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Hertz Rent A Car

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 1 Orlando International Airport Tram
Phone 407-859-8400

Hertz Rent A Car Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2022

I rented a vehicle from Hertz Orlando airport May 12, 2022 and returned the vehicle on May 19, 2022. The car had no damages on return. The car was inspected at turn in and no damages noted. I get an email couple of weeks later stating I owe $900.00 for damages to the vehicle.

I called hertz customer service and they stated no damages. I had to contact claims department. I contacted Rosa Hector about damages. I wanted documents of damages. I was sent a bill stating hood was replaced and front bumper replaced. I was sent pictures from Hertz claims department showing damages to the vehicle.

The pictures sent show no damages in none of the pictures they sent. I asked to make a complaint and they give me information to make complaint. I emailed and notified Hertz fraud department about my complaint and they refer me back to claims.

Hertz is fraudulently trying to make claims of damages and sent pictures of the rental as proof of damages but no damages seen. The pictures they sent were not taken in the airport parking garage where I dropped vehicle. It was taken from a parking lot.

  • Apr 10, 2022

Hertz Car Rental Company is running a scam. They put the price to rent a van at *63 per day but after you fill out the whole reservation, it tells you to call the location. So I called and they stated that the price was $450 per day plus a $200 deposit, so that would be $650 charged to your card with no guarantee you will get to rent the van.

Calls always go to a foreign country. They keep telling you to book online but it will not allow you to book online. Then I decide to delete my Hertz account, that took several phone calls and I still do not know if they deleted it becasue I can still log into their website.

Do not do business with these scammers. Unfortunately all the companies we used to do business with are now scamming Americans.

  • Nov 25, 2021

Had an accident which disabled my vehicle the night before Thanksgiving. Car versus deer. Not a lot of selections for rentals in Bozeman Montana on Thanksgiving Day. So, I rented a car from Hertz through priceline. I did the dealer select. I've done that before. I've had one other incident with Hertz A few years ago which made me hesitate, but I thought, well, that wasn't even here in my Hometown, where I grew up, at the airport that my cousin built. So I gave it a try.

I spent $50 on Uber to get there. When I got there, they asked me if whatever make a vehicle was fine and I said I had no idea as I had never heard of it. so I went out to the vehicle and it was a little sports car with very wheel clearance and not all weather tires. In Bozeman Montana. In Winter. I came back in and asked if that was the only option, being as that would be deadly on our icy roads, and wholly unable to handle the farm road where I live, and the rural hospital that I work at.

They told me they'd be glad to upgrade me for a fee. So I showed them my picture of the lack of adequate clearance for this kind of driving that we do out here On icy roads mountain passes, and farm roads, and potholes etcetera that come with rural living. This kind of car is actually in my opinion criminal endangerment to put somebody in that kind of vehicle on these roads. I got flip answers and made fun of.

I called Hertz customer service phone number. To see if those people could help me out. While I had them on the phone the front desk was so horrible to me and ended up taking, at my suggestion my phone, my phone to talk directly to the front office. The woman,, no mask on, wS hostile to me and threatened the Hertz Customer Service agent on the phone. They were so horrid to me and so threatening to the agent that the agent ended up actually refunding my money.

Of course, I lost out on priceline fees AND some 3rd party collision et cetera. Luckily, The car rental next door was happy to rent me an adequate vehicle. Seriously mentally unstable and hostile employees, engaging in bait and switch and who knows what else...

  • Jun 28, 2020

I had a rental vehicle arranged through State Farm while my vehicle had to go under repairs after being hit by one of their clients. I was told specifically that they need my credit card number to post a $50 deposit which would be refunded when I turned in the vehicle.

My vehicle was completed from repairs on the 22nd of May, at which point I eagerly went to pick up my vehicle. The staff at the shop that repaired my vehicle (Service King) asked for the rental keys and said they would contact them to pick up. The Hertz office said they could not get it because they did not have the staff.

In turn, my account was charged $850 for the rental. State Farm paid for the vehicle up to the 22nd ($550). Hertz charged me saying I had the vehicle until the 28th, and charged me $300 more.

I have spoken with them for the past month and half to resolve this only to be blown off by every manager I have spoken with saying they will have to investigate it. I lost my job as the result of this COVID and need the $300 they have stolen from me. The insurance company shows I picked the car up on the 22nd, the shop has even called to remind them of neglecting to pick up there vehicle. It is ridiculous that they are refusing to pay whats mine because all the facts prove I only had the truck till the 22nd.

