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Guardian Security Solutions LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Pensacola
Address 300 Tree Swallow Dr
Phone 850-281-9689

Guardian Security Solutions LLC Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2015

Tried To Pay Her

Her name is Cheryl Wease.

She refuses to provide ANY Identification.

She refuses to provide her SS Card.

She refuses to give an address so that we can send her extremely small check (it is for a few days work).

We need the NORMAL, REQUIRED ID, I-9 EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION, AND SS CARD, in order to do things in accordance with Federal Law.

I have had LENGTHY conversations with her regarding this. She curses at me IN TEXT then refuses to do what is necessary.

She threatened to call Wage and Hour on us. I ASKED HER TO DO SO.

This is simply a case of an ex employee having sour grapes. She is only the second hourly wage employee we have ever had, as we opened in summer 2015. So who exactly is she referring to when she accuses us of having other UNPAID ex employees? My only other employee, ever, is still working and happy.

Lastly....if she had a legitimate complaint, why not have Wage and Hour hammer us? Exactly.

  • Dec 3, 2015

I contacted with guy through Craigslist,,,he has a home security company,,,I had worked for a security company before and never had a problem getting paid until I worked for this guy,,He told me 3 times he would send my check that he owed me and as to date,,I still have not received my check,,there are other people that have worked for him and didnt get paid either,,,All I want is the money that he is suppose to pay me,,,

  • Dec 27, 2015


This woman, Cheryl Wease, refuses to provide ID and SS card even after I(owner of company) asked repeatedly for it. In spoke with the Wage and Hour office here in Pensacola and they said that I can still pay her. SO....I asked for an address so I could send her paycheck. She refuses to give that to me also. I cannot PROPERLY pay someone without having the proper ID and reporting documents (SS card and I-9 employment eligibility form). I am, and have always been, willing to pay her this small is only a couple hundred dollars...I just need the normal, standard documents that EVERYONE PROVIDES TO EVERY EMPLOYER!

PS....there is NOONE else out there who says this company did not pay them. She is just libeling my company because she is a bitter woman and a disgruntled ex-employee. If she really had a legitimate complaint, wouldn't she be able to take it to Wage and Hour??? Exactly.

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