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Home Depot

Country United States
State Alabama
City Atlanta
Address 2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW
Phone 1-770-433-8211

Home Depot Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2022

After purchasing these airsnakes I received my confirmation email that they were there and ready to be picked up. Apon arriving I found that some how my order was changed to reflect 1 airsnake, and that the other one I had been canceled. They then went on to tell me that i received a refund for the one not delivered. Low and behold i had not, And after 5 days the credit was still not on the card and no refund mention was in my credit card.

I find this is the case with them most of the time. They will sell you products they hope to have in stock but don't, Which leaves the customer waiting for there refund for ages with no repercutions to the retailer what so ever. This has to end, They should not be able to sell something they dont have in stock in hopes it comes in before you arrive.


  • Sep 8, 2021

I bought a new GE clothes dryer online from Home Depot and paid for an installation kit. When it was delivered, the delivery guys had the wrong dryer duct for installation. My dryer is less than a foot from the wall duct outlet, but the guys had a duct that was about 6-8 feet long. They installed this duct so it was bent, kinked, and twisted behind my dryer. To make room for this, my dryer was sticking out an extra 2 feet into my garage, and I couldn't park my car.

I showed the delivery guys that the manual for the dryer specifically said this was bad, and had several drawings showing that their installation would cause my new dryer to overheat. I asked them if they had a shorter duct or could cut the duct down to enable proper installation. They said they couldn't, then hopped into their truck and drove away.

I had to go to Lowes (I hated Home Depot at this point) and bought the proper dryer duct and installed it myself. I called customer service at Home Depot and told them of the bad installation, and demanded that they refund the price they charged me for the 6-8 foot duct. I'm still waiting for the refund. I also called GE customer service and complained about Home Depot's poor delivery and installation of their product.

  • Aug 12, 2021

Ordered Maytag home washer & dryer online from Home Depot. Washer's lowest cycle should take 30 minutes, instead took 90 minutes. Dryer in sensor mode should shut off in 25 minutes took 7 hours resulting in clothes scolding hot as verified by local Phoenix Fire Fighter.

Spouse (Monica) went to local Home Depot center located at 35050 N North Valley Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85086 & was handed paper (copy available) that stated the following: “A return of the appliance will not be accepted. Once you sign, it’s yours!”

Filed complaint/report with Better Business Bureau resulting in Kayla Jonsson (Executive Escalation Support, Online Contact Center -The Home Depot) attempting to repair/service the appliances which we refused entry because we stated from beginning that we wanted to spend more money at Home Depot for an upgrade Maytag appliance washer & dryer set & not repair new & defective existing.

  • Aug 6, 2021

The Home Depot/Citi Bank North America, hard query showed up in my credit report August 05, 2021; I have not applied for any credit or personal loan from this company what makes me feel as this a scam fraud. It has taken five (5) points out of my credit score. Put hard query in my credit report.

  • Aug 1, 2021

Home Depot Ordered merchandise 7/17/2021, Cancelled Order 7/18/2021,Despite cancellation, order was shipped 7/19/2021. Six calls to customer service, each time I was assured that my credit card was refunded and goods would be picked up. No refund no pickup.

  • Mar 21, 2021

I was moving to a new apartment after sale of my home in 2019. The sale fell through and I did not move. However, I had a painter, Juan Tapia, buy all the paint to paint my new apartment. When The house sale fell through I had him return the paint to Home Depot I did not need it. Juan received a store credit in form of a HD card. I took that card from Juan and put it in my wallet. A month ago I found the card. Originally there was about $111 on the card. When I used the card to purchase some Philips lights at the Home Depoot store in St Louis Park #2806 about a month for two ago there was about $60 on thee card.

I bought about $30 worth of Philips light bulbs. There was about $30 left on the card. On 01/30/2021 I returned to the same store to buy more lightbulbs. At this time I was told the card is not mine and I was declined to use my card! I bout the $29 of lights anyway using my credit card. Yesterday I was on my way to Ikea and I stoped by the HD store Bloomington #2805 close to ikea to use up my $30 credit. I tried to get more then $30 to finish my credit. My receipt is attached. At the store that nice lady told me that there is no money on my card. I knew very well, there was about $30 left. So I am not sure what happened, but Home Depot used some magic to zero out my store credit, the same way Georgia clears it voter registers.

They took my store card. I was shocked, I have asked to see the history of transactions on the card. I was told no such history exist. I have to question that!!! The idea that they do not have history of my usage of the card does not some plausible. This is not cash, how would they know how much I have left on the card. This is pure theft!! This is not OK. I am filing a complaint as at system level this might be a lot of money. $30 here and there across, some 2,296 stores is serious fraud.

  • Jan 16, 2021

On May 13, 2020 we were solicited at the Port Orange Florida Home Depot while buying a $1700 washer and dryer set. We demanded a refund after the huge mess the Home Depot contractor caused. Initially we strated to complain not because we had a fire hazzard or that they flooded the underneath of our home. We initially were shocked that they left the job the way they did.

We discovered over the next few weeks, after being stood up twice by ARS Rescue Rooter Escalations Department, major damage and flooding We own a manufactured house which is a doublewide. It sits on bricks about 21" off the ground. We had a Rheem heat pump sold and installed illegally!

Those two tubes push air through 5 vents each spaced across the building. They installed new 14" tubing to the old 12" split where they foced a poor connection by zip tying a 14" tube to a 12" fitting. They were suppossed to replace all this and they came into the building and replace two short 7 foot pieces. They curt out 10" tubing and replaced it with 14". They did the same thing and connected the tube all funny and poorly.

They made it look like they replaced the entire supply air line when really they did just 3 small pieces. On the return air line side, they were suppossed to replace that and they came into the underneath of the building about 10 feet and connected to the old return supply line.

Also note that the 7 connections they made with this tubing was just a zip tie and was never taped or sealed on the oiuter or inner sleeve. There was major air loss and extreme condensation all over under our building.

Also note that they really screwed up the air pressure! First, you can't install 14" tubing because it really doesn't fit under the building and while they were dragging the oversized tubing they broke a shower sewer pipe. So over those few weeks while we were waiting for ARS to inspect this horrible job, our building flooded.

So let's back up... They connected a 14" tube to a 12" spliter all wrong. They then did not replace the other 50' of 10" tube but did go into the house and replace the 10" tube that we could see! They did those 4 connections very poorly.

We added up the total length of all they replaced and it equaled two bowes of 14" which were 25' each (50' total). They really messed up our air flow! Home Depot has no clue what they are doing by sending out sales people rather than professionals!

I could go on and tell you about the $3800 inspection report or us filing with Volusia County Code Enforcement, VC Fire Marshall, the FL Attorney General... We have alerted the news, BBB, Yelp and even retained an attorney. We still have a d**n HVAC system illegally hooked up now for over 240 days!

Crazy experience with Home Depot, ARS and trapped between there Escalations department andour dumb leech of an attorney! I have to warn you... I have over 400 hours into chasing after Home Depot, a website and a formal petition!

We have suffered great loss over 30K and still have not address mold and replacing the damaged barrier and insulation. Home Depot has not provided us insurance or did after we forced then with a legal Statutory Notice which cost us $3K!

So 143 days after our installation Home Depot sent someone out to take pictures of what we already fixed. We seriously had a 4 foot by 6 foot hole in the floor for over 100 days as we waited to Hamoe Depots Sedgwick and Liberty Mutual to act.

Worse, we supplied a $3800 professional reprot and they came out and miss led us. They told us we had a 50 amp breaker and the unit was hooked up right. We had to get 2 more opinions to counter the bad report Rimkus the inspector did.

What do I mean by illegally? ARS pulled the wrong permit and never pulled an electrical permit. Now keep in mind this is the easiest HVAC system to install in that it is 1 piece and has just two big air tubes and a single electrical wire connection.