Therefore I am going to sue their office for much more than they initially took from me. They obviously have no customer service concerns, because I have read similar stories. I would suggest any who have gone through the same to sue them as well. This is not a worthy business. I heard they are going to be going out of business, but this is no way to save grace by charging false claims.

  • Dec 16, 2019

I went through Travelocity to make a pre-paid reservation for a mid-size SUV from Hertz Rental Cars in Miami Florida. On December 7, 2019 Hertz charged me $245.14 for the car I needed to pickup at the Miami airport for a six day rental.

When I arrived at the Hertz counter on December 7, 2019, they claimed I did not have a reservation. I knew I had pre-paid for the car but did not have a way at the airport to verify this. I am a disabled veteran and require a wheelchair as does my disabled wife.

Therefore, we had little choice but to accept a full size SUV they offered me at $376.80. The agent working at the counter seemed to be a scam artist as he tried to sell me additional car insurance for $30 a day. I declined this.

After the trip was over I verified that Hertz did actually charge my Chase credit card $245.14 on December 7, 2019 for the car I reserved. So the agent at the gate certainly knew I had paid for it even though he claimed that they had no record of the reservation in their system. I could only provide my name as I did not have a copy of the reservation I had made for the car at that time, and I had no way to get it at the airport.

After returning from the trip where I could get access to my records, I confirmed the fact I had prepaid the $245.14 . I then tried to get Hertz to refund me the $376.80 for the fraudulent rental they had done to me, but they refused. I tried to get Chase Car Services to credit me the $376.80 that I had been fraudulently charged, but they sided with Hertz and refused to do it claiming that I had accepted the fraudulent conveyance by accepting the full size SUV.

All Hertz or the credit card company would do is refund the @245.14 for the car I prepaid for but did not use. The Chase credit card people claimed that I accepted the fraudulent transaction by the fact that I drove the Hertz car.

  • Oct 27, 2019

I fell ill and ended up in the hospital. I ended up having my left leg amputated along with all my right toes. My wife didn’t have reliable transportation to get to and from the hospital so she rented from Hertz a few different times. She rented one vehicle for over 70 days.

Every time she rented, she left our Toyota pickup parked in the back of their property out of the way of anything and with their permission. When she called to let them know she was going to return the car she was told by the local rep that ‘corporate’ was going to charge her for storage of our truck. She said “bullsh*t”! That was never discussed at any time. She told the rep she wouldn’t pay that and said “I dare them!”

Well...when she returned the car she found that our truck had been broken into AND the battery was stolen. She immediately called AAA for a tow. AAA asked what was wrong with the vehicle she told them the battery was gone. So AAA claimed it was dismantled or something to that nature and it wasn’t covered!

At that point she informed the rep that she would need a few days to get assistance getting the vehicle since her husband, myself, was recovering from amputation. The rep said it would be fine until she could make arrangements to get the vehicle.

Two days later she called to say she was coming to get it. She asked the rep to check and be sure it was there. It was not!

She asked if it was towed. He said not that he knew of. She called CHP and was informed it was towed.

I was recovering from a life-changing surgery and she didn’t know what to do since we were absolutely broke. We decided to wait for notification from the lien holder and then fight it.

Unfortunatley, the letter wasn’t sent certified and we didn’t get it until it was past the ten day window to protest it.

So my pickup, which was my deceased father’s and was priceless to me, was sold at auction. She’s now driving one of their rentals and using all the Gold Club points she accrued over all this.

She’s afraid to tell me the situation but I’m pretty sure she’s out of points and just racking up ANOTHER bill we can’t afford. Unfortunately, we don’t have any options since they screwed is out of our vehicle.

They did this knowing full well I was just out of the hospital after having my leg and toes removed! Who does that?!?!?

  • Jul 28, 2019

July 23 2019 I made a reservation on my phone and got my confirmation. As usual I didn't opt for any additional products. I arrived later the same day at the airport car rental location and presented my confirmation number. The reservation agent for Hertz processed my information. She never mentioned additional products nor did I request additional products.

Previous rentals via Hertz will reference that I never add additional products. But for some deceptive incentive based reason she adds additional products that she never verbally mentioned. So now I have additional products without my permission. The highlighted paperwork is their excuse to say we didn't verbally discuss these additional products but you signed.

So despite me being in a hurry and trusting what I had already reserved, it's up to me to catch the deception ( additional products ). But I didn't because I think the agent would add something that we didn't verbally discuss. Regardless of what I can afford to pay or not it's the principal (ethics ) that's concerns me. So now I call customer service which must be in India somewhere. The hold time was over an hour, people laughing and playing in the background further infuriated me.

