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Global Stock

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone 1 (706) 252 3571

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  • Aug 14, 2019

A few months ago I met a guy named Itz on Facebook. He told me he does Bitcoin Mining. He promised me I would get a 10 percent return in 24 hours. A few weeks later I decided to invest with him. I invested 100. Less then 24 hours later I was excited. I made 1100. I was then told I had to speak with his manager to get access to my account. I spoke with his manager. I was told to pay 259.00 in Bitcoin to the Bitcoin address. I had to use the majority of my paycheck to do it. I make 326.00 a week. I gave the deposit. I was excited at how much my account grew by giving the money. I put in a request on the page for Global Stock to transfer the money to my bank account. I received an email stating I had to pay another deposit this one was over 300. I did another trade online got the Bitcoin and send it to them. The company lied to me they emailed me some fake receipt saying the money has been transferred to my account. It would be in my bank account in 2-3 days. The money was never transferred so I contacted the company. I received another email saying I had to make another deposit of over 300. Then the money would be transferred to my account in 12 hours. I stopped giving these people my paycheck money. I got a loan. A week and a half later I made another deposit. I was told once again I had to pay another fee. I asked the company if this was the last fee. They emailed me and assured me it was. A few weeks later I got another loan. I paid over 320.00 in fees. There website no longer had the option of having money transferred to the bank. It only had the option of transferring Bitcoin. I put in a request for 2000 of Bitcoin to be transferred to my Bitcoin wallet. Once again the company said I had to pay a fee of 319.00 a forex fee. I have gotten behind on my bills because of this company. I don't think I m sending them another dime. I'm considering taking legal action. I don't trust that they will ever transfer my money.

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  • Dec 4, 2019

If it was up to me, I wouldn't give these fuckers any star. I got hooked up with Richard Allen from this website. He claimed he could make me some money by trading bitcoin. He talked a great talk, and I believed what he was selling. At first he told to invest $1000USD, which I did.. then he said I had to add another $200, which I did.. Then after he told me in order to have a successful withdrawal I needed to add another $4000USD. I was so pissed at this point, but he said after I did that I would see my profits.. Call you stupid, because I was with this.. He told me my profit was $500K, and after I deposited the 4k into my wallet, then he came back saying I had to pay a withdrawal fee of $17k.. WHAT? I was pissed.. What a scam artist this guy is.. Stay away, he is a good talker, and is good at what he does, SCAMS people.. I hate this guy, he has ruined my life, and will take your money and you won't ever see it again.. BEWARE..

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