Not only did they completely fail from sales to installation, they also failed to set it right. Today ios day 240+ that this HVAC system has been hooked up on a cut permit and hooked up with the wrong wire to the wrong breaker!

Home depot sent out to my father's home (disabled Vet) a professional salesman!

They did not send a qualified technician or an electrical contractor. They sent a salesman! He sold us upgrades that should not have been sold to us based on our type of building.

We met with a sales guy less than 24 hours after being solicited at Home Depot. Less than 24 hours ater that they installed this system (very poorly). We did not need a new system and our existing system was working just fine.

We told this sales guy we had issues with poor ait flow and heat on really cold days. He assured us that this new Rheem heat pump would solve that and he would throw in a heat upgrade. He sold us a 7K heat strip which could not be hooked up to our existing electrical supple. In fact it would take an electrical permit and a new sline from the panel to the outside wall box.

The sales guy also upgrade our air lines and sold us new air lines throughout the building. This was done very badly and they did like 33% of this work. They did just enogh so you could not see what they did unless you got under the building.

Now note... To get proper air flow, the air tubing needs to go from big to small. This way the air pressure increases as the air flows down the tube which is 30 foot long. The supply tube was a 12" and the idiot salesman sold us 14". Now consider that there is a main tube which splits and then two tubes enter the building.

  • Dec 30, 2020

It can be said with clarity and without any reservations there are a compelling interest that enshrines blunt racism on blacks at the Home Deport located at 3870 Quebec Street- Denver, CO 80207. Yes, there are specific employees like "LESLIE.” Without any justification this individual did me a grave supreme of disservice on December 19, 2020. I was shopping the location to purchase a dryer for my daughter. Prior to arriving at the store the online inventory indicated there was two available in the store. I asked Leslie whom was working in the appliance section if the dryers were still available.

She took only a FEW SECONDS to PRETEND an online store inventory. After a few seconds she stated "No.” I detest lies of any source. I have no tolerance for great pretenders. You may not like what I have to say but I guarantee you will know HOW BLACKS ARE TREATED AT HOME DEPOT. While appearing to assist me she actually was carefully to decide that was I NOT worthy of her time for being black. As retired military I waited for another employee to arrive in the appliance section and asked for assistances. The employee within minutes was able to locate the dryer in which I had been LIED about. Equally established is the fact LESLIE her actions and the three on-duty managers blatant manifestation of racism in downplaying my concern for a prospective major purchase in its' varied and virulent forms was not surprising.

Management officials was notified of this individual actions. The masquerading racist managers conspired with her racist treatment and justified her actions after being informed of her unprofessialism. She had an obligation to consult with a front line supervisor before this issue arouse. However, she selectively chose to engage in HOME DEPOT hallmark of 101 Racism treatment of black customers rules.

  • Dec 19, 2020

I am reviewing the Home Depot Design Center located at 9480 Carroll Park Dr, San Diego, CA 92121. They like to deflect accountability by acting stupid and telling people that their treacherous acts were committed by one of their imaginary “Orange Box” location, whatever that means.

So, I wanted a new cooktop for my kitchen, but the problem was the granite needed to be cut so that I can fit a more modern 30 inch cooktop into the current 27 inch hole. The first person, Singh, we spoke to was nice and did all the research to help us find the correct cooktop that will fit into our granite, if we have it cut. And then we dealt with Singh’s manager, who was pretty quick to provide us with the quote and emailed the paperwork for the cooktop. Unfortunately, the first cooktop Singh found was just too big and he had to find another. Which he did and Singh’s manager was quick to match the price, and emailed us a new invoice.

Now here is where things went south. There is a very lazy and incompetent individual named Aileen Perkins, who is the assistant for Singh and Singh’s manager, and took forever to communicate with us anything relevant to our cooktop project. She took forever to schedule a measurement for our cooktop. She took her sweet time communicating the results of the measurement with Singh. She did not bother telling us anything. I had to pay $1300 up front and had that money tied up for months waiting for an answer.

So one day, the ignoramus Perkins calls me and the first thing she does is offer me a “refund.” She didn’t provide me with additional avenues to solve my problem. Her disgusting attitude over the phone just told me she does not feel like earning her paycheck that day. This simpleton’s narrow-mindedness compelled her to state that “the granite does not have to be cut, and if its cut, then the buyer assumes all responsibility for damages.” First off, there is something called liability insurance that contractors should carry to cover any damages done by accident. Secondly, yes, I have to cut the granite because that is the ONLY way that I can install a new cooktop. At that point, I just did not want to deal with Perkins anymore and went with the refund. I would have had a much better conversation with a cow. I am not sure how a person like this got hired, or how she even was able to keep a job for so long. And I am sure that there are plenty of people on the unemployment line who are much more qualified and can work harder than her. That being said, if anyone ever goes to the Home Depot Design Center in San Diego, AVOID Perkins like the plague.

  • Dec 11, 2020

This black female employee at home depot returns. caused another customer to give me dirty looks. I had no idea that he was in line so I had to call a family member so I went back to the car and have them talk to her when I got back inside there was this man in line with a buggy full of stuff. My business is my business, not his. Then he proceeded to stay in line talking to the employee next to me while I was finishing up getting my refund. He makes the comment that I scan my receipts on his phone. Well, that is not what I do. The receipt was still readable.

Then when I was leaving he left at the same time then he purposely stopped in my walk way. People have some nerve these days to get in your business. Because this black female employee was talking about my business to this customer. He had no right to give me a dirty look, this has always bothered me.

  • Sep 16, 2020

Hurricane windows installed by Home Depot are leaking and instead of dealing with it they have asked I deal with the subcontractors insurance. We had hurricane windows installed and discovered on 8/2/2020 that they have been leaking. We spoke with PGT and they have agreed this is an installer issue. After calling different numbers daily I finally spoke to someone on 8/15. They sent out a contractor to look at damage and clean up some of the debris and also sent out a person to give us a quote on fixing the damage. They have ordered new windows, accepting responsibility that something is wrong with the windows.

They are now having me contact the contractor's insurance company which seems fraudulent since we hired Home Depot not the other company. We have active mold in our bedroom and they are trying every way to not fix the sheet rock and flooring that was damaged. I just want to have the mold gone and be able to get on with the repairs. 9/14 the installers insurance company came back and said they did nothing wrong. Now we are back to square one of trying to get the sheetrock, inuslation, and flooring replaced in our bedroom and the mold out of our house. The windows should be here around the 20th according to construction manager, Richard Kale. He has at least returned our calls and reached out to Home Depot's inusurance comapny also asking what the next step is.

Home Depot's insurance company is Sedgwick Claims management Services, Inc. Lesly Clear is agent, , Email [email protected] , 1-800-253-4527. Cell 470-603-5458. We provided repair quotes to everyone, and they were less than the original company that Home Depot brought out. We just want our house back.

  • Aug 1, 2020

We were charged $4682.67 for 1,011 square feet of vinyl linoleum installation in our home. They charged us double or more for every room in our home except for a hallway. Our measurements: Master Bedroom: 200 square feet Master Bathroom: 13 square feet Living Room: 240 square feet Hallway: 39 square feet End Bedroom: 118 square feet Our Total: 610 square feet

Their measurements: Master Bedroom: 297 square feet Master Bathroom: 63 square feet Living Room: 333 square feet Hallway: 39 square feet End Bedroom: 226 square feet Their Total: 1,011 square feet Practically every one of their figures, computations, totals, and charges are erroneous. We ask that this please be investigated thoroughly.

On Friday, July 31, 2020, 03:14:30 PM EDT, Marc Bush wrote: In 2016 we paid Home Depot $4,682.67 to rip out our our old carpet and install a new vinyl floor. Soon after the contractors had completed the job, I noticed they had cut the material too short leaving bare spots in a couple of places and my wife noticed a couple of air pockets, bubbles, in a couple of corners, as well as a section of vinyl linoleum that lifts up off the floor. It appeared at the time to be finger size, it is located under the sofa, and I figured one day I might shoot a few drops of hot glue to hold it down.

