located in Dallas and I'm surprised someone has not taken justice into their own hands at this point.

  • Jan 7, 2016

Beware of the fine print hides...if you are like me, you earned rewards (over 10, for ea 10 night you earn free night). Well I tried to use my free night and these sorry foreigners (yeah I said it, I called them out!!!!.....AND!!!) told me I had to wait 35 days before I could use MY FREE NIGHT THAT I EARNED USING THEIR SERVICES...WTH!!!...This is absolutely unacceptable, you did not waste or the hotel did not waste or wait 35 days to take my money why the hell do...

I have to wait 35 days to use my free one nights...just a dam rip off..I am going to report them to and make sure all my friends and family are aware of their hidden practices...they will probably take this off their page, but it will be posted on my page...and yes I am highly ticked off!!!! YOU JUST LOST THIS CUSTOMER AND THE FRIENDS/FAMILY I RECOMMENDED!!!! I have called for 3 nights trying to use my earned rewards and each night they give me some bull that they have escalated to their email dept to release my rewards.

I did find out they they are based in Asia somewhere, the 1st time I called and aske where they were located the rep hung up on me, the 1nd time I called I spoke to a "supervisor", he could barely speak english and relly pissed me off, told me this time it would take 3-7 days to escalate my rewards, so now I went from 24 hrs to 3-7 days, what a joke....I hope all these compliants put them out of business...if it were up to me I would shut them down immediately after all the compliants.

  • Dec 1, 2015

Booked room through website. Booking was not credited to rewards account even though booking showed in booking history. Sidney in the Philippines wouldn't credit until she called the hotel to "confirm " my stay. Booked another room through at a rate of $109. Checked in and rate quoted by the hotel was $82. Credit card was charged $109.

  • Oct 27, 2015

I have been using for about a year. You are supposed to receive a free night after every 10th night booked through them. My first issue was when time to redeem my free night they refused to give me credit for a 3 night expensive stay. I sent four emails to customer service and tried to call twice. Both phone calls were spent with me saying, "I cannot understand you". After about 5 weeks, I received an incomprehensible email response from someone in another country who was unable to put a sentence together. I can't tell you what it said because it made no sense. I never received credit and I finally gave up.

The next issue I had was again at the time of redeeming my free night. A couple days ago I looked to see how many dollars the credit was worth, and it was $105 (average of 10 nights booked). The following night after deciding where I wanted to stay, I went back and had ZERO credit. They had removed a six night stay in Florida saying we cancelled the booking. This is a lie. We absollutely stayed six nights and paid dearly for it. Absolutely no changes were made to that reservation. I am embarrassed that it took me so long to realize we are NEVER going to redeem anything. They will make up something every time you want to redeem your free night.

There have also been issues with them giving you the choice of paying now or at the hotel and it doesn't really matter which one you choose because you will be paying now. Other minor recurring issues are not having the type of bed/room when you arrive that was advertised & confirmed. I am done with them and I have told them so. It is some crooked, foreign operation going on here in conjunction with the now foreign owned "American" motels. Don't fall for the 11th night free advertising like I did. It is a total scam.

OH, one more thing. I was trying to book a room and found it more than $20 cheaper through Well, says they will price match, but you have to pay them their price first and prove it was cheaper later. I didn't fall for that one and booked directly through priceline. I'm sure I never would have received the difference back.

  • Oct 10, 2015

Made a hotel reservation online and drove 45 minutes to the hotel. This hotel is located 3 1/2 hours away from my home. When we received a confirmation that our room is guaranteed. When we arrived at the hotel at midnight, the hotel was oversold and our reservation was not honored. I made five phone calls to and could not get anyone to help us. They processed my payment and told me it would take up to two weeks to get a refund. Their office is located in the Philippines and no one there speaks English as a first language. It took me five calls to get a confirmation of cancellation which then stated that I may or may not get a refund. The entire area we were traveling to was sold out because of the football game and we were left without a reservation. We ended up finding our own reservation and paying for it again so the entire evening at a cheap hotel cost us more than $300. I would not recommend if it was the only way on this earth to get a hotel room.

