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Heather Denise Tucker

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 6224 Claire Dr
Phone 682-777-8153

Heather Denise Tucker Reviews

  • Jun 9, 2019

Short Version: Heather threatened to leave us a bad review on Google unless we were able to help her based on her demands. We do not work with customers trying to sabotage our business. She tried being manipulative however we did not give in to her demands.

Detailed Version: Heather tried contacting us for assistance regarding her daughters vehicle. Heather told us the vehicle was worked on by a friend who had no knowledge of electronics in turn causing damage. Unfortunately the day she contacted us our phone system went down. She originally left us a 1 star review because she claimed she waited all day at her house for our response (no appointment was made yet, why she waited we do not understand, you would figure she has a cell phone).

We responded to the original review requesting it to be taken down (not hearing back from a business you have never down business with is not a valid reason to leave a 1 star review). In the response to the original 1 star review we asked Heather to reach out to us by email. Heather ended up emailing us about her issues and apologized about leaving the original 1 star review.

We responded to all of her emails with professionalism and honesty. The email conversation took a bizarre turn when Heather explained her personal situation of being a single mother with a 16 year old daughter in need of assistance. As a business we require prepayment for any services and/or goods before an installation/service is done. We also require confirmation of an appointment.

Heather did not want to prepay nor confirm her appointment. At that point the customer started sending us emotional emails in essence trying to get us to provide a free service given the situation they are in. We responded professionally and kindly that unfortunately unless she follows our business practices there is nothing we can do.

Heather responded saying she would leave us another negative 1 star review due to the fact we did not want to help her. In her mind having to pay for a service rendered does not make sense.

  • Jul 24, 2019


Butt hurt company that scams customers out of money.

When called to inquire about their mobile services he said he would call me right back. Several hours later I posted a negative review. If you don't want my business fine don't lead me on.

5 minutes after posting a negative review despite phone service being down he quickly responds with "please take down negative review"

as well as trying to get me to go to his personal residence when they are a mobile company. After requesting address (because my daughter's car needed to be fixed) he sends me a link to pay for services not rendered yet. When I refused to pay (as who does that when they have already mislead you) I asked again for an address and that is when everything fell apart.

There were NO emotional emails and was NO manipulation. Took my daughter's car to an actual company the cost was $54, which I paid as who expects free service from ANYONE lol.

What kind of company posts a customer's personal address online...? Very poor taste.

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