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Golden Beach Police Department

Country United States
State Florida
City Golden Beach
Address 1 Golden Beach Dr
Phone 1 305-936-2444

Golden Beach Police Department Reviews

  • May 16, 2023

Spotlight on Golden Beach Police In The Wake Of Shot Cop

The last shooting that involved Golden Beach Police, April 29, 2023 was an awful

episode that many agreed should not have happened. Somehow, the Town of Golden Beach Police administration, supposedly led (somehow) by Rudy Herbello have seemingly used this terrible event to publicize their ambiguous relevance in public political employment.

Below, police sergeant leaves hospital after gunshot wound

After this police chase for two suspects, one of who opened fire on a police sergeant (name withheld respecting his family privacy) and severely wounding him, the Town seized on the opportunity of public attention. Shortly thereafter on May 12, 2023 the Town sponsored a police appreciation day. This sounds like a kind gesture and maybe it still was but at the event, somehow Chief Herbello found it proper to yet again promote Lt. Yeovanny Diaz to the position of police captain. The formal postal worker with no previous law enforcement experience was previously arrested for official misconduct and fraud related charges during his tenure with Golden Beach. Clearly deserving the next position of honor after all his hard work, he was deemed worthy of yet another promotion at taxpayer's expense. Along with him in the photo below was fellow felon Omar Paez who too was promoted by Herbello after gaining employment with Golden Beach. He had resigned under investigation from the City of Miami Police upon allegations of having raped a woman and tampering with evidence. This caliber of public servant sponsored by dirty City of Miami gangster politics so clearly reflects the integrity of the community of Golden Beach according to Mayor Singer's clear approval.

Right, Yeovanny Diaz with Omar Paez, courtesy Google images

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