We just mashed it down with a foot and it appeared to stay in place. As we are not complainers, we chose to not make an issue of it at the time. But more recently, I believe last summer, with the sunlight coming through the living room windows and me damp mopping in the living room, I noticed a series of about a half dozen air pockets, bubbles, in one area of the living room, one looks like a blow fish.

I then moved the sofa to inspect the extent of what I thought was a finger size pop spot, and I was/am able to shove my whole hand under it. It appears there was never any glue put in there. I contacted the Manager, Home Depot, Johnson City, TN and discussed matter, and she came up with some phony excuses that would insult the intelligence of most anyone.

I then pursued the matter by contacting Corporate Headquarters, CEO, Home Depot, Atlanta, GA. One inspector who works for Home Depot came out two weeks ago and Home Depot just contacted me saying his report states no contractor fault, too much humidity. If it is humidity and not contractor fault, then why are the defects located in a small portion of the living room instead of throughout the entire house? We have central air, no humidity.

The materials are guaranteed for life, but evidently not the glue underneath. An inspector for the the company that manufactures the materials inspected today and said his report would reach the company by Monday. They are throwing excuses at us in an attempt to cover up their shoddy work and/or materials. We paid a lot of money for this floor and feel we should be treated fairly and better. We are asking for your help if that is what it is going to take to get treated fairly in this matter.

  • Jul 28, 2020

Just a warning not to purchased carpets from Home Depot. My carpets are only 5 years old and I am the only person leaving here. The original installation was horrible. Installers did lousy job. My entire upstair rugs need restretching. They said I would need to hired movers to come and clear out my entire upstairs (3 bedrooms) which require movers to move all the furniture to a moving van then have them move it back. This would cost me thousands of dollars which they won’t cover in their warranty or guarantee. The problem with the rugs is because they were not installed properly and should be covered by warranty. They don’t honor their warranties.

  • Jul 27, 2020

I purchased a suite of Samsung kitchen appliances (range, over-stove microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator) from Home Depot on 5/27/2020. My original delivery was scheduled for 7/14/2020. I was later notified that my delivery was delayed to 7/29/2020, and later that it was delayed again to 9/2/2020. I understand that manufacturing and shipping are delayed due to the pandemic, but I called their customer service number to try to get a better idea of the status of my order. They then informed me that the range I ordered was no longer carried by Home Depot and no longer manufactured by Samsung. I asked when they were planning on telling me this and they had no answer. I asked if they would substitute a similar range and they said they do not do exchanges or substitutions. I asked how this even happened in the first place, because I had checked their website many times while waiting for my order and saw the appliances go in and out of stock. They told me that online orders are sent to the nearest physical store to process, and that store moves online orders to the back of a queue. Customers who come into the brick-and-mortar store are given priority. So, if available inventory is purchased before my scheduled delivery date, my delivery gets pushed back. Usually this isn't an issue, because Samsung (or GE, LG, Frigidaire, etc.) is able to ship out more appliances to cover this. Now the pandemic is exposing the shady way that Home Depot has been conducting their business. They took my payment upfront and never bothered to secure the product that I ordered, and sold it out from under me to the next highest bidder. I've been making payments for 3 months now on a credit card for a purchase that I will never see, and Home Depot is not willing to do anything to make this right. My only option was to cancel my entire order so that I can take my business to Lowe's.

  • Sep 30, 2019

In June, I bought a Makita Reciprocal Saw because it was small and fit my hand. It was used twice; the first time when new. I was cutting one piece of PVC plastic pipe and the saw barely had enough power to cut it and I thought it was because the battery was almost dead, but got the job done.

I didn't have use for it again until October. I put a charged battery on the saw and tried to cut a piece of wood. The saw immitted a burnt smell immediately and went dead after a few seconds. It had zero torque. After cooling down, it starts, but has no torque for cutting without dying.

Home Depot said it was past 90 days and contact Makita. I went to Makita's website and they said any repairs on power tools was at the option of the company and they didn't have to repair or replace if they didn't want to.

Because I live in Alaska and shipping is expensive, I will throw the saw away and lesson learned. I'm out about three hundred dollars, what with the saw and extra batteries I purchased. I will try and sell the batteries and recoup a few dollars.

I won't sell this problem and pass junk on to someone else. I will never buy another Makita and will replace the saw with another brand at another store and never Home Depot. Shame on both companies for making and selling an obvious piece of junk.

  • Aug 29, 2019

Home Depot / Rheem When Rheem water heater tank burst under warranty and was returned for replacement, I was told I could pick up new unit in two weeks. When I called to see if replacement was available for pickup, I was told they would not honor the warranty because the price of that make and model unit had changed during the two years since I had first purchased it.

I was told I could purchase the replacement unit for $750 and they would give me a credit of $350. They have already taken my original unit. So BEWARE, HOME DEPOT WILL NOT HONOR A WARRANTY IF THE PRICE CHANGES ON THAT ITEM DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD. THAT'S PROBABLY EVERY PRODUCT THEY SELL!

  • Aug 18, 2019

Recently I had a horrific and terrible experience with Home Depot in Oakbrook Terrace IL, Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage in Carol Stream, IL (also known as GE Storage) and QBE Insurance Company in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin who is the Insurance Company for Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage in Carol Stream, IL.

I bought a new fridge from Home Depot and paid to have the old one hauled away. Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage did not haul it away and not only did they not haul it away, they broke it in the process of moving the old one out of the way in order to put the new fridge I bought into the space in the kitchen. While doing that they severed a wire and almost started a fire, sparks were flying all over the kitchen. During this whole process I had my daughter with me the whole time as a witness and we couldn't believe it, both of our mouths were hanging open that they literally broke my old fridge and almost started a fire. In fact I was screaming when the sparks were flying.

To make matters worse, when the guy was pulling out my old fridge (that still worked by the way until he completely broke it and killed any opportunity of re-selling it) he kept pulling on it even though it was like 4th of July in my kitchen with the sparks flying and all, and he knocked into a cabinet up above the old fridge and broke a long treasured hand painted bowl I've had for years which was part of a priceless set I had that I can never replace so now that is gone forever because of them.

Meanwhile, while I was trying to clean up the years old, beloved china that they broke which was now in 100 pieces, they pretty much told me "hurry up, we have people after you", I cut my finger while trying to hurry up and clean up the pieces they broke so that they could install the new fridge since they had to get going and "had people after me"! The insurance company asked me did I have to go to the hospital?!

No, but I still cut my finger because of them, ouch! and there was blood everywhere so that's got to account for something. That never would have happened if they hadn't been so negligent and broke my stuff! Who wants their finger all cut up? or their stuff broken? So now I have blood and sparks flying in the kitchen. That in and of itself is pretty horrific.

Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage told me they couldn't haul the old fridge away but in the meantime, they killed a working fridge by moving the old one out of the way to install the new one and therefore absolutely 100% killed any opportunity of me being able to sell it to a friend of mine who needed a fridge and really liked mine and would have bought it for $500! You are not allowed to go into someone's house and start breaking their things wouldn't you agree?

Nothing was really wrong with the old fridge, it worked, I just wanted to replace it and my friend wanted to buy it. Then because they wouldn't take it and noone could buy it because they broke it, I had to pay $150 to a handy man to haul it away because at that point they rendered it useless! They had broken it completely! No one else could come and buy it because who would want a broken fridge at that point since they broke my old one and completely shorted it out to where the wire was cut! Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage (and the Insurance Company QBE) needs to take responsibility for their negligence wouldn't you say?

Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage caused me emotional distress too because they came in, said they couldn't do this or that, told me they'd have to bring the new fridge through my dining room (what? and act like 2 bulls in a china shop breaking even more things as they went?) (good thing I convinced them to come in through the back door) and all the while they were swearing, saying "Jesus Christ" and acting all un-professional and that was before they told me that they had more people that they had to deliver to after me and to "hurry up."

I am waiting to see what will happen with the claim. This better all end up to my satisfaction. If it does I will let you know. If not, I would say NOT to do business with Home Depot in Oakbrook Terrace,IL, Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage (also known as GE Storage) in Carol Stream, IL and QBE Insurance Company (which is the insurance company for Glen Ellyn Moving and Storage) from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin!

  • Jul 16, 2019

Home Depot and LG My story is almost exactly the same as the GE/Home Depot story from 2012 so I will leave that out. Only the it was damaged to my machine wasn't found until almost 4 months later. The bleach, detergent and fabric softener openings leading into the tub looked like they were cut out by a kid.

I believe the plastic was faulty as it was crumbling and the plastic bits and pieces were found in the tub (from day one), below the dispensers, and around the rim atop the tub. These pieces clogged up the draining mechanisms. At first there was a tiny leak that I ignored owing it up to something or another, leading 3-4 months later to major floods in my garage, damaging items stored there.

Yesterday I spent about a half hour just rinsing the detergent off four briefs so that I could hang and dry them in order to have underwear to wear. I had to remove a tub full of soaped clothes from the washer and just dump them into a laundry basket. No luck calling LG but I will try their corporate numbers and haven't contacted Home Depot credit card division or the store where I imagine I will get the same .Sunset Valley Texas

  • May 15, 2019





  • May 12, 2019

I notified Home Depot of new address. Paid off account. Was hospitalized at VA Hospital for 58 days. They sent bills to my address in Nevada, I told them of my new address.

Cannot speak with citibank who collects for Home Depot.Refuse to furnish bills for 2018 or how I could have $150. in late fees on a paid acount. total fraud

  • Apr 25, 2019

So my customer goes into a nearby Home Depot buys brand new Samsung refrigerator. 2 weeks it craps out on her. In her 70’s and care giver to her husband, a disabled vet with dementia. After reporting the problem and two service visits later with no success in fixing it, Home Depot passes the buck to Samsung. Samsung initially says they’ll refund, but then shortly renegotiates a replacement instead.

My customer lost over $300 of groceries in the process. Since I’m a General Contractor working in and around the Atlanta area, I step in thinking I can put the fear of God in them and threaten to leave if they don’t make good for it. Nope! Of no consequence to the big HD. I catch the ear of customer services, have it escalated to CS upper management, and then after negotiations have to tell the CS manager that there’s a time where the rules, policies and procedures need to go right out the door and you just have to take care of your customer.

Should I be the one saying that? Home Depot CS rep “Our hands are tied” Even though Samsung already consented to refunding her money and they have note of it on record. Both Home Depot and Samsung said she’ll have to receive a new refrigerator and then turn it away at the door even after over 11 days of being without a frig and groceries. Customer doesn't want another Samsung. I don't blame here.

Home Depot CS said to me they’d be happy to give her a $500 gift card, and cover her lost goods ($300) no strings attached. After I got off the phone with them they contacted my customer, changed their tune yet again telling her that they will only do that if she accepts a new replacement Samsung. What Jerks! Store managers get bonuses on these sales, and what lengths they’ll go through to secure those bonuses is mind blowing.

Prior to any of this, I spoke directly to that store’s assistant manager and he was absolutely worthless! He couldn’t even get back to my customer the following day as promised. Home Depot entirely dropped the ball on this, and Samsung with an already tainted reputation didn’t do any better. Personally I think all involved should be fired and go find jobs they’re actually good at doing. Like debt collection for example. Because apparently they are excellent at slighting their customer to retain their profit.

Great job Home Depot and Samsung! Not only did you lose a customer. But you also lost me as GC, my entire client base who spends between 5k to 8k+ every time they walk through the door, my fellow contractors in every field, and my investors. Yes if it were up to me a firing I would go! Lowe’s here we come! So much for me being a devout HD customer and a Samsung fan for the past 25 years. Way to stick it to a Veteran and his wife. Sorry performance hands down, very sorry! Never again!

  • Jan 7, 2019

Ordered gutters including installation services from this store. Obtained a quote, signed the quote, purchased the item/service, but a few days later get a notice that The Home Depot would not honor the quote nor the agreement because the estimator made an error (even though it was quoted and reconfirmed 2 times, and measured 2 times).

The management of the store (and even Corporate management) would not hear any requests for The Home Depot to HONOR their quote commitment. They categorically REFUSED to accept any responsibility for their error. Sent letters, e-mails, copies of documents, etc. Nothing doing. They adamantly refused to listen to reason.

Would not shop this store ever again, nor would I recommend this store to anyone. They have a captive audience because of all the construction going on in the are, so they believe that they can do anything they want, including ripping customers off, and wasting their time. Wasted 1 month on this fiasco. DO

NOT trust them.

  • Dec 13, 2018

Firstly I was overcharged, after wasting A LOT of time, I was refunded - however the refund has not appeared on my card.

I emailed the CEO CRAIG MENEAR on at least 12 ocassions and also his colleagues, I have left messages across all social media and no response.

I also have a blower which they are refusing to exchange

very frustrating and terrible service

  • Dec 10, 2018

1. I ordered a GE appliance package from Home on Black Friday, November 23, 2018.

On November 23rd, in the Lake Forest store, I personally confirmed availability of these appliances with a HD employee.

2. In the days preceding my delivery date, I received several emails from and the delivery company, confirming delivery scheduled for Sunday, December 9th.

3. On December 9th, in preparation of delivery of appliances, I hired a handyman to remove my dishwasher, stove/oven, refrigerator and microwave and place them on my front lawn, as I had paid Home Depot to have those appliances hauled away.

4. I waited several hours for delivery. When no one showed up, I spent hours on the phone with GE,, the delivery company and Home Depot, Lake Forest, only to find out GE doesn’t even have the appliances and likely won’t have them until December 26th, or possibly sometime in January.

5. Since December 9th, I have spent many more hours on the phone and in person at the Home Depot store, trying to get appliances in my now empty kitchen, to no avail.

6. The cost of taking time away from my job, hours on the phone with numerous people, no way to prepare meals for my family, not having any appliances in my kitchen for the rest of December, having to cancel Christmas meals and festivities at my home, all infuriates me. The frustration is overwhelming with no resolution in sight.

I’m tired of hearing “Oh, we’re sorry”. Fix it Home Depot! Don’t sell appliances you don’t have. Don’t lie to people, just to get their money.

This is not an anomaly for this company. Check out Yelp, Instagram, Better Business Bureau, and I beseech you; do not buy anything from this company.

  • Dec 9, 2018

I bought a brand new Tranes AC/HV system in 2011. In 2018 i noticed water marks in my ceiling. I contacted Home Depot and they sent out their current installation company. When they went into the attic they advised me that who ever installed the system did a micky mouse job and it wasn't even installed to code and the condensor on top of the system was not the proper one. Now they are telling me to repair is 10k plus or a new system for 17k. I have been getting the run around from Home Depot.

  • Oct 28, 2018

I NEVER SAW A BILL. I was charged Fees and Interest PLUS Home Depot reported two months late fees to Transunion AFTER I paid my bill in full with Supervisor on the phone who assured me she would reverse my late fees and interest because I took care of bill without wasting time. Home Depot sent my bill to wrong address.

I was told by burglary detective after break in to route ALL MY MAIL to Post Office Box. When I opened my Home Depot Credit Card the wrong address was put in Home Depot System My post office box returned mail (BILL) to Home Depot. When I received a phone call I paid my balance owed on the spot. FURTHER I told supervisor I wanted my account CLOSED.

