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Country United States
State Florida
City Tallahassee
Address 3490 Martin Hurst Rd.
Phone 850.907.2740

GradImages Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2022

I am working out of the country and was unable to order printed photos, so I purchased four downloadable images, of my child's graduation, online from GradImages which was the company contracted by the university. The "highest quality" images sent to me were supposed to support a 12x10 inch print, but turned out to be false. The resolution is so bad that I couldn't even fix them with Photoshop.

I contacted them requesting at least one image with a better resolution. They told me that it was not possible to get a better image due to the lighting of the place and their camera.

Because of their inability to honor my request, I asked for a refund, and please notice, they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on their website, but they rejected my request stating that the guarantee only applies to printed images.

So I sent them a screenshot of the page where I ordered my downloads, which shows the 100% guarantee statement and nowhere does it state that their guarantee does not apply to downloads. After that proof I sent them, they simply stopped responding.

I retain all email communications I had with them for future reference.

This is really outrageous, because they had access to the best place to take photos of this once-in-a-lifetime moment that people have, and it is not fair that they have not taken precautions to obtain quality images, and especially since they boast having been in the business of prom photos for 35 years now and their quality does not show it, and does not do justice to what they charged me.

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