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Gowri Shanker

Country Canada
City Markham, Ontario
Address 31 Alfred Paterson Dr
Phone 416 995 1247

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  • Mar 30, 2020

Gowri Shanker who is employed by the City of Toronto as a building inspector, uses his position within the city, claiming that he is able to acquire construction permits for small businesses in short periods of time. He deceives his clients by making claims of easy access to acquiring permits. In exchange for his services, he requests large sums of money.

He uses a proxy company run by his wife called A. R. Designs Associates in order to provide all architectural and engineering work. This company is also used to process payment because he claims not be able to take money directly. He requests for large sums of money in exchange for the promise of quick and easy permits. This company then uses third party architects and engineers to get the actual work done, giving them very little money.

The client gradually comes to find out that, Shanker is not able to acquire permits in a short period of time. The money he collects in exchange for his services is a scam. Permits from Shanker take months to acquire. Upon receiving permits he does not give you access to the actual architects or engineers used for the work. He uses the threat of the architects and engineers not coming in, inorder to certify the work after the construction to collect even more money.

As a city worker, using your position for personal financial gain has to be a conflict of interest and he needs to be investigated.

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  • Aug 15, 2021


Way too much to write

Would love to fill you in on my experience with Gowri Shanker

I seriously question how corrupt the city of Toronto is with that man in the position that he is in

you have my email address…. Reach out

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