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Hauling Star LLC

Country United States
State Texas
City Farmers Branch
Address 4101 McEwen Rd
Phone 1 214-713-6598

Hauling Star LLC Reviews

  • Oct 21, 2018

Company was great until all the EFS Fuel cards went down and started having issues working.

We was getting Direct deposit which also seemed to come to a Halt. The company said they was audited by the IRS and thier bank accounts was seized.

Things started getting shady from all the drivers point of views.

Instead of Direct deposit on fridays, we was given a EFS Money code Check.

Then, We all was told by Group Text we will no longer be fueling with the EFS Fuel cards. We would be given EFS Money codes to put on paper checks

then cash the EFS Check and use the cash to buy Fuel and turn in the EFS Check Reciept and Fuel Reciept in the BOL Packet. We was told to do this to ensure

the company that all the Money from EFS Check went into fuel and not store purchases. None of the drivers kept the Paper reciepts for fuel and EFS Checks part of a Paper Trail because the company needed it to proove you wasnt spending the fuel money on in store purchases and because turning in Fuel reciepts was normal proceedure for most drivers.

Torwards end of employment, They started taking the EFS Checks for fuel out my Paycheck as if it was a Money advance. When you called to debate it... No one was there to answer your questions. Dispatch said he has no control of payroll just suggesting you to call azi the owner or adella the wife which did the payroll for the drivers.

There was also a time I had a dispatch from New Jersey to Ohio 470 Miles at 0.40 cents a mile. The trip paid $188.00

On payday i had a 500.00 deduction for being late on that load. Not just I paid 188.00 and drove for free...... I paid 312.00 to drive that load!

The dispatcher wasnted me to cheat my logs to get thier in time. Even tho i did cheat and managed to do my best i got there 1 hour late and had to wait friday to monday to deliver that load. I got a load from Ohio to San Antonio texas and when i was in texarkana AR on HW 30 going to dallas i got a email with my paycheck stub that said Negitive so i owed money after the 500.00 deduction for being late. I then called Azi, and said i wasnt gonna deliver the load. Instead i would drop the load that the yard in Dallas and he needs to find a driver to finnish the load cause i quit.

He said he would put on my DAC report that i abandoned a load, I told him He refused to pay me and leaving the truck at the yard is not concidered abanodoment because its thier property and its secured.

When i got to the yard he told me to clean out my truck as if my contract is over with. Then another truck of his came in the yard that was supposed to be in Tennessee instead another one of his drivers deadheaded back to the yard with a load just to quit.. The driver was screaming at AZI the owner for taking out a 350 dollar deduction as if it was a money advance when the driver said it was for fuel. After he had lost a driver, He had decided to beg me to stay after a driver surprised him showing up at the yard to quit under a load.

I decided to finnish the load to San Antonio and Quit... He was fine with that.

I got to San Antonio and he then Dispatched me to Flordia and I told him im supposed to get a load back to dallas. He said he will make it up to me by giving me a load to Flordia and he said he would pay me the 500.00 he deducted from my paycheck. I took the offer and took a load to flordia. When i got to flordia i then got dispatched to North Carolina and it was Friday. I expected a Direct deposit paycheck or a EFS money code since they was having bank issues.

Then I told him i would not move the truck unless he paid me by EFS money code or by direct deposit. He said my paycheck was a check waiting for me in the office. I refused to fall for his crap and i told him im not moving the truck any further without payment. He then sent me a EFS for 650.00 even tho it wasnt the correct amount for load to flordia with 500 owed... I accepted it and started rolling. He never even sent me a Paycheck stub to email to explain the 650.00. Then when i needed fuel he never answered the phone. After being at truck stop out of fuel waiting for him to give me a EFS money code for fuel..... He finnally answered the phone yelling at me that i kept blowing his phone up.....he yelled and said where is the 650.00 EFS for fuel i gave you.

I said.... UM ....You mean the 650.00 paycheck?

He said i have your paycheck at the office... So i spent the 650.00 in fuel and the remaining money i gave it to him in the office before him giving me my last check.

Then my check wasnt even made out waiting for me as he claimed on the phone... When i turned in the BOL's and Money and all my reciepts he then fills out a paper check with amount of 780.65. I took the check to the bank to cash and they said it Bounced as it was no Good. I went back to the company and he had closed his doors and dissapeared. He can be found on google but they closed.

Also.... At the end of the year he emailed me a 1099 saying He paid me 23k in only the 4 months ive been there... at 0.40 Cents a mile...

what a joke!

Now i owe the IRS badly! i reported to IRS but have not yet heard back.

Year later i seen AZI wife on Facebook and she called my cell phone. She told me he dissapeared after his company went down the drain!

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