Supervisor told me I had TWO accounts. I told supervisor to please CLOSE BOTH ACCOUNTS Immediately. She sent me bill to CORRECT address. I asked if my credit would be affected and she said NO. She said my late fees and interest would be reversed since MY MAIL HAD BEEN RETURNED TO HOME DEPOT BY MY POST OFFICE.

I NEVER SAW A BILL When I received MY ZERO Balance ***About month later I get a bill from Home Depot and informed that my Transunion Credit was reported TWO MONTHS LATE By Home Depot. I called Home Depot and had supervisor review notes on the account showing I NEVER RECEIVED A BILL.

My mail was returned to Home Depot due to incorrect P.O. Box address FURTHER Supervisor "Ron" on Team 5104 refused to give me my account# on second account which HAD NOT BEEN CLOSED A MONTH EARLIER as I requested. Frustrating situation because Ron had ALL MY PERSON INFORMATION.

Name Address Telephone# Social Security Number ???Yet Ron could not give me my second account number that I had requested be closed one month prior? I told Ron to close BOTH accounts and he assured me my Transunion late payment issue would be reviewed in 7 Calendar Days by the "Compliance Team".

I told Ron that my credit is at stake and asked to speak with "Compliance Team" which he said is not possible. Am awaiting their written response. Hopefully Compliance Team will send their written decision to CORRECT ADDRESS AND CLOSE my two accounts.

  • Jul 16, 2018

Yesterday at Home Depot I discovered that they no longer allow Veterans to get 10% discounts except for certain individuals.

If you are retired,disabled or a family member (dependent) of a retired/disabled veteran, you may qualify for their 10% disount WITH "proper identification"

So even if you served your country in battle, if you were fortunate enough to not be are not worth Home Depot's 10% discount.

Home Depot prides themselves for all their alleged work and support of veterans, but it is just lip service.

Thank goodness Lowes still recognizes the contribution of ALL veterans

All veterans including those that get their 10% as well as all Americans that recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by our veterans should BOYCOTT all home depot stores.

  • Jun 29, 2018

Just go to Lowes in Palm Coast, FL> I have had numerous problems with Home Depot and should not have purchased these appliances there. Never again.

The only way to get a refund after a rip-off is to personally go to the store and refuse to leave (even after an hour or so) until you get someone in authority to finally issue the credit. I just don't have the energy or time to do this for $40 worth of cords. If you multiply this rip-off by the number of people buying applicances, you have a nice kickback for salesman and/or delivery service.


  • Jun 28, 2018

I purchased this custom door on February 15, 2018 thinking it would be a perfect time to replace my old unsafe door because it was a slower time for the store. How wrong I was.

Since the day of purchase, this order and the customer service at Home Depot has been appalling to say the least.

We were advised that a custom order would take a 6 weeks or so to come in. We got a call that the product came in on April 3, 2018 and couldn't even get the install scheduled until April 17, 2018 because RFI Installations does not answer the phone when a customer calls. I played phone tag with them for a week and a half before I could get into contact with anyone.

I took a day off from work to be there for the install and he came out only to tell me the transom was sent wrong from the manufacturer. Everything was brought back to the store and the transom had to be reordered. We were assured by the manager at store #3002 that they would stay on top of the manufacturer and make our order a priority. THIS ALSO DID NOT HAPPEN.

We were constantly in contact through email with the managers at the store and all they kept saying was we only have an estimated date as it is a custom piece. Instead of talking about fixing our order and how we can be better served, Alex, the Specialty ASM said, "If you want to cancel and pursue other alternatives, I understand." This was the end of April.

We didn't hear from anyone until WE CONTACTED the store on May 23, 2018. We received an automated phone call on May 22, 2018 stating the transom was delivered to the store. We received an email on the 23rd from Beth Ann the Customer Order Specialist saying Alex was not in and the transom was not delivered, but was on the truck for delivery today, May 23.

On May 29, 2018 WE AGAIN NEVER HEARD FROM ANYONE AT THE STORE AND HAD TO REACH OUT OURSELVES!!!! Beth Ann emailed back (Because we want everything in writing about this terrible situation) and said no one can locate our transom! It was signed as received from the store, BUT IT WAS NOT IN THE STORE! So this mistake is now directly on Home Depot #3002.

No one ever reached out to us regarding that the product was in the store and to schedule an install OR to say that it was "misplaced".

NOW IT IS ALMOST JULY. Apparently this new transom is supposed to be in June 29, 2018 and we have not heard from anyone that they have tried to get it in quicker or help us in any way besides refund our money. ALL WE WANT IS A NEW BACK DOOR THAT ADDS SAFETY TO OUR HOME. If you look at our door it is original with single pane glass. We spent A LOT of money to get this door replaced and want someone to care about us and our order.

I have never in my life experienced this kind of dissatisfaction from any company or individual. When asked for the district manager's telephone number they directed me to a customer service hotline.

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I do not want a refund. I want SIGNIFICANT COMPENSATION before the project is completed (because everyone keeps telling us that is the policy).

If this cannot be resolved I will do everything I can to go out of my way to let the world know just how bad the service is at Home Depot. Since the managers are so incompetent at the location where we bought the door, I am really hoping someone in the "customer care" department can help us.

Please give me another option than refunding our money and wasting more of our time.

  • Jun 14, 2018

On June 13, 2018 I went the Home Depot Store in on Secor Rd. to buy and arrange for the installation of security storm door on the back door of my house. I had just had a contractor intall back door a week earlier. It was job well professional and well done. The door was secured properly, but I felt the need a security storm door would provide. I thought it would a simple process and I knew Home Depot has installers whom they contracted with to install these doors.

So, I sat down with Home Depot's agent and looked over the doors and found the one - the lowest priced of all ($198.99)- and decided it would meet my needs. The agent advised that I would have to pay, in advance, an measuring fee of $35.00. This would count toward a total installation fee of $159.00 - so I o would be out no money. The total charge - $357.99. That sounded reasonable.

So, I ponied up the $35.00 off my charge card and let the process begin.

Two days later I got a call from the agent advising me the measurement process was complete - BUT he some bad news: the new installed door way was too small to fit the door I had chosen. I asked how far it was off. The agent said about an inch to an inch and half. Therefore, the door I had chosen could not be used. Instead I had to order a custom made security storm door. I asked for a price and was given a ball park figure somewhere between $550.00 to $600.00 for the door. With installation fee that would bring to maximum price of $759.00.

I then asked him what the cost of the most basic storm door (non-security type) would be. He advised that the minimum charge for a custom made ordinary storm door was $375.00. With the installation fee that made it a cost of $534.00.

I told the agent either price was way out of the range I intended to spend. He advised that was okay and he understood. He did suggest I contact my original contractor and see how much he would charge to install a storm door.

I asked about a refund of the $35.00 charge for the mearsurement. He said as their agent had already done the job that the money was not refundable, but that the measurement was good for up to six months - so I if decided to let them make a custom door there would be no extra charge for another measurement provided I came back within six months.

I did call the contractor who installed doorway and told him what happened. He said he was appalled and advised that the one needed to be careful with the big box stores who often use tatics to make big sales to folks. He said the doorway he put itself should have had no obastacles to putting in a standard storm door of any kind. I asked him to estimate the cost of doing this small job. He said he would get that to me on the weekend.

I think Home Depot is kind of pulling a bait-and-switch like scam here. The issue is the measurments their agents come up with.

Another report filed by married couple here ran into the same problem: the measurements are just a wee-bit off and so a custom door has to be made and used. That couple had already pre-measured the door, but their Home Depot sales Agent told them that only Home Depot's agent's measurements could be used or Home Depot's installers would not install the door.

Bait-and-switch: buyer selects a door on display in store- at cost buyer wants. Store's agent's measuments never quite fit the installers standards forcing buyer to choose an expensive custom made door or nothing or buy door and install it on their own. If the buyer doesn't proceed - Home Depot is still richer for the nonrefundable measurment fee of $35.00.

