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HLS Foreclosure Protection

Country United States
State New York
City Islip Terrace
Address 99 Carleton Avenue, Suite A

HLS Foreclosure Protection Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2022

The contact page says it all. Why would a reputable company like HLK Foreclosure Protection located inside the Zogies Deals building at 99 Carleton Ave Islip Terrace NY not have a phone number or a fax number for which they can be contacted personally.

The answer is because the owner of Zogies Deals Michael Martino operating now out of 99 Carleton Ave is also operating a crooked loan modification scam Called HLS Foreclosure Protection.

This scammer used to operate another couple scammer websites called AeroStar Servicing Corp /AeroStar Servicing Corps and AeroStar Financial Recovery until he was exposed.

Look at the pictures of his new and improved webpage with phoney testimnials again too just like the AeroStar website page justt a lil different as this time Mike has posted prices for services now!!!!!!!

I even posted pictures of what this crumb looks like and his phoneyness on linked-in and another website where he claims to be a famous sculpter too........Truth is this crumb lived in copiague at 275 Verrazanno Ave his whole teen life and owned a crooked repair shop called Zogies Custom Auto and crafted his scams through a crooked mortgage broker named Sal paine who died but ran USA Mortgage Brokers in patchogue NY on Medfird Ave aka rt112...

I cant wait for the District attorneys office to see the new currently operating website and where its located inside of Zogies Deals....Look at the building you'll notice it doesnt say HLS anywhere on the building?.Nope...

Thats because Zogies Deals is an illegal front and Mikes operating 2 businesses yet paying a single rent too and another thig thats gonna hurt him with his new landlord knowing hes losing extra rental revenue potential just like he did with Pips N Stuff in Coram and also ran MMI diustributors until the landlord got wind of the scam of operating 2 businesses under a single rent....LOL...!!

Beware ofdealing with this crook as hes being investigated by the FBI internet crimes division and will soon be a news story too..

Now I know why Mikes house hasnt been in Preforeclosure again by now...Hes taking desperate peoples money and running for the hills.......LOL

Beware people..HLS is a scam...Save your money to move with and start looking for a new place to live and oh once your home gets boarded up and sold to an investor you still have 2 years to get your home back so dont give up....Just be smarter about it and save the money to buy it back from under the investors butt and you dont need a service to do it either;-just an attorney to make the papers......!!!!

I wonder how long it will be before the HLS webpage will be taken down...?....LOL..No worries I have the proof it existed and im sure theres online credit card transaction histories too..........LOL

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