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Gwynnie Bee

Country United States
State New York
City New York,
Phone 855-499-6643

Gwynnie Bee Reviews

  • Dec 6, 2016

Beware! I do not recommend! The worst company. I have been charged by them for one month service that I should never have been charged for. They were supposed to refund me and still over a week later still have not!

I signed up for GB for the free 30 day trial and spent 2 hours picking out more than 30 items for my closet since I kept getting the notification saying I needed more items in my closet before they start processing my shipment. Then it took two weeks to get my first item. I signed up for 3 items per week. This was not 3 items per week. Then after 2 weeks 3 items came but when I returned it, it took another week before they sent me anything else. So I barely was able to try their clothing. The clothes they did send were either the wrong size from what I ordered or way too large or way too small. Some of the clothes were very worn and ratty. Before my 30 day trial was up I emailed them to ask if I could have another 30 days since I really didn't get to try their service. They denied me the extra time. I placed an order for their clothes they sell on sale and spent over 6 hours deciding what they had and what I wanted to order. I got an email confirming that I was charged and that they received my order.

Thank you for placing your order with Gwynnie Bee Shop!

This email is to confirm your recent order.

Date 11/22/2016 Subtotal : $64.00 USD

State Tax : $4.16 USD

Shipping : $0.00 USD

Total : $68.16 USD

I also had to contact them because although I ordered a certain dress in the email it had another dress. Help there is a problem with my order 29223. I ordered the following yet I do not see the Autumn Breeze Faux Wrap dress that I ordered.

I then called and cancelled my 30 day trial with them. They never informed me that doing so would cause any problems.

Two days later I get an email stating that my order for the $68.16 had been cancelled. I didn’t cancel it! I called them up and was told that since I cancelled my 30 day membership trial they cancelled my order! WTF??!! No one told me that! Yet they still charged me the next months membership so WTH??!! What a lie and rip off!! When I cancelled my account the money was then taken off my card. They still took the next months amount from my card and still have not refunded me that. They failed to send my clothes that I ordered and paid for! Do not shop with this company it is a rip off and they lie to their customers! They take your money without your permission!

The sizes are wrong the items you want are never avail and what ever they felt like sending me was horribly old fashion and excessively worn out!! In addition when I called to ask how come I didn't get any bottoms I was always told they were in repair!! So all I received were tops that I had no use for and that looked like my granny!

REFUSED to do anything over the phone. I am STILL fighting with them to cancel the service. They had best not bill for the next month, or there is gonna be problems. Calling them does not good whatsoever! Scam pure and simple! They claim Subscriptions can be canceled at any time but that is a lie. I tried to cancel on Nov 21st and still they have not refunded me the money they stole from me! They claim they sent me a shirt that I never received! Even after I told them I never received the item they told me to return it! How the hell do I return something I never received???!!!!

Clothes are trash & customer service sucks. I had to add a lot of crap that I didn't want in my closet just to get them to sent me something. Everything I got was cheaply and poorly made. Half the time my stuff was delayed. Half the time it was so worn and had runs and marks on the clothes!

1. Clothes are crap - they are cheaply made and don't run true to any size.

2. Good luck canceling, It isn't going to happen. Canceled this, returned the clothes and still have not been refunded!

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