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Go Airlink NYC

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Phone 212-812-9000

Go Airlink NYC Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

I had booked a private sedan for a 2:45pm pick up from my Manhattan hotel to JFK airport and on the morning of, I called to confirm the reservation which was in order. At 3pm the car still had not arrived. I called Dispatch who told me the driver was running late but should be there shortly as he was only 3 streets away.

He also advised me the car make and model and the signage on the dash to look out for. We kept looking for this car but did not see it. I even went outside with my bag to look up and down the street. I called Dispatch back and he said the driver is in front of the hotel. Only then do I see that there is a vehicle there - but not in front of the hotel door, it was further down the street.

It was not a Black Lincoln it was a grey coloured (Toyota I think) car. Only then did I see the signage on the dash. The driver came out of the car once I waved at him. I asked him why he was so late, and he said he had been sitting there for at least 10 minutes. I said we were looking for a different vehicle.

I asked why he didn’t come into the hotel to find us. He said he was not allowed to leave the car. Then I asked if he saw me coming out and looking around, he said yes. I asked then why didn’t he identify himself or ask if I was looking for him?

He said it was not up to him to find me, it was up to ME to find HIM. I could not believe this kind of attitude. I did not wish to argue with him I just told him to drive as we were now 45 minutes past our scheduled pick up time. On our way out of downtown Manhattan, while switching lanes he almost got into an accident with another vehicle, and he called out “F**king as*hole” to the other driver.

I paid US$150.37 for this service, which I found out is exorbitant - my hotel told me they would have only charged $65 for the trip. To make matters worse, part of the charge inlcuded a $15.00 "Meet and Greet" and gratuity of $9.10.

The meet and greet was non-existent as the driver didn't even exit his vehicle to identify himself, and his deplorable attitude did not deserve a cent of the gratuity. I emailed the company with my full complaint and asked for a partial refund. I was told "Unfortunately, upon checking this reservation has been already completed so we cannot provide a refund. Hope you'll understand."

Completely unacceptable answer for a company that advertises to be "most trusted shuttle" and that they "value customer satisfaction and love to exceed expecations."

  • Mar 16, 2017

Arranged service from Newark airport to Manhattan and return trip.Pickup went as smooth as glass,very pleased. Seven days later got email confirmation all was as planned for pickup at a certain time..At twenty minutes after arranged time no car in sight, called to find out when they would arrive......never,they claimed wrong date,even though they sent me a day before confirming next day pickup.I asked them to get me another service to fill there obligation ,they said good by and good luck.Tried to get them to cover my additional $96.00 way. They just don't care....stay away is my advice!

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