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Gold Star Honeybees

Country United States
State Maine
City Gardiner
Address 1043 High Street West
Phone 207-449-1121

Gold Star Honeybees Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2022

Gold star makes a big point of stating that "Each 3# package of honey bees is insured for your full purchase price." with USPS. This is true only if the package of honeybees is lost or damaged. However when the honey bees arrive, dead because the lacked enough food or the trip accross the country or any other reason there is no insurance coverage. USPS does not insure any animal to be delivered live. This is very clear i USPS policies on shipping live animal. Yet when dead bees are recived, Gold Star tells the buyer to file claim with USPS and when it is denid to appeal. Neither works on gettingthe buyer money back and Gold Star knows this.

Packaging and shipping to assure that the honeybees arrive alive is the responsibilty of the shipper. In this case Gold Star honeybees. Gold star does not replace the dead bees or refund the purchase price and replies on their false statement that they paid USPS for this insurance and that the buyers issue is with USPS.

This is clearly a deliberate attempt to misleasd their customers.

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