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Gray Bull Van Lines, INC

Country United States
State Florida
City Hollywood
Address 1109 North Federal Highway, STE 8
Phone 8882508132

Gray Bull Van Lines, INC Reviews

  • Sep 30, 2016

So, I found this company online and got a quote from them for $1,000 to move from Savannah, GA to Raleigh, NC. They told me they only take cash and money orders; half would be due upfront, the other half on delivery. So I went and took out $1000 cash from the ATM. On moving day, they came to pack my stuff on their truck and when they half done, they asked me when I wanted my stuff. I was shocked as I've never done an out of state move and I assumed they would be coming up the same day. Anyway, that wasn't the case. When they finally finished loading my things he told me my total would be $4,200!!!! WTF???? Are you kidding me? I told them I didn't have $4,200 and I demanded the speak with the manager. After talking to the manager he pretended as if he was shocked by what had happened, and he "graciously" took off $1300 which left me with a $2900 balance. I had to go to Raleigh, rent a hotel room since they were 6 hours late and it was too late to move into my apartment.

Days went by and I didn't hear from them. I made multiple calls and nobody from Deliveries seemed to be in. A week and a half later (of living in a new city with no furniture, bed or tv) I reached them and they still couldn't give me a delivery date because something seemed to be wrong with my account. A couple of days later I called again to speak to the account manager and was informed that the reason I didn't have my stuff was that I didn't pay half of my deposit. I was like, yes I did. They told me I need to pay half of the NEW amount, which would've been $1450, instead of the $500 I paid up front. So I had to overnight a money order (remember they don't take cards) of $950 to even get my stuff delivered. Finally, after 21 days they brought me my things. They were late of course. So late, that it was 10:00pm before they got to my home (they told me they would be there at 5). Before they unloaded, I had to give them the other half (1450). I was then told that because they would have to walk up the stairs since my clinch didn't fit in the elevator, that it would be an extra $150 and that they wouldn't unload until I paid them. I had to leave them at my house, go to the ATM, and then come back and pay them. They didn't finish until 1am and they left dirt, tape, and storage boxes all over my house for me to clean and they didn't even say goodbye. This company is trash and they help my things captive for ransom. I am looking for any sort of legal recompense I can find!

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