I had to demand a case number because none was offered in addition to getting her name and having her read back the compliant verbatim. My rental was for a week but I opted to return it early because of the deceptive practices. I waited and talked to a Supv. who offered me 50% back of what I never asked for or was verbally offered.

The inconvenience of having to come back return a rental because of deceptive practices and go next door to Avis to get another rental is unacceptable. The same deception that I had to deal with is the same deception that these agents wouldn't accept when they clock out and become consumers.

  • Jul 19, 2019

3 day rental. Was charged for 10 days. This is a scumbag company. And they charged my card on a Saturday afternoon when customer service is closed until Monday!! Shady company. Dirt bags!

  • Jun 30, 2019

Reserved a vehicle on priceline and prepaid it 10 days in advance of our arrival. When we arrived at the hertz desk they said "we do not have the size car you reserved and we can offer you an upgrade but you'll have to pay the higher amount." we refused the upgrade and hertz then told us it "45 minutes to an hour" for our car. We stepped aside and tried calling priceline and they send the call to hertz. The hertz customer service person told us "i don't know what is going on at that branch and can't do anything about it." we also spoke to another customer who had been waiting for over 2 hours for a car. We walked away and rented at avis and were treated awesome! we will never use priceline or hertz again!

When we contacted hertz customer service we received and email back that said:

"as this reservation was received as a direct computer to computer transaction and a hertz representative was not involved with the booking process, i am unable to provide a refund until the original return date has passed. Our records indicate that date to be thursday, may 9, 2019. Therefore, i recommend you contact the booking entity directly for assistance with your refund amount of $199.17. Otherwise, i will review this matter and process the refund request on may 10, 2019.

Your business is appreciated, and we look forward to being able to provide service on future rentals. If you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected], or if you prefer a telephone conversation, 239-301-7000.

Warm regards,

Audrey b.

Hertz executive customer services


Update 6/29/19-ahhh hertz btw we spent hours on the phone with you and are done with that game.

We did call hertz and they promised a refund; unfortunately they never delivered on this either and we were forced to dispute it with visa. This whole headache occupied several hours of time. When we get a chance we will be posting the entire experience; including the email to refund us on

  • Sep 30, 2018

I went to Costa Rica in April 2018 and like others my trip was ruined by Hertz in Costa Rica. When I got back to USA Hertz informed me they have no control over Hertz in Costa Rica they just use the name.

These rental folks are expert and spend 24/7 to figure out how to rip off tourists you will not out smart them.

You will be charged at least 3X what you anticipate. Take time to researh and get good rental car if there is such a thing in Costa Rica - Good Luck

  • May 1, 2018

Got a rental because of an insurance claim. Waived the additional insurance, but it was added anyway costing me $150. I verbally told the girl I didn't want it and the signed on a credit card pad. There was no paper to verify she entered the information incorrectly. After multiple attempts of trying to find out what my charges would be, including that day, the day it was returned and a few days after, Rochelle kept telling me she didn't know and it would all be taken care of. They kept stating I "signed for it." I escalated the situation and she lied to the corporate office to cover herself. Got a call from some guy in the office that was supposed to "investigate" and get back to me and, no surprise, no return call.

  • May 1, 2018

I accumulated 8200 Hertz gold reqard points.

I went to the rewards website to find information on exchanging 6000 points for Amtrak Guest Rewards points.

I am 71 years old. I should of called a person to get answers to my questions.

All I wanted was to see what the exchange rate is betweenHertz and Amtrack reqards programs.

Before I knew it the exchange took place. There was never any confirmation. All I did was enter points to see theconversion rate.

I called the rewards help desk. The younger woman told me not to worry as I will get an email to complete the transaction. That is, nothing will be done until the traaction is confirmed with an e-mail from me.

I did not get an e-mail.

I called back a week later - The transaction was completed. I'm told nothing can be done.

6000 Hertz reward points are worth two weeks of a premium car rental anywhere in usa. That is almost $1000.

The 5000 amtrak reqard points that I recieved are worth $50.

Below is the log of the activity regarding my Hertz reqard points.

Date Type Description Rental Agreement Points

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600 Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600 Apr 20, 2018 Reward Redemption Amtrak N/A -600

Missing Points? Click Here Points will not expire as long as you have a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards rental activity in the prior 24 months. Activity means a Gold Plus Rewards Point was either earned or redeemed on a rental.

