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Grey Hat Mafia

Country United States
State Alabama

Grey Hat Mafia Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2022

On their website, they are advertising a bunch of courses and tools and selling memberships to get access to all of them.

They require you to pay with bitcoins but if you don't have bitcoins, you have to contact them by email at :[email protected]

Which is what I did. They reply with these instructions to pay via PAYPAL.


Hi and thanks for your interest in joining our VIP GOLD community. If you really wish to pay via Paypal or credit/debit card (instead of cryptocurrencies), there is an option available for our lifetime Legendary GOLD VIP membership : Please select "Crypto Voucher 100€ - Gift Card", and use either Paypal or credit card to pay. Once done, you'll get a code (Cryptovoucher code). Please send us this code responding to this email and we will send you back your VIP Gold login details. Thanks

The link leads to this web address:

I bought a voucher for 100 EUR and they asked me to give them the code and took the money into their crypto wallet.

I have never heard back from them since. They just kept the money and never gave me access to what I have paid for.

Now since they didn't pay them directly, now I lost my money because I can't claim anything.

BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE of that website. They remain anonymous stealing people's money and getting paid indirectly in crypto.

They ask people to pay them to these crypto wallets:

BTC (Bitcoin) Address: 3PkMa2VfQGYdqswL1qhRH3951dBi3LQjUc

LTC (Litecoin) Address: LM6LCk2xhoJ9KCZriCtVSNtKtMTgw7A2Ux

ETH (Ethereum) Address: 0x024DE9654a464b9Ffb2185ec9187911bC0E8029D

USDT (Tether – Via TRC20) Address: TMKLQ1xuFbKmt5DnjCScxi2ztsDC8vgagB

  • Mar 4, 2021 are LIARS: These a**holes are the biggest scammers. I highly recommend you do not fall for this mofos. I do not care what they tell you. I have paid them in BTC and they refused to pay me back but watch me shutting down their operations so they do not cheat any of us again...Watch me...There are no real courses and all shitty contents...$99 is gone but I will make their life hell!

The best details I have seen showing you how real of a scam this is, see:

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