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Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company

Country United States
State Illinois
City Glenview
Address 1275 Milwaukee Avenue
Phone 1-800-338-7452

Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company Reviews

  • Feb 29, 2024

As i said this extra chare appeared on my bank account after i had made a purchase on Ebay.Im 75 years old and was confused about it I contacted my bank "Huntington Bank" and explained what had happened,I thought that the matter woud be taken care of by them.Then I recieved some paper work asking me to explain the situation again but apparently I took too much time to reply and my bank "Huntington Bank' decided against me saying that I had made the charge.Im not even sure what the charge is for,other than some kind of insurance.Im trying to contact "Guaratee Trust" to resolve the issue,so Im just hanging right now.I will see if "Guaratee Trust" being the huge insurance company that they are will refund my money,the small amount it is to them but an amount a senior citizan cannot afford to lose.Hopefully I will get my money back from "Guarantee Trust" or maybe they will decide to keep it,Im sure it is nothing to them.

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