  • Jan 30, 2018

It was a big mistake to use a link in an email from southwest for a "35% off promo rate" to hertz. After reseving online for a total of $400 after fees, hetz then charged me for using the promo code! they call it a ff surcharge Frequent flyer surcharge). Hertz also did not disclose all of the charges and how they add up. My quoted price was $83.48 per day on a standard suv.

To start, this price is more than what hertz even typically charges for the standard suv category of vehicle when looking at their website. So there really was no discount to begin with - very deceptive. When we showed up with our two young children and luggage, they had us. We were told our bags would not fit in the vehicle we chose online and we should upgrade. They tacked on $200 for the "upgrade".

Hertz did not clean out the vehicle from the last person sufficiently and the contract for the prior rental was in the vehicle showing that for the same vehicle rented just 2 weeks early for the exact amount of days - 4 days, 1/12/18-1/15/18 Which was over the weekend) was 1/2 of the price of what we paid for our rental for 4 days, 1/23/18-1/27/18.

Hertz also does not disclose that they will tack on an 11.11% concession fee to all additional charges, so 11.11% for the car seat, 11.11% for the prepaid fuel, 11.11% for everything... Then they add the taxes on top of that! this made our $333.92 rental total $919.76 after we turned it in!

Also, we took the vehicle at 7:30am and returned it 4 days and 1 hour later and they tacked on an additional day of charges and fees for the one hour window. The reciept from the other individual showed he took the vehicle for 4 days and 8 hours and was not charged for 5 days. Hertz's practces are highly inconsistent and deceptive.

  • Jan 15, 2018

My bill was $454.38, I did return the car with a full tank of gas and just keep getting excuse after excuse on why I have not received my refund of $109.89. I've been lied to and just want them to make things right. This charge occured 12-19-17 and it is now 1-15-18 and I still have not gotten my refund.

  • Nov 15, 2017

Worst experience ever they scammed me and my girlfriend gave us a car with a hairline crack in windshield. Then when we get back blame us for crack getting bigger. Wouldn't except my insurance made us pay cash. Then told us car had to go to orlando to get repaired and had it being fixed on site hours later. Nothing more than liars and theirs. Worst company by far to rent from. They run your card for a 200 dollar security deposit and do everything not to give it back.

  • Nov 9, 2017

I want to make a complain. I set up a timing for a Hetz's representative to pick me up on a car service shop. I booked with Hertz 6285 Clinton Highway, North Knoxville, Knoxville, TN 37912 at 4:00 pm at the car shop. It was around 5:00 pm and I even did not receive any call from them saying what happened. I called them, they said somebody was coming. I did not apologize also. This is a very bad attitude done by a such big company like Hertz. That was a very unsuspected way to treat a customer. I am really disappointed with hertz. Luciano Nascimento

  • Apr 11, 2017

I rented a car from Hertz on Dec12, 2016 and returned to Hertz on Dec 30, 2016. In January they billed me for a toll bridge charge and claimed on went over the JFK bridge in Manhattan on Dec 21, 2016 at 7:22PM. I did not incur that charge as that rental wa in my driveway onthat date and time. Hertz is notorious for removing the EZpass unit and putting it into other cars. When I returned the rental they put the original EZpass back into my rental. I advised them I did not go over that bridge and they advised me I would have to prove it. I was at home that evening and could not provie it. I do not drive at night because I have night blindness and cant see in the dark. You would think that they would prove it was my rental instead of another rental but they did nothing. I also wrote to the attorney general criminal enforcement Unit and have not even heard from them. My bank gave me the credit and made Hertz get away with billing me in error.

  • Apr 5, 2017

I rented a Hertz car in Reno Nevada 03/01-07/2017. Hertz's price $350/wk so I reserved with Priceline at $200/week for the same mid-size Hertz renal car. I dropped the car off on 03/07 with Hertz representative accepting the vehicle. I am now receiving Claims dept calls regarding damage to the vehicle. I returned this vehicle with no damage. I've requested written demand from Hertz and they will not accommodate. They won't detail what the damage is and are refusing to send any hard copy documentation to support their claim for undisclosed amount, they simply want my insurance info. I believe this is a new unethical Insurance scam. I was also charged $71 for 5 gallons of refueling. They are renting at deep discounts via Priceline and then recouping money by false insurance claims. Please investigate this new illegal business practice by Hertz.

Important that 1) the unethical insurance scam is investigated and stopped; 2) that my particular rental reservation be closed in good standing and cleared of any claims against this false damage claim; 3) this will also result in ceasing of the harassing telephone calls by Hertz Claims dept.

