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Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 5005 Mitchelldale, Suite #100
Phone (866) 964 - 2867
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  • Sep 8, 2021

I opened a Hostgator account on March 21st, 2011 Someone put a virus on the website. When googled it shows up.

The website now shows up under It looks like malice was involved. It is going to cost over $300 to clean up. Is this a case of extortion? Any suggestions?

  • May 26, 2018

I signed up for Hostgator for two domains and a host and code guard backup in June 2017.

Upon registration, I cancelled any (yearly) automatic renewal and I do this out of a habit. In May of 2018, I got an email notifying that I'm billed for a renewal. I did cancel any renewal but their customer service deny it and they cannot refund it. The funny thing is I signed up in June and it's not even June yet. Plus the billing date was one day ahead of the current date (my local time) at that time. When I asked them about this they told me that their server is in an offshore location. Since it was charged to my credit card, I plan to dispute that charge.

The next day I got another email from Hostgator notifying me that I'm billed for CodeGuard Back up.

I remember cancelling this in my Hostgator portal but I double-checked. I shows that I cancelled it. By the way, Hostgator doesn't send you any warning or notification ahead of any renewal. I contacted the Customer Service and asked for a refund. The refund is now pending but just on Code Guard.

I would stay away from Hostgator and advise anyone to opt out of using this company. They clearly don't practice good business and clearly has an intention of ripping off people. Always make a dispute with dishonest companies like this.

  • Mar 5, 2018

On March 2nd 2018 I was looking for something to help with my Bitcoin and my website mining was going to open a website like that in turn the salesman said it was completely fine to do trying to get the server up and running was an ordeal and no one knew what to do tickets were all over the place now they're telling me I can't get my refund be there was a Hosting account it was a dedicated server there lies and deceit should stop I will never do business with HostGator again in my life and I may have to cancel my credit card because they may just start billing it

  • Nov 3, 2017

Beware of the Malware 100% SCAM from HostGator & SiteLock

HostGator my website host, advised that due to malware, all my websites were being removed and that I should contact Sitelock to have the malware removed. When I discovered that my 3 sites had been removed, I contacted Sitelock. They offered to solve the problem for several hundred dollars and tried to coax me into signing up for a 6 month contract.

When I explored further, I discovered that this hoax between both companies is now widely documented on Twitter and other social media outlets. When I presented HostGator with the evidence, they finally relented and helped me remove the fake 'malware'. Beware both these companies

- they are a nightmare to deal with and I am in the process of moving my sites to a new host.

" /home4/aswan39/" they say this file has Malware. and this is a css file for color to the site its a part of word press. so for days they kept my business down and then they want to bill you for services.What a RIP OFF

  • Oct 13, 2017

SiteLock HostGator scam is as real as it gets. I have 20 hosting accounts running WordPress websites. Eight (8) with HostGator, 10 with GoDaddy and 2 with WebHostingPad. They are all running the same version of WordPress. All 8 accounts with HostGator have been compromised while ZERO (0) with the other 12.

I constantly get extortion emails from SiteLock (Hostgator's partner). HostGator shuts my server off, and SiteLock imposes high-pressure sales tactics to try and get me to pay so Hostgator will turn my service back on. It is unbelievable! This has happened with all 8 of my accounts at HostGator several times.

HostGator gets so many calls complaining so they won't even pick up the telephone. Trying to get technical support from an individual over the phone from HostGator is futile. At best you will be on hold for at least an hour. I have been on hold for over 2 hours waiting. HostGator is a really bad hosting provider.

This company went wrong shortly after Brent Oxley sold out to Endurance International Group. HostGator is as bad as it gets! A class action lawyer would clean up if he ever brought a suit against Endurance International Group for what they are doing. One thing is for certain, the class action attorney would not be short of victims, just Google HostGator SiteLock scam.

  • Oct 10, 2017

If anyone is ever looking for a hosting company to use do not I repeat do not ever use hostgator. This company has the worst hosting on the planet. They have this thing called inodes that no other hosting company I see on the Internet has were if you have too many inodes on your hosting package which I just basically files they won't backup your hosting package and God for bid you ever have to retreat something they want to charge you an arm And a leg for it.

You can't even scan your websites without them complaining about CPU usage which no other hosting company on the Internet has.

Super crappy customer service they really get back to you within a couple of days, overall the worst hosting package I have ever purchased. When it comes time to renew I'll be taking my websites and putting them on another hosting package. Just altogether crap service and a crap Hosting company.

  • Jun 7, 2017

After hosting websites for ten years on hostgator and all of my websites got malware all at the same time. I thought it was odd because these sites were not related and the only thing that tied them together was that they were all hosted on hostgator. I got an email from a company called sitelock offering to help me and wanted to charge me money to fix website. I called hostgator and complained, they insisted it was my fault that sites got infected. I know differently. I had to pay hostgator to restore website which they did immediately. After my monthly hosting fee and other fees I pay, now they are charging to fix their own server errors. They are an absolute scam.

