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Hawaiian Airlines

Country United States
State Hawaii
City Honolulu
Address P.O. Box 30008
Phone 1-800-367-5320

Hawaiian Airlines Reviews

  • Jun 5, 2017

I booked travel for my family with Hawaiin Airlines. Through the online booking process the website, in LARGE letters said I had 7 days to cancel my reservations. In order to get best pricing they said that was available "that day" I went ahead and purchased my tickets. I then called back day 6 to cancel my reservations. After being on hold for a very long time I encountered a "Supervisor" name: "Martin ID GKO". Martin just kept repeating over and over their cancellation policy. He did not care about the "7 Day to Cancel" that was posted on the website offer (which now has been taken down). Martin essentially told me "It's your problem not mine..." Can you believe that? I've never been spoken to so rudely by a customer service rep... When I asked him for an exception to cancel the trip for me and my family, he said "Aint gonna happen" and then he actually said "its your perogative to go on social media sites INCLUDING the Rip Off Report and post how you feel" - yes, he actually told me to post on the Rip Off Report... then he chuckled before hanging up on me. Too bad, I thought this airline had class but rude customer service reps that Martin ID# GKO will keep me away from using them again.. there's other airlines that can get you to Hawaii!!

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