  • Mar 8, 2017

First I would like to say that I had been a long time customer of Hertz and have been a good customer with no issues. I had often rented cars out of the Adrenaline and Prestige collections which equals a lot of money to them.

I had an upcoming trip to CA and paid for my rental in full with a credit card over a month in advance. Two days before my flight, my card was the victim of fraudulent charges. My bank took great care of me... Deactivating that card and issuing a new one. Unfortunately that new card would not arrive before flight, but I was not worried... I had two debit cards, plenty of cash in the bank and a car that was already paid for. When I arrived I was met by an unfriendly staff member who took my reservation number and two ID's. I was refused a rental car because I had a debit card!! I explained that my credit card was compromised and I had already paid for the car. In fact they could easiily look up my rental history over the years and see that I had always been a great customer and given them a lot of money. This was not good enough and Hertz left me without a car, 1500 miles from home. I was outranged but remained professional. "What about the money that I paid in full for this car... I would like that refunded immediatley". "Oh no sir... we cant do that here - You used a AAA discount number and you will have to contact them". BULL!!!

I later contacted the main number of Hertz and spoke with Crystal in "billing". I explained exactly what happened and she still said "well, did you NOT see the little popup window about debit cards when you made the reservation?". I told her "of course... and I DID use a credit card but it was compromised 2 days ago". She then gave me a scolding lecture about the use of debit cards and Hertz. How many other ways could I explain it?! I advised her that the issue at hand was getting a refund and that they currently have an interest free loan from me. Finally she said that I would be refunded in 7-10 days and once again lectured me about the use of debit cards the next time I rent a car from Hertz. Moron... I advised that there will be no further car rentals by me or my family at Hertz.

Talk about a terrible way to treat a long time, loyal customer. This was a humiliating experience and they made me feel like some kind of common criminal. Their stock has just tanked as well - I can see why... with their business practices and attitudes.

I will post an update here if I get a refund within the 7-10 day period that I was told.

  • Feb 23, 2017

I made my reservation on line and my card was charged by Hertz the proper car rental fees. Upon arriving at the rental desk with my confirmation number; customer service said they could not provide a rental car without a return flight? Now keep in mind that the State of Maine is a large rural state with very little public transportation. Upon arriving home from a trip during the day I will rent a car until my auto is pulled out of storage or until my next flight out of town; being about a week.

Of course there was disappointment with not having the car rented and paid for, yet the world is fill with car rental companies. If Hertz car rental company wants to act like a jerk and treat its customers poorly so be it; they no longer have my business or good word of mouth.

Here is where on tends to gets mad, Hertz refused to issue a refund at the car rental desk. I had to come home and pull my account information up on-line, then make no less than 6 calls and wait on hold for a half an hour; only to be told by Hertz it would take 15 or more days to process my refund. This is how Corporate America and Hertz Rent a Car borrows your money with no interest being paid, yet I lose interests and income when my money is not working in my investments accounts. Hertz is ripping the American Public off by using the public money interest free for 15 plus days and not providing any services or products. This is true white collar crime at its best and do not forget that Hertz Car Rental is engaging in criminal activities next time you go to rent an auto!

I will never rent from Hertz again in less extremely desperate and no other car rental company is available.

  • Dec 9, 2016

I sent this memo to the PA Attorney General, Consumer affairs, to alert others of the fraud of Hertz-Hotwire.


TO: PA Attorney General

FROM: Warren Stouch

SUBJECT: Complaint against Hotwire/Hertz car rental

DATE: Dec. 4, 2016

On November the 11th, I made a reservation through Hotwire on the Internet, to rent a car from Hertz for 3 days, from December 3rd., to the 5th. Attached is a copy of the confirmation I received from Hotwire.

On Saturday the 3rd, I went to Hertz to pick up my car, and was refused, as I did not have a straight credit card to pay for the car. Hertz would not accept my bank Visa/Debit card for the deposit.

Attached is a copy of my reservation/confirmation for your review. As you can see, in two places, which I have highlighted, it states; Debit cards are accepted for rentals. I believe their ad’s are misleading, and need to be removed from the Internet. It’s false advertizing at it’s best.

Hertz is about 15 miles from my home, so I had to take a taxi to get back home after this fiasco. I believe that Hotwire/Hertz should pay for my taxi fare, which I have also attached here.

What ever your good office could do to remedy this disgraceful practice will be appreciated, and may help seniors from being trapped like me, at 77 years of age.

Thank you in advance for your help with this important matter.

