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Highland Auto Sales

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Boone
Address 2015 Blowing Rock Rd
Phone 828-414-9191

Highland Auto Sales Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2017

I drove over a hour to buy a car from Highland Auto Sales. I came to check the car out. When i got there, ZERO lights on the dash were on and it seemed to be ok during the test drive. I drove a hour back home to sell my current vehicle then another hour back to Highland to make the purchase. The guy ASSURED me that the car was a great solid deal and was mechanically sound. I specifically asked so many times if anything was wrong with the car and he assured me that the car was great and ran/drove "like a dream”. So i bought the car. I head home over a hour back, and half way home every light on the dash came on. (ABS, tire pressure, check engine, airbag, and more). As i got home, the car completely died and i had to turn around and replace the battery THE VERY NEXT MORNING. I hooked a code reader to it and it’s throwing a code for a clogged up catalytic converter. (which had been cleared off the dash before i made the purchase). Along with the clogged Cat, the car also has a blown head gasket, ABS sensor, burns and uses oil, and overheats like crazy. this car has left me sitting several times and i have to CONSTANTLY add a quart of oil and water. which just keeps adding up dollar amounts that i can’t afford. but yet, the car "runs like a dream”. no. the car is a complete nightmare and disaster. a complete lemon. When i asked the guy about it the first time, it was "oh it takes such and such oil but just bring it up here and i’ll look at it”... but then it was "Yeah call when you can bring the car back and i’ll give you a PRICE of what it will be to have it fixed”... and now it’s no returned phone calls or texts. i can’t get in touch with the guy at all. the car is currently sitting in the back yard. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!

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