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Haze Cards

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Wilmslow
Address 36 Green Lane

Haze Cards Reviews

  • Mar 8, 2023

Like many others Haze Cards has taken my money, taken my credit card and hasnt sent anything back and wont refund me. I have had to cancel my card and issue a chargeback for this massive scam.

Company has deleted their google maps listing to hide all the negative reviews including mine, I still haven’t received my card! They had over 20 negative reviews come in over the space of a day with each customer being scammed.

Trustpilot is showing some additional reviews they can't delete, but it hasnt stopped them posting fake reviews on their to try and cover it up.

They have loads of fake reviews on their website, their phone number is a disconnected number.

The figures the owner gave on Dragons Den were fabricated, my order number was one of the first 30 on the website. Shopify order numbers count up so it’s easy to check.

The company is stealing designs from Disney and some well known artists and is not delivering customers their products. Haze Cards is a total scam and they are trying to cover it up, the owner Myles is a scammer and just taking peoples money.

Looking at the other reviews some people seemed to get their cards back after almost a month, the quality is poor, their cards are scratched or they got sent someone elses card! Absolutly unbeleiveble.

Steven Bartlett should be made aware of backing this scammer.

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