  • Oct 3, 2016

Was charged $32 on my AmEx card when I drove from Marin County through the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza on 16 September 2016

Hertz did not offer an EZ pass transponder when I rented car and I was not aware there was a toll charge to return to San Francisco after going across the Golden Gate Bridge.

There are no manned toll plazas on the Golden Gate Bridge so there was no way to avoid this rip-off charge.

At most, I should be charged double the toll.

  • Sep 2, 2016

Another long line of deceptive Rental Car Companies in Las Vegas.. Prepaid 188.00 online ended up costing an extra 150.00 to Rent. I see why Vegas is losing out with People not coming out there anymore.. They are getting tired of places like Hertz Budget Fox and Payless Ripping Customers off everytime they come out there.. They have made it to where i dont even want to go out there anymore due to thier deceptive practices. I am sick and tired of paying double for a car i rent. They are all Scammers...

  • Apr 5, 2016

I noticed an unfamiliar charge on my Visa bill nearly 2 months after I rented a car to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area from Hertz. The billing entity was Platepasshertztolls and the charge was $17.15. I had passed through the Golden Gate Bridge once, and the bridge toll is $7. In the past, I had receiced a bill directly from the GG Bridge Authorityfor the $7, so was surprised to find a $10.15 additional charge. I contacted Hertz, whose representative told me that I had authorized the charge on "page 3" of their rental agreement, and that the charge was "not from Hertz", but from "a separate company", PlatePass. PlatePass' site had the same colors and font as Hertz, and I believe it is a Hertz shell company.

They impose an extra $4.95 per day for every day of a Hertz rental contract if the car passes through at least one automated bridge toll. The limit is $24.75. If I rented a car for 5 days from hertz and went through ONE automated toll gate, I would have to payan extra $24.75, in addition, of course, to toll fees. This is a huge corporate rip-off. The charges are delayed, so the billing is weeks after the fact, and I find it unfair and possibly illegal for Hertz to be charging the fee for every car rental day, even if the rented car only passes a toll bridge on one day. Citizens who rent a car have no input or control over whether or not a bridge toll is automated.

If there is a legitimate cost associating bridge tolls with car rental customers, the bridge authorities should be responsible for that cost, which would be pennies. Large corporations like Hertz should not be allowed to charge this exorbitant and hidden fee which far exceeds the toll charges for doing pennies worth of work. Hertz's response was ridiculous, stating that they "offer" PlatePass' services. This is truly an "offer you can't refuse" if you want to rent a car from them, so that is the deception on PlatePass' site and the same language exactly appears on Hertz's site. This is a rip-off pure and simple, and affects millions of unsuspecting car rental customers!

  • Mar 26, 2016

The rental company told me that they needed a card on file, my card was charged for the full price of the rental, I did not choose the car, know the price of the daily rentals. When the car was returned the day the body shop called to indicate it would be ready I returned the car in the same condition with the gas tank on full. The following day I saw the charge, called the insurance company, rental company and body shop company to understand why I was being charged this fee. The auto insurance company indicated it was not in coverage, the body shop submitted the claim and all the information at the time of requesting the car which was one week before the repairs were scheduled to begin. The body shop indicated that the since they submitted the claim that it should have been filed. The rental company indicated that the customer should be aware of coverage and that the claim was not filed until the repairs were completed and my card was charged. So know I have a pending charge, and was just a holding charge, and that they were still going to charge me the daily fee for the car in which I did not pick out, or know what the daily fee would be. I was told that I had to pay the fee and that it was my responsibility since the insurance company did not pay for it. They even tried to sell me an upgrade on the vehicle, since the insurance was paying for it, I declined since it would be used for commuting back and forth to work until my own vehicle was ready and repaired. I asked the rental company why they filed the claim nearly three weeks after they had the claim number and insurance information? They indicated that they did not have to file it until I was in the car, which was still almost two weeks before they actually filed it. The body shop is paying for three days while I was quoted one quote which was five days over the oringal quote and their employees don't work weekends, the explanation was that the hours quoted in documentation to the insurance company was longer than what was quoted to me. So, now I have this unplanned charge for a service that was thought to be covered under insurance, with the claim being filed the day my car was returned and me stuck with this debt, ripped off

  • Feb 4, 2016

Daughter Rented car online included collegiate discount. When picking up the car, management at Hurst Tx location said "they don't know anything about that". When she dropped off the car, the individual said the interior "looks like crap" and that there had been a pet inside. Actually, one of the passengers had a blanket that shed somewhat on the black fabrick of the car seat. She went to Walgreens and bought a lent brush and cleaned it thoroughly. When I arrived, I was livid that she had to do that and expressed my anger at the company's treatment at a young college girl, just because they could pick on her. I reviewed the interior and it was in excellent condition. I believe, in spite, the rental agency charged a $200 fee to her credit card.