  • May 10, 2018

so at checkout I was offered 50 bucks off purchase if I applied and 0 interest for 6 months. so i said sounds great what the heck. so after 6 months my interest kicked in at 25%, Holy crap, they must not of read my credit right! so I called them and said hey I want my interest lowered I have great credit. and the guy on the phone tells me as a store card they have no power to lower the interest! "what a pile of crap" I said what? your kidding me, you dull out a credit card at a rediculous rate and have the nerve to say you cannot change the rate? he said to me, it isnt based off the recurrent purchases or some crap not my credit score. I was like what? that makes no sense.

Why would you gouge someone woth that rediculous of an interest rate in the first place, second why would you base the interest off of if they purchase alot repeatedly its low but if they just purchase less than a certain amount its high? so if your a contractor and your purchasing alot of stuff and paying in a revolving constant buying your interest is low, but like me and needed new appliances and just purchased three items and was paying on them my interest is 25%. so its the worst consumer credit scam there is! and its rediculous!

  • Apr 17, 2018

February 23, 2018 Home Depot offered a substantial discount at cash register if I opened a Home Depot credit card. I accepted and paid $18.73 for my purchase after the discount was applied. March 12, 2018 They say the bill was mailed to me but I didn't received it in time to pay by the April 8 due date. Unfortunately, I did not write down the date of receipt. April 16, 2018 My payment for the $18.73 purchase was received by Home Depot April 17, 2018 I received a bill showing the $18.73 overdue, plus a late fee of $18.73, plus a $2.00 interest charge. April 18, 2018 (today) I called Customer Service, told them I think their card offer is deceitful and possibly fraudulent. They removed the charges according to Kim, the lady on the phone. I called back later and cancelled my card. Although i successfully had the charges removed (I hope, as I don't yet have proof), I still feel like Home Depot deliberately set out to take advantage of its customers and enrich itself by not revealing at the onset that a late fee of the exact amount of my charge would be imposed if the payment was even a little bit late. I would not have been surprised by a 25% interest charge but was outraged and a late fee equal to the amount of the late payment. I imagine Home Depot has made millions on these late fees. Many customers, perhaps most, won't call like I did. I believe legal action is warranted.

  • Apr 16, 2018

I went to the Home Depot in Shirley, NY to select a new garage door. They used their ProReferral system ("powered by Home Depot") to "match" me with a local firm. The firm they selected for me had a 5-star rating in their database. My experience with this contractor can only be described as disastrous.

He put in a much cheaper model than the one I selected, a non-insulated bottom of the line steel door, and then installed it so badly that neighbors visited me in disbelief. The door did not close completely and also proved very balky at raising and lowering.

I had to threaten to sue him in order to get him back to correct the job.

When I called Home Depot to complain they disclaimed all responsibility, saying "the contract is between you and the installer. We have nothing to do with it." So much for "full faith and credit"! NEVER use Home Depot's contractor referral system!

  • Apr 13, 2018

In 2016 I purchased a garage door through Home Depot for a new building I was constructing on my property. The door was manufactured by Clopay Doors in Ohio. The door was professionally installed and sits 6" above ground level on a concrete pad, so no water sits against the door.

In 2017 widespread rust began coming through the coating on two of the panels. I contacted the company and sent them pictures of the rusty door. Cindy the warranty person said it would take 7 to 9 days to look at the pictures and make a determination. I didn't immediately understand why it takes 7 to 9 days to look at pictures of rusty doors and determine that you are in fact looking at rusty doors, but I went with it.

Two weeks go by and nothing, so I attempt to follow up and am told that the person handling it is out but that an email will be sent to remind them to "contact me tomorrow". Days pass so I follow up again and was told that the warranty was denied but offered no reason.

The person I spoke with told me she was submitting the case to the quality control department for review because the door was obviously a mess and nearly new.

I attempted to contact their legal department repeatedly, to find a solution and was unable to reach anyone. Often the receptionist does not answer, and I've been told that they don't give out extension information so that people can be contacted directly. What are they running the CIA? My next step is to file suit.

It looks to me like they've purchased very low grade steel, likely Chinese scrap steel, from which they press parts and then rely on a coating to preserve it for some short time. Do yourself a favor, look at the one year warranty they offer and get the hint that I obviously missed.

  • Dec 18, 2017

This is the 3rd times that happens, so it means that this is how homedepot operates.

I placed an order for tiles a month ago, it said delivery date December 12.17.

When I realized that the order was not delivered we called them up, and they said they were trying to deliver.

The second phone call they said they couldnt find the person.

We kept calling, spending hours over the phone until we got the supervisor ,Tania Mahoney, and she said the delivery company lost the order.

And you know what? now they are out of stock, so we need to wait another 3 weeks.

The Home depot online system work that way: you place the order, and if it is sold out you will never know until you realize they will never deliver to you.

I belive this practice is a fraud. Is my third time, excatly the same thing over and over. I learned my lesson, I will just use allmodern or wayfair now, hope other people will do the same.

Hope that homedepot and all thir lazy employees will go out of business soon.

  • Dec 16, 2017

This is very complex. I had two Home Depot accounts. One opened in 2013. It had a very low balance and another opened in 2011-12. It had a higher balance. Every month auto pays paid out on these two accounts. I seperated from my husband in 2013 to 2015. But the auto pays remained on my Home Depot accounts. In December 2014 my husband finally said something to me about all the money coming out of the account the auto pays set up on. I was surprised that Home Depot was still coming out of that account each month. Both accounts by that time should have been paid off. In January 2015 it was apparent there was something wrong with my Home Depot charge account. I went online and saw a high balance on both. I saw charges of 500.00 ( which was odd in itself that there be even dollar amounts listed) I then clicked on the transaction to see what I bought. Nothing showed up. Blank merchandise. I went through more and saw the same. I then saw a few with merchandise it said I bought that I didn’t buy. I immediately contacted Home Depot who quickly issued me new cards. But also was to investigate my account and this bank fraud happening stealing my money. Out of good faith I made one last payment. Then I waited to see what happened. The bank account naturally had to be closed. I received no letters from anyone on this. My calculations were that Home Depot owes me money. I got sick and this is where I failed on this. I heard nothing and assumed my husband had taken care of all this because he was a stickler at about our financial business. It wasn’t until this year that portfolio recovery some collection agency served me papers suing me for 7,000 on that old Home Depot account that I went digging into my old bank statements. It was then I saw electronic checks unauthorized by me that also were coming out of our bank account. These were very well hidden who it was taking money out but I saw that it was more Home Depot. I filed an answer to the law suit that is coming up next month with portfolio recovery. They show that citi bank who was to investigate my account just charged it off in a bulk sell to portfolio. Portfolio never contacted me before June 20th 2017 with this court summons. I filed thank god and have bank statements to prove all of this. They will have to show the charges I made using the Home Depot credit card. Already though my credit report shows Portfolio Recovery as owner of this fraudulent debt. This all happened during the Home Depot data breach. I’m sure I’m not the only one this happened to. To me it appears none of my payments went to credit my account and then false charges were credited to steal money from my bank account. Who’s responsible for this nightmare? Who’s there to help me now against this law suit?

  • Nov 13, 2017

This is a brief summary of my experience with Home Depot.

I hired Home Depot to replace my sidning in May of 2017, for work to begin in July 2017. The work included tear down of old siding, replacing rotten plywood underneath, and installing new siding.

• Home Depot reschedules for August and drops off all material on August 1st. They then reschedule the day before. They continue to keep reschedule the day before work is to begin and then just cut off all communication. I try calling, emailing, filing complaints, texting, anything to get a hold of someone. They only say they cannot help and someone will get back to me. Lots of material sits on lawn for several months.

• After calling and filing a complaint almost every day to no avail, they show up unannounced on Sept. 19 and begin siding.

