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Hawberry Motel

Country Canada
City Little Current, Ontario
Address 36 Meredith St E
Phone 1 705-368-3388

Hawberry Motel Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2022

I booked a the motel on 20th June 2022, for 10th July 2022 fon 26th June I cancelled the booking well within the 48hours stated in the booking terms. There was no link for cancellation or information on how to cancel in the information in the booking email.(copy provided)

I tried to call, but no answer and the email sent was "no reply". I looked up the hotel webpage and clicked on contact us- which leads the the contact form (url: I completed the form to cancel the hotel and advised that I would not be accessing my emails from the 28th June.

When the form was sent a message comes up saying message sent and the completed form disappeared and could not be retrieved . From 28th June until 13th July I was on holiday with very limited internet access. When I returned I was surprised to find a bill from the Hawberry motel.

I contacted the motel again via the contact form. I suspected there was an issue with the form and knowing how the form disappears when completed, this time I took a screen shot of the form before sending it. There was no response from the hotel I then attempted to contact the motel via another email I found.

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