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Horizon Community Bank

Country United States
State Arizona
City Lake Havasu City
Address 225 N. Lake Havasu Ave.
Phone (888) 206 – 6216

Horizon Community Bank Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2022

I believe that I have discovered federal bank fraud at the Horizon Community Bank, 225 N lake Havasu Ave, Lake Havasu AZ and has 6 branches in Arizona. This small “Community” bank has $530 million in assets which equals out to $88 million per bank and IK believe I am a victim of their success? That seems rather excessive for a small community bank?

Doing the math, each bank is worth $88 million each, each bank made $4,400,000 average a year or $366.666 a month for 20 years? That’s almost $100k a week or $20,000 a day? Seems slightly excessive and I think I know why? Let me explain?

In my research and records, I believe I have found sufficient mitigating circumstantial evidence that you will find interesting? I started with HCB back in about 2007 and have been a loyal customer for 14 years. Being a retired world traveler, (77) I never really paid attention to my account. Just the fact I cannot live in the USA on $1160 a month (58,000 PH pesos) but can live comfortably outside the USA.

I survived fine in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and more and just happy that I have enough money to pay my bills and enjoy retirement. But in Nov 8th 2018 I moved to the Philippines where it is VERY cheap. I can live comfortably on $800 a month (40,000 pesos) and save $360 a month. (18,000 pesos) Perfect retirement.

My 40,000 monthly budget is 10,000 for rent and 1000 pesos a day ($20) living expenses. Literally, after rent, I can get by on 500p a day ($10) But about Nov 21st 2021, my overdraft protection kicked in? WHAT? I never really thought about it but I should have $12,960 in my bank plus $2000 stimulus money and never noticed it gone? I never connected the dots as I was looking at my bank balance?

I will show you why the dots don’t connect and when they do?

Going thru my ledger which only goes back 540 days, in 14 months, I see 53 questionable or illegal ATM withdrawals? If I take out 10,000 a week (Budget) I have plenty of money to live on with my 1000p a day budget for 7-10 days. But in my ledger I see 10,000 on Monday, 10,000 Wednesday and another 10,000 of Friday. It is IMPOSSIBLE to spend 30,000 pesos in a week unless I am buying a car which I don’t own? That is my monthly budget, not weekly? (Big Dot)

That should have been a red flag for my bank of unusual activity as ½ my monthly income is taken out in a week? Like Face Book, Twitter, Netflix, Google and others do but my bank doesn’t? (Dot) Here when you use an ATM the bank notifies your phone text that a transaction has happened. I suggested that to HCB and nobody responded? (Dot)

Then I see 25 ATM withdrawals from Galleria Mall in Tagbilaran Bohol that I have only been to 4 times and never used an ATM there? I personally went there, walked the mall and asked 2 security guards where the ATM’s are and who referred me to BQ mall. Galleria Mall has NO ATM’s but I have 25 ATM with withdrawals from ATM’s that are not there? (BIG Dot)

How does a hacker get money from a nonexistent ATM? I don’t think they can, but my bank can? I think a local hacker skimming my card would know Galleria Mall has no ATM but my bank 8000 miles away doesn’t know there are no ATMs at the Galleria Mall? And who knows my banking habits better than me? My bank!!! (Dot) And has access to my records daily? (Dot)

See how the dots do not connect and then do? It gets MUCH better and far more dots.

So when I discover this about Nov 21st 2021 and I dispute the 53 illegal ATM charges, I get the HCB shuffle and I get a new banker, Michelle Billings who decides its best to close my account after 14 years of loyal customer? They have the right, just no reason for legitimate disputes? (Dot) My account closes Jan 31st 2022 creating a HUGE nightmare for me as I have to own property or have a Filipino wife and not getting married to open a simple bank account.

I sent the 53 illegal charges disputes to my banker Lori Dotson (Old banker) and Lin Howard (New banker) (Dot)

Then me not knowing my bank account number or routing number I ask for it to be sent and another banker, Lin Howard sends me 2 emails from their “Secure Server”. I get the 2 separate numbers and suddenly I have 3 emails each? The 8-9? Then 12-15? Then up to 40 on each. The emails self-propagated to 40 each and a week later my computer completely crashes? (Dot)

Being a consumer advocate for 51 years, I go to the AZ Atty General and AZ Better Business Bureau to file a complaint? Guess whose webpages are non-accessible? BOTH? WHY? (Dot) So I get Jesse Fields in Hawaii to try and he gets the same? (BIG dot) But I can access both in CA, NV, CO, TX & NM but NOT AZ? WHY? We get a 403 Forbidden Access message?

Then I manage to get ahold of the AZ AG by email and Bethany Dias who says she had her IT guys check it out and working fine and tried from a different computer. I am working on that?

Then checking my bank account daily and draining the little I have left, switching accounts, I see $2300 in my account from my new banker Lin Howard but my old banker Lori Dotson couldn’t get me? (Dot) Lin Howard who I have known for days gets me a little money but Lori Dotson that I have known for years couldn’t? (BIG DOT) I take this as a admission of guilt/fault and I won’t be bought off especially for chump change.

Its also an admission of violation of their fiduciary responsibility and not notifying me of “Unusual activity” or a spike in my withdrawals?

The dots don’t connect on a small “Community” bank making $530 million in 20 years nor $20,000 a day since inception? The dots do connect on my missing $12,960 plus $2000 stimulus checks and I have zero? Besides my bank records, I think common sense justifies a full complete bank audit simply based on a bank audit? And how many others accounts have been tapped and closed when caught the bank dipping into their funds while posing as your “small Community Bank” doing daily business? FAR too many inconsistencies? The dots do and don’t add up?

My guess is that bank audits are very common and based on my personal experience, something you need to look for? I don’t think bank audits look for or care about closed bank accounts or the reason accounts got closed? (Important) Like mine for catching my bank tapping my account for years.

Coincidently, ALL illegal withdrawals completely stopped when I addressed my issue about Nov 21st 2021. (HUGE dot) Any hacker doesn’t care or know? He wants the money……Unless it’s my bank that knows they have been caught (DOT, DOT, DOT, DOT Connected)

I believe this and my bank records that I have to support my allegations is enough mitigating circumstantial evidence to warrant an investigation as to felony bank fraud at Horizon Community Bank. I will cooperate and have the documentation to the fullest extent any way I can. And YES, I will contact all the listed agencies as a consumer advocate for the past 51 years.

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