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Henry Company Homes

Country United States
State Florida
City Pace
Address 4229 Highway 90 East
Phone (850) 380-1482

Henry Company Homes Reviews

  • Jan 11, 2016

We purchased our new home in the Glenview Estates subdivision ( Henry Homes Built ) in 2006. At the time we had been renting a small patio home with vinyl siding on west side of town. All of the homes built in Glenview at the time ( approx. 30 of the 95 or so available lots were large ALL BRICK homes -very upscale...We were told by the realtor that the entire neighborhood would be ALL BRICK homes with no vinyl siding or smaller patio homes. Also, everyone would have to build a brick mailbox to match one another. A few years later in 2010 Henry Homes decided to start building small homes, some with no porch and all with the side and rear walls covered with vinyl. We could do nothing because Henry Homes owned the majority of the lots in the neighborhood and our vote within the HOA that they created would be outnumbered. They made sure not to mention all brick homes in the HOA covenants. After building about 25 homes with vinyl, Henry Homes stopped paying the fee or filing with the Florida Division of Corporations and allowed the HOA to dissolve without notifying a single resident living in Glenview Estates. The neighbors restarted the HOA in 2013 and had to pay back dues to the Division of Corporations that Henry Homes did not pay.

If you are in Pensacola florida near Old chemstrand and Longbranch, take a drive through a view the "Masterpiece" created by Henry Homes and stop and talk to anyone outside..They will fill you in.! Or try google earth and take a look for yourself as you drive Longbranch or Liberty Loop Roads.

More importantly there have been at least 5 homes in this new subdivision that have had water lines break and cause flooding damage, the most recent was last week when renters were moved out of my neighbors home due to a ruptured line in the wall , flooding the carpets. These homes are newer than mine which is only nine years old. In every case the warranty by the builder had expired and the owners had to pay insurance deductables to repair leaks, walls, and new carpet. My advice to anyone buying a new home is to read the covenants carefully and do not rely on lies told to you by the realtors selling for Henry Homes, they are trying to make a sell, and make sure you do not have a deductable on your homeowners insurance policy, because due to your home being thrown together at record speed..your likely to be using that policy.

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