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Heritage Apartments Singapore

Country Singapore
City Sinagore
Address 39 Seah St
Phone (65) 6223 7155

Heritage Apartments Singapore Reviews

  • Nov 15, 2016

I was meant to be a guest using some of the suites at Heritage Apartments. I arrived very late due to business travel. I was unable to find anyone who could assist myself. After much confiusion, (I had pre-paid) $5,600 in advance and was told my room was already sold. They had double booked me. Not only this the location I was meant to be attending was being refuribished. I was moved to a different location. The room was smaller, horrible and smell. The service was terrible. I complained as asked for my money back and wanted to leave.

They then refused stating that they have a zero refund policy. I complained but was met with a hugh wall of silence. I was personally victimised by their accounting team (Abigail and Gwendolyn) at various times. To top that all they refused to give me my deposit back. They kept it. They made me stay in a room I was extremly unhappy with, would not let me leave and then would not give me back my depost. I made no damages and they came up with excuses like I overused the washing machine....... absolute thieves. Steer well clear.

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