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Hilary Eleanor Sontag

Country United States
State California
City Bloomfield Hills
Phone (248) 258-6532

Hilary Eleanor Sontag Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2019

Hilary Eleanor Sontag, senior animal advocate creator of a Facebook group named “No-Kill-Coalition” is fully supporting con-artist and scammer Kathryn F. Riviello; it is very sad that such a wonderful person such as Hilary has blindly let herself be lured in by Kathryn F. Riviello. Mrs. Sontag has appointed Kathryn F. Riviello as an “administrator” of her Facebook page “No Kill Coalition”, with over 34,000 members who may be unaware of Kathryn F. Riviello’s role as administrator and her wrong doings in the animal community.

Hilary Eleanor Sontag is associated with Kathryn F. Riviello who is a con-artist and she publically gives her personal full support and the full support of the 34,000 people on her “NO-Kill-Coalition” page; in all fairness to real animal advocates each member of this group will be advised individually of this situation.

Some information regarding Kathryn F. Riviello:


Has several counts of fraud all recorded in the NYC Courts system:

She was also reported to the IRS recently, institution to which she currently owes money too and is on a payment plan for unpaid taxes. The IRS will now investigate what all the money she has recently received has been used for and if in fact she reported this income to them. KATE/KAY/KATHRYN F RIVIELLO is not an approved IRS 501c3 non-for profit rescue or organization, she collects funds through her personal pay pal account and does don’t give access to donors for audits which include producing invoices from vendors she’s hires, receipts of purchases, and other pertinent paperwork. This un-orthodox practice of taking money from donors and not giving them access to her books has raised big concerns among the animal rescue community in the State of New York and is quickly spreading nationwide.

Calls herself an activist when in fact she is an unemployed middle aged woman without a profession or college education that lives off donations from kind donors she manages to reel in through social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. Her latest creation in order to obtain funds from donors is to plan protests and charge people for their free time to be able attend her protests making false promises of shutting down the NYC ACC and build a no kill shelter. She also makes claims of working laws with councilmen which never materialize. Within the last year, she has posted two protests she charged people for but actually cancelled both events and never returned the money to the donors, some of them went public on social media requesting their money back but she blocked them from all contact.

KATE/KAY/KATHRYN F RIVIELLO is under an open “animal cruelty investigation” by the police of Port Jervis, New York who went to her house after neighbors constantly complained about a foul odor coming from her home. PETA also went to her house this past June 16th, 2013 after finding out she kept five dead cats in her freezer and consider this as “animal cruelty” because the cause of death of these animals is unknown and needs to be investigated. Also the fact that she has kept these animals in her freezer for such a long time raises big concerns about her mental health. Unfortunately Ms. Riviello didn’t allow access either to the police or PETA but a warrant to raid her property is in the works. The name of detective will remain anonymous until further notice.

Her latest swindle was a protest she crafted that took place inside a catering facility Saturday June 22nd, 2013 for which she is charged people $45 per ticket/person to attend a protest in a “free of charge public area”. She was trying to get 300 people to produce funds for this event, she is also charged $25 for t-shirts that must be worn at this event. That elevated the charge per person at $70 x $300 for a total of $21,000 going into Ms. Riviellos’ personal pay pal account.

This is preposterous and outrageous as none of this money will be used in fact to save death row animals or anything animal related nor will donors have access Ms. Riviello’s paperwork/accounting books.

We have alerted the authorities of this sting taking place on Saturday June 22nd, 2013 and it will be dealt with swiftly and in a very aggressively manner in order to stop Ms. Riviello of crafting anymore fraudulent events.


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