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Hawx Pest Control

Country United States
State Missouri
City Olivette
Address 9635 Dielman Rock Island Industrial Dr
Phone (314) 474-5900

Hawx Pest Control Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2022

I was sold false information from one of their door-to-door salesmen. When I called customer service to fix the issue, they were unable to help me. I tried contacting the salesman to help me fix the problem, but he will not answer my calls/voicemails/texts. So, I tried to cancel services and they want to charge me $450. Customer service will not acknowledge their wrongdoing. The customer service rep specifically told me that even if the salesman admitted to his faults, they still would not waive the cancellation fee to get me out of the contract.

  • Sep 26, 2022

Please do yourself a favor and don't allow these fraudulent pests into your life. A young kid came to my door and i agreed to a one-time spray. They kept trying to talk me into a monthly fee and i was very clear in saying, "there is no way i would sign up for a monthly recurring service/fee. Give me a one-time spray, that's all i am interested in."

So he agrees and sends me the contract. Then texts me that there was a mistake with the contract and that he needs to send me an updated one. I sign, and they do the spray. I need to call them to re-spray because honestly it didn't work and we were still getting ripped up by mosquitos. But that isn't the worst part.

A month later someone comes and sprays without my consent and a $79.00 charge shows up in my account. I call to tell them that i want them to cancel my account and delete my information because i am getting charged for services i didn't request. They tell me that the contract i signed was for a monthly service at $79.00 a month for an entire year and if i want to cancel it i need to pay $200.

I ask to speak with their managers, and they assure me that their manager will say the same thing. I texted the kid who sold me and asked how this happened, he blocked my number after the first text. This is 100% consumer fraud and they deserve to be put out of business. Do yourself a favor and run.

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***update - the only way we were able to stop the charges was to cancel the debit card, because no matter how often i have tried to contact them, they wouldn't allow canx. After i cancelled the card and they kept coming out Even though we told them we didn't want the service).

I called & spoke to a supervisor, advised them i had cancelled the card and was filing a report with bbb, state attorney general & scamion, and they canx my account. I asked for an email confirmation of cancellation and received it.

  • Jan 16, 2020

Hawx Pest Control Charging me for afor cancellation fee. I never signed a contract with them, yet they are charging me for cancellation. When the bill rate kept going up I questioned it because there were services that was never performed.

They sprayed for pest but we still had issues with rodents, spiders, gophers and ants inside and outside the house. Another time they left a note stating they couldn't spray my awnings because there were birds nesting in the awnings which wasn't true. So they didn't spray anything on that particular day.

Their first visit they did the outside of the house and it took them maybe 15 minutes.The second time they came out, they just sprayed around the house and they were gone in 10 minutes and they charged me double. I noticed the fees were constantly increasing. I questioned it and then decided to cancel the service.

They told me I was going to be billed a cancellation fee. I asked for a copy of the contract. They provided me with a contract I never signed. Then began calling me on a daily basis. I asked them to cease and desist but the calls continued. Now they are charging me $400 for cancellation. These folks are shady scammers.

Riverside, California

  • Sep 11, 2019

Hawx Pest Control Charging me for a service not performed.Then charging me for cancelation fee. I never signed a contract with them, yet they are charging me for cancelation. Their service sucks. They sprayed for pest but we still had ants inside and outside the house. Not sure if they are using any pest control chemicals.

Their first visit they did the inside and outside of the house and it took them maybe 30 minutes and they charge me $50. The second time they came out, they just sprayed around the house and they were gone in 10 minutes and they charged me $96. Again, their service sucks, we still have ants and bugs inside and around the house. Now they are charging me $216 for cancellation. These guys false advertise and are scam artists!! Austin Texa

  • Dec 16, 2018

Initially, Hawx took it upon themself to autopay until I put a stop to that.

When we signed up, because I have pets, I specifically asked if we would have to leave the premises.We were told no that the chemicals used were not harmful. After a year of services and not leaving our home, during and after spraying, one of our dogs had a cancerous tumor removed. I will get checked for cancer in January.

After one year of spraying, at one scheduled appointment, we were told by the technician that he could not spray inside unless we left the house because the chemicals used were hazardous.I asked what changed and he said nothing. They are using the same chemicals.

