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Good Earth Landscape

Country United States
State California
City San Jose
Address 467 Saratoga Ave Ste 131
Phone (408) 261-2860

Good Earth Landscape Reviews

  • Dec 25, 2016

I hired Good Earth Landscape Co. to install Belgard concrete pavers on my backyard patio. It was the one contractor that paver manufacturer, Sierra Building Products, recommended to me from its list of Belgard Authorized Contractors. Good Earth's introductory email to me stated "Our company...has a working relationship whereby Belgard sends us referrals from their potential customers" and " We are considered by Belgard to be a premier installer of their product in Ventura County."

My first complaint in this review is that Good Earth started work 45 days late and finished 75 days late. It took 6 weeks to complete the job instead of the promised 2 weeks. The owner/contractor was on site only a few hours during the job. The foreman was absent about 2/3 of the time leaving the workers unsupervised.

My second complaint is that Good Earth started the paving job at the most visible area of my patio by training a crew of workers who had never installed pavers before.

When I complained that the pavers were misaligned, the foreman told me that the alignment would be improved during the final installation steps designed to level the pavers. It was not improved. Photo 1 shows nonuniform triangular shadows cast by the morning sun at many of the paver joints where the top surface of one paver is higher than that of a neighboring paver by as much as 1/8 inch. The Interlocking Concrete Pavers Institute (ICPI) calls this nonuniform appearance "fish scale" because the installed pavers look like the scales of a rotting fish.

When the contractor finished work, I withheld $1000 from the total contract price of $18,965 and promised to pay the rest after he fixed the alignment. He refused, and I had to pay another contractor $9500 to remove and re-install all the pavers. This contractor had an experienced work crew; finished the job in 4 days, and achieved the excellent alignment shown in Photo 2. This alignment is what Belgard catalogs and web sites advertise and what local building material suppliers display.

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