I sent a complaint over and it took well over a week for somebody to respond. Because I was not on the contract, they asked for my daughter's email and would respond directly to her. I immediately gave it to them and it took them well over two weeks to respond to her. They ended up applying the college discount but said they could not refund the fee for "smoking" in the car - WHICH WAS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. National Hertz and the local Hertz can't seem to get their story straight - first its pets in the car, now it's smoking in the car. My daughter, nor her friends, do not smoke and nobody smoked in the car. Nevertheless, that's not even what the agency that received the car claimed.

  • Sep 23, 2015

I made an online reservation for a rental car through Expedia. I rented a car from Dollar (same as Hertz, even dealt with Hertz rental agent in addition to Hertz customer service) for a trip I took to Munich, Germany. Being an international trip, I carefully reviewed the accident coverage provided by my credit card company, and decided that I would decline coverage through Hertz. I even read the terms and conditions stated in the reservation, and I was still good with my decision.

However, when I arrived on the ground in Munich, Hertz told me that I had no choice but to accept their coverage, unless I could provide written documentation of my rental insurance coverage provided by my credit card company. After complaining that this was new information and I was never told about this policy, I was basically told to pay for the coverage or don't rent the car. After making a stink, I was told by the agent that if I printed the info at my hotel and returned with it, they could remove the insurance coverage. Boy I should have gotten that in writting!

Having nowhere to print out my information, I had no choice but to accept the coverage, and hope that they honored their promise. I'm willing to bet you can see where this is going.

I printed the information as requested, and returned with it. However, the agent that accepts the returns was unable to do anything for me, and told me I had to see the agent at the booth. But when I got to the booth, they informed me that since the invoice was closed out (which occurs when you give back the keys), there was nothing they could do for me. But that it wasn't a big deal, and that I could call customer service and they'd take care of it.

When I called customer service, I was informed that since I accepted the coverage, the bill was correct. They don't care about the shady business practices of policies that will force you to pay them more money for add on serviecs that you don't need. Then they give you the run around having to make phone calls, write emails, etc, all the time basically telling you to go pound sand.

I could not have been prepared to provide written documentation of something that I was not informed of prior, at a time when I had no options. They are aware of this, and it is why they do it. They know you are screwed, and that most likely you cannot deny the car rental given that you are in a foriegn city with no other options. Then they make promises they never intend to keep.

I will NEVER rent from Hertz or their affiliates again.

  • Sep 14, 2015

This is the copy of the letter I sent to Hertz customer service:

Wow. I am writing to say THANK YOU to Hertz for making me so angry that I moved all my car rental business to National.

Towing my rental car out of my hotel parking lot in the middle of the night due to a mistake at the Mobile airport Hertz location with my personal possessions inside was bad enough but what is worse is the responses I have received after bringing the issue to everyone's attention. The location Manager promised to get me reimbursed for the shoes I had to buy because all my work shoes were in the vehicle that was towed and Mr. Swalley was unable to find the car for 3 days. I haven't heard from anyone since I returned the replacement rental car. I reached out to his supervisor who just pushed it back on the location manager who caused the issue to start with. I reached out to Tim Parrish in Atlanta and received no response at all. I wrote Hertz customer service a letter and it took 2 weeks to get a response.

The biggest issue with the mistake from Mobile is that I was driving in a car with no contract. If an accident had occurred I would not have been covered and would have been completely liable. I am considering contacting an attorney. I had a small accident years ago in a Hertz rental and even though I was under contract I still had to fight with Hertz to get it settled. I was harassed, threatened with law suits, etc.. So don't try to tell me that Hertz would have taken care of it if I had been in an accident.

Many of my coworkers had already made the change to National and told me how great it was but I was a LOYAL Hertz customer. My past 5 rentals with National have been in Infinity, Buick, and Cadillacs for $39 a day. Getting a decent car from Hertz the past few years has been ridiculous. An upgrade to an Altima with 50,000 miles on it is not taking care of your customer. I wrote an email to the corporate account sales executive with National and she immediately upgraded me to Executive status so I didn't lose any perks by changing companies.

I still want to be reimbursed for my shoes. I want personal apologies from executives.

Do you seriously think Hertz has a chance at winning back my business??? I guess that's up to Hertz.

