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Hawaii State Judiciary

Country United States
State Hawaii
City Wailuku
Address 2145 Main Street, Suite 106
Phone (808) 244-2929

Hawaii State Judiciary Reviews

  • May 15, 2023

An unbelievable and fascinating court case of fraud perpetrated by a corrupt per-diem judge/attorney, Matson Fredrick Kelley, and his uncle and mentor, the Chief Judge of Maui, Joseph E. Cardoza, for their personal financial benefit. This is corruption at its finest. Is the Chief judge safe from indictment as he retired after this last abuse of the law?

It became obvious after the first year of this so-called court case. My family and I, like the religious native Hawaiians, were seeking a solution to the theft of our homes and lands.

But instead, we were forced to take our case to the criminals who were the perpetrators of the crimes.

And to the courthouse under their jurisdiction, which they presided over.

This is a classic case of the fox guarding the henhouse.

According to historical public records, these two judges shared the same office and courthouse for over 20 years.

Genealogy and nepotism records point to family ties, the chief judge as uncle to the Per-Diem judge, and his nephew.

One of the best-kept secrets in any courthouse with two so-called judges involved.

Making this one of the most blatant “Conflict of interest court cases” in the United States.

Thus all who had a case heard in Maui by chief judge Cardoza handled by his Nephue Matson Kelley,

You have been duped.

Young fresh student minds of political science, Journalists, advocates, court clerks, etc.

Do you wish to be the next famous advocate like Erin Brockovich?

Or perhaps earn the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism by exposing this corrupt and documented crime?

Click the link above, read, retain, and expose.

This story is so full of audacity; It’s a must-read. Unfortunately, most folks who learn about it will gossip about it for years.

This scam is at many native Hawaiians, my family’s expense, and others.

Help put a stop to these past and current crimes. How? Inform those who can expose it.

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