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Heather Schwab Wolf Recovery

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas

Heather Schwab Wolf Recovery Reviews

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  • Nov 2, 2017

Here is the story about the Schwabs abandoning their dogs and stiffing my friends business that was on CBS 11. CARROLLTON (CBSDFW) The North Texas couple dubbed serial squatters by attorneys have another unpaid tab. William and Heather Schwab have racked up at least 20 evictions since 2005, repeatedly moving into homes then refusing to pay rent. They are currently going through their ninth eviction in Denton County since 2015. Hours after our first Consumer Justice investigation aired, we were contacted by the owners of Barney's Ranch, a dog daycare and boarding facility in Carrollton. Mathias and Bree Stromberg say the Schwabs brought their two dogs, Milo and Molly, to their facility in May, with plans to pick them up a few weeks later. The Strombergs say for months they contacted the Schwabs to get payment and arrange a pickup date. The Schwabs would give reasons for the delays, including a death in the family, travel for work, and problems with wire transfers. There were all types of stories, said Bree. They kept saying they'd bring food, that they'd come pick them up [but] no one ever came. The Strombergs sent a certified letter to the Schwabs but it was returned unanswered. That means Milo and Molly are considered legally abandoned. It was a heartbreaking story honestly. We've never in six years had anyone abandon their kiddos with us, said Bree. We tried to get in contact with them and tried to work with them. Dallas rescue group Paws in the City is now working with Barney's Ranch to find Milo and Molly a new home. These two are just looking to give a lot of love to some household out there. We'd love to help out, said Mark Verma.

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