  • Sep 30, 2015

I have used travelocity to make reservations at a hotel a few times each time I made a reservation through these companies the third party stepped in on the payment in which it was travelscape each time my reservation with confirm and successful the payment was taken out of my account then a half an hour to 45 minutes later my reservation was cancelled now my money is in pending I keep calling asking what happened I keep hearing the same story over and over and over like it was a reverse line from each representative they keep apologizing to me on what happened but they don't give me a real reason why it was cancelled all I can say is that if anybody plans on booking a hotel Three's Company don't is a total rip off I went to my bank to see what they can do about it but all they could tell me is that they see that it was taken out of my account and is now on pending and that way I would have to wait for the company to release my funds back into my account the company keeps telling me that it was refunded and release back into my account and its been 3 days now and my money hasn't went back into my account is still in pending

  • Sep 28, 2015

DISHONEST BUSINESS PRACTICES On 8/18/2015, I called while I was in Cancun about booking a room for two nights starting the same day, 8/18/2015, at a price matched with another website off of through (I wanted to stick with as I have used their services for several years now and like to add up Hotel stays for their advertised 10th night free.) For those nights, was charging $849.37 for two nights, and was charging $500 for the same room for two nights.

I was on the phone for what seemed almost an hour with that rep, who verified the lower advertised price, and promised that the price would be matched per their policy. She checked the Website, reverified all matching facts, and then said that I would need to Book at's stated price of $849.37, and they would credit the difference of $350 in the next few days.

She made the booking over the telephone. Please note 1) I also have phone records showing that I spent nearly an hour trying to reach them and talking to them on the phone on August 18; and 2) when I was on the phone with, my partner was also in the room with me and heard everything that was discussed as well.

A few days ago, I checked my bank statement for the credit and noticed they never credited me the difference. I spent 45 minutes on the phone explaining what happened to them; they claim to have no notes or any record of ever promising to credit the price difference. They refused to believe what I told them. My partner came on the phone to verify the same incident, but it made no difference to them. They said I needed to provide a screenshot of the lower price for them to credit the difference, however, I did not take a screenshot of the lower price at the time as I was told by the rep that everything was taken care of through her own personal verification, and they needed nothing further. I also spoke to a Supervisor and was told that they would not do anything about this as they have no notes from the phone conversation I most certainly had. They even blamed me for waiting one month to call them, which I believe is irrelevant to the matter!

That same day, I checked for another same day, two day booking, and the total price is $473.38, all taxes and fees includedsimilar to what I had seen that day. I am frustrated and becoming very upset as I have now spent about 2 hours on the phone with them, and am now having to write this upwhich is more of my time. I wish I had just booked with instead to avoid this whole mess! It is absolutely dishonest of the company to advertise a guaranteed Price Match policy, tell a customer that they will be credited the difference, require the customer to book at their significantly higher rate with a false promise of crediting the difference, and then refuse to follow through on that promise. This is an unfair business practice, and absolutely fraudulent if not corrected.

  • Sep 1, 2015

I received THE worst customer service and was robbed of $317. I spoke to Michael, customer service manager on 8/30, who was rude, unhelpful and badly informed. He claimed he couldn't transfer me to another rep, or his manager, he claimed he couldn't apply my existing credit (from a booking last year for yet another awful hotel booked thru the only reason I booked again with this company was to apply the credit!) I want to apply my credit to THIS existing booking, and he said they couldn't apply it, because it was a "special internet rate" through the hotel (Comfort Inn.)

And to add insult, they're saying my booking is non-refundable. They claimed (first Michael yesterday, now Maria today) that my credit card wouldn't be charged until I checked in. WRONG!! I was charged the full amounit for 2 nights' stay $317. They are liars and scam artists. Both Michael and Maria were rude, arrogant and stonewalled the whole time, claiming they couldn't make any changes to the reservation, because it was the hotel's policy. I called the hotel, they said it was's rate, and because I booked through them, the hotel couldn't amend the booking. They both said I wouldn't be charged until checking in. They lied.

Do not book with they are are scam artists of the highest caliber, and they will steal your money, then make up answers as they go along and give you incorrect information.

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