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  • Sep 11, 2021

I purchased two Papillon Puppies at the ages of approx 11 weeks old from Melanie Krug from Rozet/Gillette WWyoming.

Puppies known as Merry and Pippin arrived to Los Angeles on August 11th and on August 12th Merry was very stiff and revived, brought to MASH animal hospital, He was then taken to Gateway Animal Hospital, where he had been diagnosed with a congenital Liver Shunt Defect as well as Anemic and Kidney failure. Merry Died on August 19th 2021 after suffering severe seizures, kidney failure and liver shunt, anemia.

Breeder Melanie Krug was notified on August 12th a.m. that one of the puppies was found stiff as a board in his crate at approx 4 a.m. I revived the puppy, notified Melanie via Facebook Instant Messanger what was transpiring, and per her suggestion took puppy to EMS Animal Hospital. it cost me $700 to walk up to the front door, and then was going to cost an addition 7.000 dollars for minimum care to stabilize him. The breeder said Merry only needed to have his sugar levels stabilized and to take him to another vet. I told breeder/Melanie Krug that I had to sign an AMA in order to retrieve Merry.

I mentioned to Melanie Krug that I did not think Merry was going to make it and that my husband thought I brought home a sick puppy. Melanie Krug was deeply insulted because she only breeds quality puppies. I did mention and asked her about the other puppies of the same litter that died, and was told earlier that the mother had to have a C Section to have the puppies delivered. She assured me that her puppies were sound and free of defects.

Melanie Krug also assured me that her puppies are tested; when the reality is/was that the puppy went to a vet out of state, and was cleared by a vet for up to date shots, clear heart, eyes and excellent scissor bite.

Melanie Krug also said that the health clearance was indicated by the family tree; to be free of health defects.

As I go through my saved messages from facebook, the same Bi*ch / Mother and Father AKA Leenah/Guidini has delivered several sick puppies, many have died.

The contract I signed was not dated propertly, My airline tickets will show that I was not in the state of WY on the date that she wrote.

The Papillon Puppy Purchase contract signed states that there is a One Year Health Warranty.

Melanie Krug signed the contract as Co Owner of the two Papillons. She will not take responsibility of Emergency Vetinarian Service Expenses, or the second vetinarian hospital visit, stating that I have the full financial reponsibility of all expenses. and that being Co Owner does not include sharing of medical expenses.

To this date, Melanie Krug has not acknowledged any communication from me on how to settle this very sad puppy purchase/transaction. This is a clear Breach of Contract in the eyes of the law.

Be Aware: Breeder Melanie Krug acclaimed AKC breeder does not stand by her words!

Summary of Health Report from Gateway Animal Hospital:

MEDICAL HISTORY 01-Sep-2021 to 01-Sep-2021

Merry (185321) Canine Papillon 13w (25-May-2021) Sable And White Male / Intact 1.80 lb (17-Aug-2021) Most recent visit date: 17-Aug-2021

Amount Disp. Date AmoxiClav (Clavamox) 62.5mg/mL 15mL 1.00 btl 17-Aug-2021 Give 0.2 mls by mouth every 12 hours for 14 days. Keep refrigerated. 17-Aug-2021 18:06: 17-Aug-2021 6:06 PM (Fidel.Arias) VCA Gateway Animal Hospital Sex / age / weight: Male - Intact / 14w / n/a Concerns (Problem List) Active • ADR (17-Aug-2021) •ASSESSMENTS ADR Diagnosis = Portosystemic shunt of the liver• CBC/Chemistry, Urine: • Anemia • Hypoglycemia (recurrent, couldn't keep BG regulated, sustained seizures repeatedly) • Low creatinine, Decreasing BUN • Hypoproteinemia • Hypoglobulinemia • Bilirubinuria • Leukocytosis/neutrophilia/monocytosis + toxic neutrophils in sample • Brief ultrasound of the liver: • microhepatica • Abnormal extra-hepatic portal vein Client: Patient: Merry

sad!! life is short...yet...some people take advantage of others for financial gains.

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