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Global Solutions LLC

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 2302 Hurstbourne Village Drive, Suite 600
Phone 502-587-0290

Global Solutions LLC Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2016

2016 Ford Explorer Giveaway

Send you a card in the mail, peel one number and scratch off another and if they match, yay you won nothing but possibly getting caught up in a scam. People who send this crap should be shut down. Address was: TWT, LLC, 67 E. Weldon Ave. #3104B, Phoenix, AZ, 85020 if you reasd their fine print. If you read the return address it is misprinted as 767 E. Weldon, but it doesn say in the fine print "not responsible for misprints". To hell with these people, there will be special treats from Satan for eternity for anyone who works for this "company".

  • Oct 23, 2015

I just received a call from Global Frontier at 8663812225 saying I needed to contact (name to remain anonymous) due to serious allegations against me. It had to do with some arbitration. They said my name and phone number was given to them as a contact person for this person. I asked them some questions and noted the sounds of many people in the background. I said, how did you get my sisters number. I never put them on my information. I accused them of being fake. Almost immediately they said sorry to bother me and hung up. The man called back and started to be hostile and even aggresive only to tell me, that I am going to see what happens.

  • Oct 23, 2015

Got a call from Mark Allen claiming to be from Global Solutions LLC based in Chicago.

He said that he was notifying me of pending legal action (attempt to commit fraud etc.) for non-payment of a payday loan with interest for over 2 years, but that if I paid off a lesser amount then it would all be cleared immediately. If not, then it would go to legal for prosecution in court.

The first clue that tipped me off this was a ripoff was that he asked to confirm the last 4 digits of my social (everyone has that) to id myself and the line had extremely poor echo cancellation (which he said was because the call was being recorded).

The second clue was that he was unable to tell me the website URL correctly and mis-stated several times until finally I found one that actually matched what he said it was, yet it is a project consulting firm but I played along anyway ;-).

The next clues were that he said the fictional payday loan was taken out on a date that couldn't possibly be accurate and using information that was well over 5 years old including an email address that hasn't been active in equally as long. No payday loan company would ever have allowed any funds to be advanced using that information.

The last clue was that I check my credit report recently (I usually do it every 6 months) and there are no remarks about any bad after 2+ years something as bad as he made it sound surely would have shown for sure.

I must admit, he was very well versed in the language and the process, which leads me to believe that he knows the situation because he's been down the path himself ;-)

Once confronted with the severe amount of inaccuracy, he hastily ended the call warning that it's all going to legal.

Don't be afraid people ... It's just a scam!

It's very likely the info that these people are using in the scam was originally hacked from an actual payday loan company without their knowledge (same type of thing was tried with the same info by an overseas crew about the same time when this fake payday loan apparently was taken out). The other possibility was that a fake online application process(es) was used to capture some or all of the info to manufacture the data.

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