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Goode Fence

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Myrtle Beach
Address 6572, 346 Robert M Grissom Pkwy
Phone 1 843-626-2070

Goode Fence Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2022

Goode Fence

I hired Goode Fence (AKA We Fence It All AKA CSS fence AKA AA Fence and now CSSGOODE FENCE) in April of 2018. I won an Horry County judgement for $6,800, the cost of the fence. My searches on the Secretary of State site and other business sites list the company as a forfeiture with no active licenses. Goode Fence did not meet the standards set out in their own warranted.

Goode Fence and the marketing companies they use, list them as licensed, when in fact I was unable to find any SC license. Goode Fence also also uses Marketing Sites that include the writing of reviews as part of their services. Review writing is an enormous industry in itself.


Standard practice for sinking the posts for a 6 foot wooden privacy fence is 2-3 feet in concrete. After one side of the fence collapsed outward, a neighbor dug down to the start point of my posts. We measured and photographed a depth of 9.5” a far cry from the stated 24”-36”. No wonder the entire side fell over!

The posts on all sides started separating from the rails within a year or so of installation. 4” screws are customary. If nails are used, they must be long enough and have ring shanks in order to grip and hold to rails. Goode Fence used 3.5” nails with no spiral. The nails completely pulled away and were exposed down to their pointed tips.

I found so many court cases with Good Fence, CSS Fence, We Fence It All snd Frank S as defendant. If you are a victim of Goode Fence’s inadequate work, I urge you to do the necessary research and preparation and take them to court. Recently they changed address to 4700 S. Kings Highway but I suspect they may still be at Robert Grissom Parkway. It seems to me that more effort is spent on avoiding being held legally responsible rather than professionalizing what I consider to be amateur shoddy workmanship. Companies that rip people off, including single, elderly, disabled woman should not legally get away with it.

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