• What was supposed to be a team removing my old siding, rotten plywood, and residing my house for a week turns to be one guy saying he will do it in 3 days.

He begins to rush the job.

• I catch him siding over old rotten plywood and call in a complaint and a stoppage of work.

• Home Depot says they are sorry and we will have discussions about compensation for how they have treated me. Work continues, they side all but a portion of my house that will require some extra work, this is on 9/25. They say they will be back to finish job.

• I have contractor come out performing some work, he has to tear off portions of my house and finds that the siders have covered up more rotten wood with siding that they were supposed to replace. He has also stated that with all his years as a contractor he has never seen such poor workmanship on siding. (If anyone wants I have the letter of faults he found with the siding that I can share)

• I call in a complaint to Home Depot and they say they will investigate and discuss this issue with me, nothing happens.

• Home Depot claims they will have the rest of siding complete by end of October. I ask if I can have another contractor finish the work and they claim it will void their warranty if I do that.

• On 10/18 it rains hard and I find out the front of my house is leaking like crazy. Home Depot claims it is not their fault but it did not leak anywhere near this degree before their siding install. They calim it is due to leakage past a window but many factors don't add up.

• I have a window specialist come out and he can not see any signs of leakage.

It is now November, my siding is incomplete, there is a bunch of rotten wood beneath the siding, a bunch of material still siting in my yard since Aug, my house leaks, and Home Depot will still not have discussions with me or answer any of my complaints. It is also raining heavily and I do not know what to do. I have wanted to get the siding finished as to avoid any further damage due to rains but am afraid of losing warranty, if it's any good.

  • Nov 2, 2017

I purchased a Briggs and Stratton 10k generator June 17, 2016 from Home Depot and purchased the extended warranty. The Briggs generator failed after 18 hours of use I called Home Depot Protection Plan and they sent the unit to Evans Lawnmower shop in Pomona Ca. to be repaired the unit is still under the manufacture warranty and Briggs is working with Evans Lawn Mower to get the unit repaired. Evans Lawn Mower Replaced the generator head and some other miscellaneous parts and the generator is still not operational Cameron with Evans Lawn Mower stated the his tech contact at Briggs has no idea what is wrong with this unit its already been over 5 months. As a customer of your products I am very disappointed on how this issue has been handle and how I have been treated I spent well over $3000,00 for this unit and will never purchase any of you products. Home Depot Claim #103365181 Model #030556 S/N #1020905451

  • Oct 31, 2017

They’ll find a way to screw it up. Inventory has been screwed up for at least 10 years and nobody cares. If you can even find half the products that are supposed to be on the shelf you are doing good. I usually need to stop at Ace hardware afterwards upon hearing the usual story of “it should be right here” according to the computer. Constant turnover of employees and management. The big nightmare was my granite countertops. I finally had to cancel, go elsewhere and sue HD in small claims court.

  • Oct 25, 2017

I got a refrigerator then it did not hold up even 6 month . I contacted the service guy that was listed to call and he told me that he did not work on them any more !!! I tried to return it to Home Depot because I told them at the time I got it I was doing remodeling and was not going to be using it for a little bit however I had a dead line to pick it up by . Well I still have not found anyone to fix it !!! The warranty on labor is out !!! Home Depot should have exchanged it . So I have refrigerator that is brand new that the compressor does not work on and I just gave Home Depot my money and they don’t do nothing about it .

  • Oct 11, 2017

Purchased Home Depot washer 3 years ago with an extended warranty for peace of mind. Washer went bad after 3 years of use thankfully had the extended warranty. It has been 7 weeks and I continue to get the run around for why my product is not fixed. I continue to be told few more days. 7 weeks to fix a product is completely insane as I have always purchased my appliance products from sears and if I ever had a problem they would fix it within 7-10 days. Do not purchase there extended warranty or any appliance from Home Depot. This has been an extreme burden on my family to continue to deal with and I still after 7 weeks have no resolution. The company is a complete scam when it comes to taking care of the customers. I do not recommend you to purchase anything from them.

  • Sep 19, 2017

I overpaid credit card using my online bill pay. Suppose to be 50.00 and was 5000.00. Company is not returning my money. Total I owe them is only 166.00. I am told a different story every time I call. It has been 2 weeks and nothing!

  • Aug 26, 2017

On 5/26/17 I purchased a refrigerator and a freezer for the Pearl City Home Depot the Sales mans Name was Kent FUKUDA, the item I wanted was not instore so I had him order the items with a promise to get them withing two months and then shipped out to my home on Lanai.

At the time of purchase, My address and all appropriate information was given to the Sales man, after waiting the two month period I made checks as to the whereabouts of the ordered items... At the time he related he had not received the items and was still waiting, as it were he was finally able to track down the items, and informed me that it had been shipped to Maui by mistake ( Originally Maui denied receiving the item to my saleman) About a week later I get a call from Maui and was informed that they had found the items, and they would be sending out to me.

Finally on 8/11/17 I received the items here on Lanai with out any forwarning as to when I would actually get my order I assumed that the items were sent back to Honolulu and the my Salesman would contact me as to their arrival to Lanai.....This courtesy never happened. There is no barge service from Kahului Maui direct to Lanai the items had to be shipped back to Honolulu, and then forwarded to Lanai.

Upon getting to the Harbor I discovered that I had to pay for Home Depot's mistake before I could pick up my shipment. I had to Pay Young Brothers 274.00 dollars for my shipment. This charge is for shipping costs from Kahului Maui to Lanai. Had the order been shipped properly from Honolulu my shipping cost should have been approximately 1/2 of what I was charged.

I called the Sales man to try and rectify this matter, and to this date I have yet to receive any restitution for what I consider was Home depots mistake. I have sent this information to the Manager of the Pearl City Home Depot, and still no response, for that matter I have not even recieved a return call from either of them regarding this matter. At this point I am tired of trying to make contact with these people as it is pretty near impossible to get in touch with any of them and I am tired of constantlly waiting on the phone to try and talk to someone from that entity. I feel as though I am wasting my life waiting for a response from these people.

I also have the receipts for the purchase and the shipping invoices if needed.

  • Aug 25, 2017

My parents hired Home Depot in Sunrise Florida to install Hurricane Windows throughout their home for security and protection from storms and to protect the value of their home.

Well Home Depot came out right away to provide a quote and were quick to get there money. The job was done terribly and my parents have water leakage, caulking that is coming of their walls and subsequent wall damage and the incorrect windows were ordered and had to be installed because the workers took off the original windows and had to use the windows as a substitute.

My parents were promised over a month ago that the windows that they ordered would be in soon and that the water leakage would be fixed. Well- they sent a man with a glue gun to seal the window twice and the water continues to come in when it rains. The windows they ordered never came in and it breaks to see my elderly parents being taken advantage of as their phone calls are never returned and they get excuses everytime they call.

The men that worked on the windows are now telling my parents the walls were damaged before the windows went up. Such incorrect information. Why would Home Depot put new windows next to a damaged wall. I am so fed up and would love to hear other stories to see what we can do and where to go from here.

  • Jun 2, 2017

I have had ten credit card chaarges from home in the same day charges range from 25.00 to 50.00 within 5 minutes apart. I feel that home depot should have caught these after the second or third one. not only has my money been return they keep sending me back to my bank when charges come in back to back with different amounts and they are no more than 5 minutes apart. they should have contacted my bank and stopped more from being processed but they did not even notify my bank. Very unprofessional for Home Depot customer servises and fraud claimd department. These was unauthorized transactions and they did nothing to stop them when i called even the customer servise department said Home Depot usaully would catch suspicious charges that came in multiple times within minutes

  • May 30, 2017

I was loading my car with items purchased at Home depot when a man in an SUV(Hyunda) stopped and asked me the way to LAX. He said he was from Italia and had a flight back at 6pm. He asked if i had been there. He said he was here showing new leather jacets to Macy's. He asked me my size then proceeded to give me one as a gift. Showed me the zipper style and also a button longer style. Then asked if I had family. i said I had my wife, then asked her size and gave me another jacte her size.

