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Herbies Auto Sales

Country United States
State Colorado
City Greeley
Address 2563 W 28th St
Phone 970-353-9815

Herbies Auto Sales Reviews

  • Sep 25, 2017

A while back I had went to Herbies Auto purchase a vehicle after being placed in a vehicle that I pick the vehicle had to be returned a month later due to mechanical issues and motor going out they replaced the vehicle with another SUV during that time that SUV needed serious maintenance done to the axle and well as the alignment due to a steering wheel being really loose and hard to control on the highway the vehicle was returned to Herbie's several times where they did not repair ANYTHING on it. So the vehicle stayed parked at my house only used to go small distance due to the mechanical issue vehicle was paid all the time on time finally I found out the vehicle was an auto lease not a purchase due to Herbie's previous lawsuit they were banned from selling vehicles which they did not state to me that the vehicle was released so a couple months later I decided to surrender the vehicle after surrendering it a legal document mailed to me stated they had sold the vehicle and auction and that they would sell it for more than what I owe and pasted the money towards what I owe paying off the balance which they did not do after selling the vehicle for way more then they decided to try to sue me and in the suit letters they attached the contract which have the same contract number as the one I had in my position what numbers were changed in a signature on the document they presented to the lawyer this Carla is known for falsifying documents and even documents to get people approved for their vehicles..

  • Jun 27, 2016

They sold us a torn up truck then promise to fix it but do not then told us we could not return it or get our trade back the day after we purchased the truck they did not work with us at all to make things right

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