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Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 2920 NE 207th St #901
Phone 1 305-912-8828

HealthGAINS Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2021

This physician (Dr. Gaines) works in both California and in Florida. In California he offers virtual medical consults.

You call up on the phone, speak with Josh Zuckerman, ask a lot of questions and you'll be quoted a price and told that this will all be an easy process. He will tell you everything you want to hear, so be very careful! He will tell you that this is a 5 minute process - if you just fill out these 2 simple forms (not medical questions, just for them to charge you), he will have someone call you that day or the following day to schedule an appointment. It will NEVER happen!

Dr Richard Gaines only work with one small company called IMS (Insurance Medical Services) in Fremont, California, and whatever IMS says, that's what will happen. HealthGAINS has NO idea what they do, say, who they set you up with, etc. If you ask any questions, you will be told that you don't have an agreement with IMS (Insurance Medical Services) so therefore it's not their problem... It's the same reason Josh Zuckerman will tell you it isn't his problem. He will take full responsibility while telling you that there is nothing he can do because it's "other people".

Prepare for a lot of promises: they promised to send someone to the house, and then if you say yes, they tell you they can't do it, that type of thing. All you will end up with is a ton of aggravation, no appointment, waiting and hoping that your money will be refunded.

A quote from Josh Zuckerman: that it wasn't important because "it's not like Dr. Gains practices emergency medicine or cardiology".

He was stating that the medicine practiced by Dr. Gain was not important (I thought that it was)?!

Bottom Line: There are plenty of other physicians out there. Make a better choice and don't end up with the headache! If Dr. Richard Gaines has a change in his staff, or stops working with IMS, then it might be worth considering.

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