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Gregory Scott Campbell

Country United States
State Texas
City Pampa
Address 421 Graham St
Phone 806 662 7108

Gregory Scott Campbell Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2022

Gregory scott campbell is a run of the mill all around scammer my story is when i was 24 years old i met this man on a dating app for tall women i was a single mom at the time and yet had very little exp with dating greg said all the things a single mom wanted to hear and soon after move out me and my toddler to pampa texas He sent me a ton of pictures of one of his homes out east of town as he said that was 3 bedrooms with pool and 5 acres.

but when we arrived at this country home to my dismay it was a show from horders he had a broken down home that had not been repaired or mended in 20 years stocked with garbage he had collected from the neighboring landfill and the pool had not been working in probley just as long the land was also filled as you could imagine with more junk he did move us into another home that home had no proper heating or cooling and was really broken down.

he pretty much dumped me and my child off there and went to work quote in amarillo texas i was on ssi at the time and could not drive he does pick women who are big in size and disabled on purpose as i got to know greg i found out he is a scammer in all manner he works on electric things like raidio station transmitters of which he jimmy rigs steals parts ect and worked on gaming machines and stole countless money from the machines.

he lies more than anyone i've ever met you can not trust him i eventully got out of that situation i would aviod greg he seems like a good fellow to work on your machines but he never gets it fixed and they always break down as well as gaming machines and he is the worst radio engineer you could possible find if you found him on a dating site he has a wife currently

  • Oct 1, 2021

Gregory scott campbell is know to have multi home propertys hoarder with unpresidented amount of garbage that he takes from the local land fill as which adjoins his property non of his homes are livable as they as fill with utter junk

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