I spoke to a New manager in Riverside and he said Hawx was not familair with the codes and regulations in California, which is why they hired him. That was the last time, I ever spoke to a manager, even after requesting to speak to one multiple times.This manager stated that he has been educating the technicians as to what to say to customers, and that they cannot spray while the customer is there.

Scheduled services were not performed. Technicians will state they performed services when they never showed up. Or they only performed half the services.

The company will bill you for the full amount regardless if they completed the services or not.

The company will charge you late fees regardless if they completed the full services or not.

The Technicians that come out complain (vent) about how Hawx management treats them.

The Technicians that come out....... will say they ran out of pellets and will come back to finish the job, but they never come back.

  • Oct 7, 2016

Hawx representative came to the door and offered extermination services for one year that was to include basement, outside of home and mosquito control. In good faith, we signed the contract and the next day the "exterminator" came to the house and "sprayed." He stayed FIVE minutes. One month later the company contacted me and said they were coming back for another "application." At this time I informed them that I was cancelling the contract because I was dissatisfied with their service. They said that the contract could not be cancelled until I paid another $100. I told them NOT to come to my home again.

Today, one month later, they texted and said they were coming again. I called them and told them that in no uncertain terms, I did NOT want them to come back and that I was dissatisfied with their service. We have MORE spiders and webs that we have ever had. I spoke to the supervisor and she reiterated that until I give them another $100 they will not cancel the contract. They continue to insist that they send another one of their darling college students out to "talk to me." I fell for that once. Not again.

I made a big mistake falling for a door to door sales scam. I am writing this to help the next person who might be as foolish as I was.

  • Jul 1, 2016

Hawx Pest came knocking on my door one day. I was told Hawx Pest would spray inside and out quarterly. I gave specific directions to NOT spray my garden. I emphatcially went through the areas to avoid. The man took pictures and I was told they would go into my file and their employees would avoid area in total. He lied!

He conveyed to me the fee paid was for the quarter application and there would be 3 additional visits by the company. He stated they would call first and schedule ahead of time on all subsequent visits so I could be present. Another lie!

We arranged for them to come the next day. They showed up the following day to spray. Immediately following the application I began watching for reduction in visiable spiders, ants, etc. There was no change. I was charged that day $79.00 and told they would be back in 1 qtr (3 months). Another lie!

They scheduled, on their own without my persmission, another application 30 days later. Again I was told it was quartly and would be back in 3 months. I had received email notice they were coming so I contacted the orginal sales person and told him to cancel the appointment for two reason. The reasons were the service application had done nothing to the pest issue and my garden was in fact sprayed with chemicals. No too mention, I was not going to be home and did not want them on my property.

Much to my surprise, I receive an email 2 days later stating in fact a technician had come to my property and "sprayed". I then noticed a white dusty like residue on my plants. I was horrified. I had asked them not to come yet they show up while I'm not home? I have all these conversations on tape for validation. I also have video.

On top of coming when told not to, they illegally charge my credit card for yet another application fee of $89.00. What happened to the quartly billing at $79.00????? I'm charged $79.00 day one and $89.00 day 29. An unscheduled appointment I didn't want them coming to!

I contacted the company to ensure they understand the gravity of what was going on. They are charging falsely (stealing money), they are coming onto property when told not to (trespassing), they are spraying chemicals on my food (unlimited unknown potential physical harm). None of these issues are to be taken lightly. However, Matt Mehr who claims to be the owner preceeded to threaten me with the fact he's a contract attorney. He states he was hired because his position of contract law. My first clue!!!! This compnay is not in business to honor and respect clients. Their doors are only open to steal, threaten, and take advantage of consumers!! All total they have stolen $288.00 from my bank account.

I sent multiple emails today to him. I informed him I would dispute the charges. After this email was sent, he then goes and charges another $120.00 to my credit card. A total of $288.00 for one authorized application?

Please please people stay away from this company. It's a SCAM. They do not care about anything other than taking advantage of innocent people. They base their business on threats of contracts! They have no intention of honoring what they state at the door. It's all lies!

I promise you will regret doing business with them. It's not a business it's a CONTRACT SCAM.

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