After that he said could not take them all back to Italy and said if I paid for one I could have all six. He could take the $600 and buy presents for his family at the airport. Told him I did not have the cash. He said i could email him on his address on his busines card and send him a check. Then he said there must be an ATM close by. I said sure and had him follow me to one. $600 was over my limit so I got $400.

He then said he needed a portable razor so we went to FRYS and I bought him a $100 Norelco razor. I was supicious and when I got home realized what I had was fake since it said made 100% from PVC. My wife confirmed it and was very annoyed. Went online and found identical Armani leather jackets with same logos for $600 each and then realized the ones I had were fakes. So mad I got conned and for something I did not even need. He seemed like such a pleasant guy.

  • May 27, 2017

Horrible Upgrade Contractor

I went to Home Depot to have a new tile floor installed in my bedroom by them. That is where the aggravation and incompetence began.

* They scheduled me for an appointment to do an estimate and measurement but no one showed up at my house on the appointment day. I went into the store and asked about getting tile installed in my house. Apparently, the person that helped me scheduled me to do an in-store appointment, which is the same as just walking back to the store area and finding whoever works there without an appointment. Already things are getting screwed up and my time is being wasted.

* They refused to accept a Cashier's Check for payment after telling me they accept checks. - They told me in the store that I could pay for the job with a check in the store. I went to the bank and got a Cashier's Check but they refused to accept it without explanation and told me they could not accept the check and that I would have to pay by credit card or cash.

They didn’t tell me I could not pay with a “CASHIER’S CHECK”. I had to return to the bank, which had already closed 2 minutes before I got there, and reverse process the check that was made out to Home Depot and obtain cash the following day. More aggravation and more of my time is being wasted.

* They screwed up my job quote twice and charged me an extra $109 for doing less labor after I repeatedly told them that I had already removed the old floor. – As I was paying for the job with cash, they kept insisting that they were removing a tile floor in the quote. I had a wood laminate floor so all that had to be removed was a small amount of the old glue. The measurement person took pictures of the concrete slab, which showed the old floor was already removed and that is when they charged me more money to do less work. They said it cost more to remove the old glue than to remove an entire tile floor and carry out the debris (assuming the tile floor would have old mud / glue under it too holding down the tile, that would have had to be removed also). I removed the old floor and got charged more money for doing it and very little glue needed to be cleaned because the glue came up with the old floor.

* The installers never showed up on the appointment day. - After I paid for the job, the store scheduled the materials delivery and tile installation for a week later. On the day of the installation appointment, no one came so I called the installer. The installer said they did not have an appointment for me. After I explained that the appointment was scheduled a week prior by the store, I was told that the store is not allowed to schedule installation appointments. (How do they NOT know this?). The soonest appointment I could get was two weeks away. That will make 3 weeks that my bedroom contents are stacked up in my living room like a storage container. The installation manager got an attitude with me when I told him the store scheduled my installation appointment. He acted as if I should have known better and that and it was my fault.

* The installation manager argued with me about how a small section of my floor should be handled. - A couple of bathroom tiles broke during the wood floor removal process. The installation manager told me that they could not fix that and that I would have to hire another tile company to repair the other tiles before they would do the work. I told him that was not needed because all they had to do was fill in the broken section with mortar and place a top cap section of the new tile over it to cover the seam between the new tile and the bathroom tile. Problem solved AND which is the same thing that had been done previously on the old floor.

I found it odd that Home Depot chose to argue with me, the customer, over how to do my floor and that they could not do simple repair patch while installing tile for an entire room. The installer told me that Home Depot sold me the most expensive materials they had and that less expensive brands would have worked just as well. This made me feel like I just got gouged so Home Depot could make more profit on top of all the other aggravation they have already inflicted upon me.

They whole experience makes me never want to use Home Depot again for any contract / installation work. Not once did anyone throughout the process apologize for the trouble and inconvenience they put me through until I filed a complaint and it went up the food chain.

Every step of the way in the process someone screwed something up or contributed to the overall negative experience I went through. The totality of failures and aggravation made me feel like I was in a Three Stooges Movie dealing with the law firm of Dewy, Cheatum & Howe.

  • Apr 21, 2017

I have close to an 800 credit rating, I have tried to dispute an issue regarding home depot and they refer me to citibank. I transfer every 1-2 years throughout the U.S. I call all my creditors when I know I am moving and update my address.

In December 2014 I contacted citibank and notified them of a new address. 15 other creditors got the change but citibank did not. I had a home depot card that had a minimal balance. In Febuary 2014 I went into a store and was notified that I had an outstanding balance which I paid off on the spot.

I have 5 yeare of perfect payment with the exception of 2 months when I did not receive my bill. I disputed the bill and Citibank responded back in 3 bays to the credit bureau that the error was mine.

I explained that when I moved 15 other companies got my change of address right but citibank did not. When I called them they stated that they had no record of my address change so it was my fault. I called back and I was blown away with the citibank response. The rep stated "you are an adult and must pay your bills, it is your responsability to know your account. even if you do not receive a paper statement you should go on line to check your account. You are an adult-you know you just can't not pay your bills"

I cancelled the card and hung up. I have never in 55 years received such acrid, condescending customer support. At least when you deal with credit companies that have support overseas they have respect and listen to you. I have never been lectured on my finances in my life. Avoid any company that uses citibank. I called as far up the food chain as I could at home depot and every number they gave me went back to citibank.

Use your own credit card for any store that uses citibank. Avoid the 12 months no interest trap. The will refuse to admit a mistake on their part or correct it.

  • Apr 20, 2017

Item purchased and paid in full on 4/11/2017 As per Home Depot: delivery date : 4/19/17 to 4/52/17 4/19/17 - order pending, not processed. As per Home Depot " it shipped yesterday" As per Cedar Summer " Home Depot has nto placed such order, once placed it will take 3-4 weeks" As per Home Depot "your order will ship tonight 4/19/2017 As per calling manufacturer Cedar Summit " your order will take three weeks to ship, however we do not have records of your order. Home Depot - email: mr. Sola you issue has been resolved" "case is closed My response: " really... How so? I just spoke again to Manufacturer Cedar Summit and they again re-enraged 2-3 weeks after we get order. Another call to Home Depot " you order will ship tonight. Home Depot tracking HD. As of tonight " order recieved, no shipping initiated" Home Depot staff, dishonest, insecticide, disrespectful by confabulation events out of thin air.

  • Feb 9, 2017

My worst buying experience of appliances. If you are out hunting for appliances, you better stay far away from this chain store - completely BS. We bought G E Dishwasher from the store 11/28/2016, and paid for full for delivery, haul away old dishwasher, install new one. We were given a date for delivery of 12/12/2016 with promise that it will be installed within 72 hours. That never happen, our G E were only installed 12/31/2016, that's 35 days from purchase! So much fore the 72 hours guarantee. When I call the store, I was passed around and finally end up talking with a guy who call himself The Expeditor, who is supposed to get your issue solved quick, instead he never did, and only ended repeating what I told hime my issues were. Seems like you are talking with parrot sometime ! The next call landed with a Manager On Duty Jackie, who don't even knows what she was doing ? Did you even believe that even the Store Manager, Joe Abreu don't even know who the installer is ? each and every time I speak with Home depot, the answer I get was that they are not in control of the installer. The installer does not answer to them , they have their own schedule! So in actual sense, you paid Home Depot for the G E , haul away, delivery and install, paid for in Home Depot Receipt, but they turn around and say that they are not in control of install ! , and Did I tell you the delivery boys try to steal my appliances cord, until I caught him and he reluctantly return them during delivery. What a bunch of dishonest crook works in Home Depot ? This will be my last time I step into that store to buy anything


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