  • Aug 28, 2015

Hertz Car Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix , Arizona

Insurance Scam

We had already paid for our car. All we needed to do was pick up the keys. The Hertz rep. lied and said we needed to sign paperwork, whicle telling us we were being charged for nothing more. The daily insurance whcih we refused outright cost more than our daily rental.

Charged for insurance that was clearly refused. Hertz rep. did knowingly verbally deceive (e.g. lie) about "free" "Basic Services."

Like most anyone picking a car up from an airport car rental she has insurance, that covers her when drive a rental. Knowing that we would be offered several unwanted, unneeded, and useless services my wife made it very clear verbally that:

1) She did not want to pay for any insurance (as of course she has her own that covers rentals)

2) No extra charges- no extra charges at all.

3) And repeat and repeat again, so that there was no mistaking or leeway for any "upsells".

After all this my wife was asked if she wanted "Basic Coverage" to which she reiterated that she did not want to pay for extra charges. The Hertz rep. assured her that there were no extra charges, and "Basic Coverage" was free. This was a deliberate and very deceitful lie. The "Basic Coverage" cost more daily than the car rental. We ended up paying well over twice what we were quoted. The manager refused to be of any assistance at all. It was obvious that they pulled this scam often. While this may not be admissible when I went to Yelp there were several complaints from customers who were ripped off at this same location. The "accidental" insurance scam was reported by many people.

Hertz listed "Basic Coverage" (what the Hertz rep. called it) as [Loss Dmg Wvr.] What threw my wife off was that the overall charges came to what she was quoted, she had just gotten off a plane, and after waiting in Hertz lines she was late to a doctor's appointment, and instead of standing at the counter and trying to read the small fine print and difficult to understand abbreviated charges she made the mistake of taking the Hertz rep. at her word, and hoped she was not being lied to and ripped off. We now know to never make the mistake again of trusting Hertz or doing business with the company again. While verbal deceit is very difficult to prove it should not go unreported.

Later management refused to help stating that I has requested Loss Dmg Wvr at $30+ a day, more than the daily cost of the rental. Also the deposit of $280 was outrageous. I have never encountered a charge like that before. The deposit charge was enough to make me never ever want to deal with Hertz again. FYI There are several 1-star reviews of this Hertz complaining about scams in detail perpetrated on customers. One Gold star member had your Insurance Scam charged on 2 separate occasions. I am making a complaint to the BBB and have shared my experience extensively including posting my bill online. I do not like being lied to. I do not like being overcharged for services I refused and your outrageous deposit charge. I was in a hurry for a doctor's appointment, and made the mistake of trusting one of your representatives. Don't worry that will not happen again. Also your manager (sorry I do not have his name) with the ridiculously thin peach fuzz mustache was rude, and obviously pulls scams like these on your customers all the time. But hey! Don't take my word for it. Read YELP as many of your potential customers do before they decide to take their business elsewhere.

  • Aug 21, 2015

I made a reservation for a mid sized SUV rental via and Hertz rentals for August 14-18, 2015 in Orlando, FL. I prepaid $170.21 for that rental. When I arrived as agreed to pick up my rental I was told by the agent that the rental I reserved 1 week prior was not ready for pick up. She offered me a luxury mid-size for an upcharge to $50/day for a total of $200.00 for the rental. I repeated what she said back to her, and she said, yes they are usually $200/day.

Upon the completioin and return of their vehicle, I was charged the $200.00 for the rental plus $77.19 for gas and toll. On my receipt, there is no credit for the $170.21 that I originally paid. I placed a call to Hertz, and spoke to a representative and was told that was what I agreed to and that I was not entitled to a refund at all.

I paid a total $447.40 for a $170.21 rental because Hertz did not have my vehicle ready for pick-up as agreed. Somehow it feels like a scam. I will never rent from Hertz again and buyer beware!!

  • Aug 21, 2015

I rented a car through a third-party site for Hertz. It was pre-paid and non-refundable. Despite listing sedans in the category I reserved, they said they only had two-door cars available in our class. If we wanted a sedan, we would have to pay an extra $30/day, which immediately doubled our original cost for our rental. I have rented cars through third-party sites and various "no-name" car rental companies in Orlando many times and I have never had an issue with getting the car type that was advertised. I have never had to pay extra let alone doubling my cost to get the car that was "sold" to me. In addition, Hertz was the only rental company who had a line 15 plus people long and whose employees were not interested in what they helping people move through the line. I will never rent through Hertz again. I have always been worried to go through a lesser known company, but I will be using anybody but Hertz from now on.

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