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Group Eyecare Center

Country United States
State Oregon
City Medford
Address 1430 E McAndrews Rd
Phone 1 541-772-7273

Group Eyecare Center Reviews

  • Nov 20, 2019

Dr. Lam's office sent me a check for $35 (as a refund? ha not quite doc) when I complained about him, but then sent a bill for $35? I am going to have to take this doctor to court, as he helped out Blue Cross by giving them money, too bad I'm not with them anymore. Now gotta pay CASH out of pocket for a REAL eye exam that actually fits my eyes. This doctor cost me OVER $200 and he will NOT own up to his errors, no way. Either this doctor is lazy or a fraudster or both perhaps. I have not been able to afford an eye exam for six years. FINALLY got insurance to get an eye exam as my glasses were no longer strong enough. UNFORTUNATELY for ME Dr. Lam didn't actually do a sufficient eye exam as he wrote the wrong prescription. He must have figured one was done and the other is probably the same so why bother checking, not sure? Well Dr. Lam your negligence cost me a couple of hundred dollars, and of course I have no choice than to file a claim in civil court. Dr. Lam your negligence has prevented me from getting the glasses I need. How can you be so cruel doing this to a disabled person who now can't afford to get glasses twice? As you know the lenses I purchased don't fit because you did not do a correct eye exam. Dr. Lam I'm going to pay for another eye exam, and when I have this to show a judge along with at least two previous prescriptions (that you had showing one different than the other eye), then perhaps I will get the judgment I need in order to get the RIGHT eye glasses. Dr. Lam this will be a lengthy process, but yes, we will meet again. In the meantime, Dr. Lam I'm back to squinting as I read. Hey thanks Dr Lam and to those thinking about it......PLEASE don't go to this doctor at least if you value integrity oh and you actually NEED a CORRECT eye prescription.

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