  • Mar 30, 2017

These guys are such a fraud. Their customer service is horrific. So I go in to remove my credit cards on my account, because I am canceling my service and don't want them to auto-charge any illegal charges. Literally the moment I remove my credit card from the account, Host Gator makes an illegal, fraudulent, $15 charge. I then have to spend all this time with customer service to remove the charge, and they sit there and blame me the entire time for it.

I asked 7 times in the chat, "Did you remove the $15 fraudulent charge?" and it took 7 times for the person to finally say, "I have submitted your request for a refund for the domain that was not previously canceled..." WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? I was in the process of canceling, then literally the moment I removed my CC you made an illegal $15 charge on it....Absolutely ridiculous! If you want poor business practices, and fraudulent charges on your card, Host Gator is the place to go!

  • Dec 29, 2016

Host Gator states that they offer Shared SSL in all of their packages they even have Shared SSL videos of how to use it. So I purchased a hosting plan with host gator. however when i contacted them, their rep refuses to assist me with Shared SSl and refused to open a ticket. They said they only offer shared SSL for webmail now and that I can no longer use Shared SSL for my own files. Yet they charged me for Shared SSl. It clearly states in their plans that offer FREE SHARED SSL. If it can only be used for webmail and not for my own files this is not Shared SSL!

Here is a link to some of their paes and videos that clearly show the use of Shared SSl and even instructions on how to use even though this is not a service they offer. They are commiting fraud by showing customers how it can be used and charging us for it when it is not an available service.

  • Jul 9, 2016

Hostgator is allowing malware to then push sitelock.

This is not hosting, this is just a scam.

  • Sep 20, 2017

Infecting Sites ( is most certainly infecting sites with malware to conveniently push Sitelock that they're pushing right site has been hacked and I'm pissed!

  • Mar 30, 2016

Host Gator is a horrible company. i suggest you never use them. Becasue of non-existent customer service I am closing my account. However, on my website I have approx. 45 files written in English. They have blocked my webiste so I can't get at them. They say I can go thru my Cpanel and retrieve them but I can't. I'm not a programmer. The files are all written in code. Instead of simply returning my files to me, I have to hire an expensive programmer to retrieve my files. This is done out of meanness from the company. they hold my files hostage. This is a nightmare piece of garbage company.

  • Jan 1, 2016

Host Gator has issued my company an IP address approx 1 year ago, after attempting to locate why our website was being deranked by all search engines even after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on seo and marketing we found it was the IP issued by Host Gator but to make matters worse they claim they forgot to clear the last owners entry name from the IP and did clear it but that was not the correct fix. We demanded a brand new IP and was denied, Host Gator ran our business into the ground and failed to even show any care in the world. We have done massive research on Host Gator and found they are a low budget reseller themselves and infact do not own any hardware related to Hosting. All is out sourced which you could skip Host Gator and go direct to the same company they do. The IP issue is not the first, everything this company touches they break. If your business relys on the web to make sales, Do Not Deal with Host Gator. Your customers data is not secure and your business will not prosper beng deranked. Stay tuned, We have taken a step to exspose Host Gator as a fraud. Many Thousands of Host Gator customers have the same issue but remain unaware of the issue. Our team is working with a few of Host Gators direct partners to colllects thousands of sites currently infected by a spam IP.

  • Aug 20, 2015

Hostgator hosting company limits my bandwidth does not allow my sites to run as they are suppsoe to as I started getting TONS of traffic and not only did these **** take my site offline then they did not tell me. I found out by checking on my sites and when I called and cussed them out they told me that my hosting account could not support the bandwidth I was using so I had to upgrade my server to a dedicated server and then with my content locker on my site these ***** from hostgator went into my file manager disabled my content locker and told me that if I wanted to run that then I needed to have a dedicated server only for that website that is getting over 5,000 visitors a day. What the **** kind of company shuts down a customers website and then has the ******* ***** to tell them they can have the site up and running once I pay another $150/month for another dedicated server??? HOSTGATOR DOES, Stay the **** away from this company as their entire servers were hacked because they host terriorist websites and really the whole **** company is a scam.

As soon as they see your sites getting tons of traffic and they know you are making good money they will do the same to you as they did me. The only reason why people like hostgator is because they do not have profitable websites and because of that they never truly understand what happens when you do have a profitable website with these ***** from hostgator as they will bend you over and not give a **** about your business or livelyhood until you pay them more money. It is VERY SIMPLE....STAY THE **** AWAY FROM HOSTGATOR!!!

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