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Green 2 Crystal Clear Pools, LLC.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Queen Creek
Address 18521 E Queen Creek Rd #105
Phone (480) 589-1672

Green 2 Crystal Clear Pools, LLC. Reviews

  • May 26, 2021

Pool pump quit working 29 days after Green 2 Crytsal came out for another pump problem. This time the motor is burnt up, tech tries to claim it was from a "leak" from hose bin onto pump motoer housing, this is an utter lie. How do I know? Because I know my pool, there is no "leak", the hose bib squirts out a small amount of water when the pump shuts off and a few drops get on the housing. There is no water intrusion into the pump.

On the paperwork he wrote up (Yeah, you STEVE), he substituted a pump that costs $1274 more than the pump that it has now, a pump that is NOT necessary to the efficient operation of the pool system. The actual replacement for the defective current pump costs $184.99 on Amazon, delivered, install costs maybe $200 (vice the outrageous $400 RIPOFF STEVE quoted.)

So, of course, my lousy home warranty company went with thier decision and denied my claim.

Stay as far away from these thieves as you can. They are liars, crooks and all around no-goodniks.

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